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Help locate this Thai Place

Another possibility: Dharma Garden, on Irving Park just east of Kedzie. It would certainly require an El to bus connection, and they serve a few variations of whole snapper seafood specialties.

Dharma Garden Thai Cuisine
3109 West Irving Park Road
Chicago Illinois
773 588-9140

Apr 29, 2008
smellen in Chicago Area

Chef w/ Child (2yr)

One option is Lula Cafe; I think it is casual enough to bring a small child, and I've seen some there on weekends during brunch. This is more of a neighborhood spot, located in Logan Square.

It is open on Mondays, and also offers a "farm dinner" prix fixe special on Monday evenings along with regular menu options....though they are closed Tuesday for a break day.

Info & current menus found here:

Mar 11, 2008
smellen in Chicago Area

[Killarney] Restaurants & Market Shopping

Greetings from cold Chicago!

I will be visiting Ireland for the 3rd time this May/June; however, this time we are taking an extended visit to Killarney & staying in a customers house for a week down in Killarney. Typically we hit a number of towns for just a night or two. We will end our trip with the requisite stop in Dublin for two nights, but mainly due to the inability to fly directly into Shannon (sometimes we can get those flights, while other times that airport is "blacked out" for direct flights).

Anyhow, I've been to Killarney a number of times, and typically have an easy time finding places to eat. But this time, I will have some friends with me, in addition to lots of family.

Here are a few questions:

(1) Any new little spots to eat lunch/dinner that are affordable/funky for a group of late 20s to early 30s? Seafood/veggie options are welcome, as one in our group is vegetarian, but eats all seafood.

(2) What grocery stores/markets should we visit? This is the first time we are staying in an actual house, with a kitchen, rather than the lovely guest houses we've stayed in the past. I love healthy, organic stuff, and I believe we are staying fairly close to the "city centre".

(3) Any regular farmers markets in town?

(4) Lastly, new pubs/bars to visit? We love how this town is so easy to stumble upon many fun options, just looking for anything off the beaten path.

Miss Ellen

Feb 27, 2008
smellen in U.K./Ireland

Gift certificate to Meritage -- Closed?

Exactly, what a turn off! I only ate at Meritage a few times, and went there for drinks on a few occasions, but I'll keep this attitude in mind & guess I won't find myself eating at any of the other restaurants by Chris Peckat.

If you are so put off by gift certificates, again, why offer?

Jan 16, 2008
smellen in Chicago Area

How do you Fage?

I've recently been buying Fage to change things up a bit. I have been using it to marinade boneless chicken breasts w/ a variety of different spices. However, I had 1/2 of a small 0% container left over after a marinade (w/ OJ, garlic & light mayo -- quite tasty, from my Nutrition Action Newsletter).

Anyway, I digress. I had some small oranges & on a Google search, found it would probably work well together.

Took the Fage 0%, stirred in some honey (the sauce was mostly gone from the initial usage); and then some orange zest & then the actual pieces.

YUMMERS! I will have to remember that I enjoy Fage enough on it's own, instead of only using it for marinades.

Jan 15, 2008
smellen in General Topics

Help! Looking for the best cinnamon rolls!

it's GOTTA be ann sather's on belmont......where else could it be? super old school diner on the inside, and the pic on the website doesn't quite do it justice to it's old-school vibes.

you can also walk inside & they have a counter where you can order the cinnamon rolls to go, as many as you'd like. but dining it is always fun b/c the rolls come out nice & warm!

Aug 22, 2007
smellen in Chicago Area

Siam Rice on Wells

Siam Rice is fine for loop dwellers looking for thai for lunch during the workday, or we tended to order it when working late at the office. It isn't really somewhere I would go for Thai on a whim. Again, it is passable, close to our office, and convenient for the above reasons......

I've eaten it quite a lot over the years, sometimes better than others (probably depending on the chef), but like others have said, for a pre-theatre meal, there are definitely other options, including Atwood Cafe, 312 Chicago, and lots of other places in the vicinity.

I also like Vong's Thai Kitchen, which is just across the river from the loop, but again, it isn't the best thai in the city, but it is a nicer/upscale restaurant if you are looking for that type of vibe and want to stay close to the loop.....

May 24, 2007
smellen in Chicago Area

Potbelly alternative in downtown Chicago?

two other options w/delivery:

goodwins -- non-chain, fresh sandwiches, salads, soups, etc. -- menu available online

specialty's -- chain from seattle/cali, only 1 location in chicago; more funky options, but also in the deli realm
(877) 502-2837

both of these are located in the area of franklin/randolph.

Jan 09, 2007
smellen in Chicago Area

Lula's on Kedzie

this thread is also YEARS old; somebody really dug up on old piece of info here....

also, i'm listed up there basically poo-poo'ing lulas, and now i live across the square & take all my out of town friends for brunch ;) still don't do lulas for dinner, but man, i've come to love the breakfast & lunch!

and boulevard really went downhill fast during it's later years.....

Nov 30, 2006
smellen in Chicago Area

Overwhelmed by Chicago!

the ice cream cookie skillet from dunlay's is a great dessert to split with a few friends :D usually at least 3-4, otherwise you'll be hurting afterwards. nice bar food at decent prices. sometimes service can be a bit, uh, slow.

Oct 10, 2006
smellen in Chicago Area

Overwhelmed by Chicago!

actually, i prefer going to lula cafe for brunch; just be prepared to wait a bit on sundays. so good, though. i always bring out of town friends here & they can't wait to go back.

in addition to the brunch menu, they will also be serving their usual daytime menu. if you'd like to see what types of food, here are the links (brunch menu from last weekend):

as to the safety of the neighborhood, i wouldn't say you should be afraid to walk around at night, but with anything, be cafeful of your surroundings. also, taxis are not easy to come by in logan square, so you typically have to call ahead for one to pick you up.

Oct 10, 2006
smellen in Chicago Area

Pizza Delivey in SoLo

we enjoy both these places when ordering in dinner at work. we got so burned out on giordiano's, had to add some other places.

pat's is good thin crust, and pizano's has more of a butter/corn crust.


Jul 04, 2006
smellen in Chicago Area