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Buttermilk Biscuits

Great recipe; each batch has been consistently good! My preferred method for the butter and flour is to cube the butter( about 1cm cubed) and toss it into the food processor bowl with the dry ingredients. Then I put that in the freezer for at least 10 minutes. I might try the grater technique next time though to compare.

Apr 13, 2014
kar_north in Recipes

NYC Trip Chowtinerary - Summer

If you want a unique foodie experience out in the boroughs...its worth the trip to Kebab Cafe in Astoria, Queens. A bit pricey but very low key. I won't warn you much except to ask for the one and only Ali and don't ask for a menu. Then man can cook thats all you need to know. If you really love food like Ali does than you will have happy memories of this place! P.S. its Egyptian food.


Apr 18, 2009
kar_north in Manhattan

Where to buy una Gallina?

I guess its that simple. After being a vegetarian for a bit I have forgotten where I used to buy gallina to make a special soup that I loved. I sent a friend the recipe but I need to help her find the gallina! I'm pretty sure I got it in west harlem where i once lived but if I could find a place closer to brooklyn or anywhere else in manhattan that would be great!


Apr 18, 2009
kar_north in Manhattan

Looking for a low key Bridal Party location that is more affordable!

I'm planning my best friends bridal party this year. NOT a bachelorette party where we wear stupid penis shaped accessories and get disgracefully drunk. I was looking into a place called The Melting Pot but the price was too much. I'm looking at between 25-30 people. Could be a restaurant or a lounge doesn't even really need to have food! I might make it all myself since that is my profession.. If anyone has any ideas let me know! Thankyou!

Jan 28, 2009
kar_north in Manhattan

Searching for vegetarian birthday dinner for two

My fiance and I have both become vegetarian this past year and are still exploring vegetarian cuisine. I am an ex-chef and we a both foodies, very often we are disappointed in the lack of well done vegetarian food that is sold. I tend to make dinners at home 95% of the time experimenting with homemade seitan and other products. And making re-worked versions of some old favorite recipes.

My fiance's birthday will be in October and I would really like to bring him to a great vegetarian restaurant to celebrate. Does anyone know of one that they really enjoy personally. It can almost any sort of cuisine so long as it is vegetarian. We do eat milk and eggs. Sushi would not work for this since we do not eat fish (unless it was some very high end sushi to indulge in!)

Thanks for help!


Sep 17, 2008
kar_north in Manhattan