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2014 Restaurant and Food Store CHANGES and CLOSINGS

was just going to post this - hope the pizza is good! thats a tough space to work with for sure - and they better get their shit together on the a/c situation as well as the lack of is what helped kill Hey!

British Cask Ale In Toronto

I think Bristol Yard on Queen always has on a Fuller's cask.

Colette - Thompson Hotel

yeah this thread is amazing i think i'm going to go back on the baked goods and buy a few of everything you have just described :)

Hakka - On Roncesvalles!!!

Sutra Indian Asian Fusion -

Just opened in my hood on Roncesvalles, can't wait to try the chili chicken!

Bridget, the roti lady is back!

I will today. Then i'll post back. cheers!

Bridget, the roti lady is back!

I've been a few times and just gotta say i don't understand why so much hype around this gals food? I think the roti is OKAY, too much potato and too little meat to be honest (and too small) and there's over 100 posts on this??? crazy, there's far better w/indian food not far from here, ali's, bacchus, even the jerk on yonge/shuter is far better...

Healthy Food Downtown

Been trying to eat either vegetarian (Kupfert and Kim) or if i am eating meat I don't want to be eating in factory farmed stuff.
Anyone have any reco's on anything downtown in the core for takeout???

Bars with Cheval Blanc (qc) beer

They had it on tap about a month ago in 3030 on Dundas - always drink this one in Montreal :)

the rude boy - roncesvalles???

Piping back in after another try of this place - opinions changed a little guess i can see a little clearer again.
For two burgers, one double 'sting' and another one with
bacon and cheese plus and onion rings it was $40. I was a little shocked but since it was an order over the phone i paid.
I think the gal who took my money also expected a juicy tip as well as it got a little awkward when she said she'd bring me my change back (a nickel). As if, for punching a register. The rings weren't fully cooked through and actually had raw-ish batter on the inside of one. The cooked ones were good.
The burgers were good too my kid loved hers but at that price point i am really done with place. Fifteen bucks for a double burger that on their menu (on yelp) says $10.25.
No wonder they were so quiet inside.

New weekly Food Truck event on Adelaide E beside Starfish

i walked by yesterday and saw Gourmet Bitches. Was full on going to grab something but didn't. I've got a major pet peeve about how food trucks think they can mark up prices beyond what a standalone restaurant does - their pulled pork sandwich was $12 which to me is BS. I can get a cheaper, better one at Barque. Same thing with hogtown smoke, high prices and small portions. I said forget it and went to my go-to Shawarma's King at Queen/Church and got better food at a better price...

Home of the Brave: Classic American Comfort Food from La Carnita

Sounds like they're biting Playa Cabana's new place which is opening, Hacienda which is going to have a massive smoker and do a proper Tex Mex'ish thing...looking forward to that!!!

Scottish bars in Toronto

Caledonian is all Scottish - no kilts from what i've seen but the best scotch selection in the country (if that's your thing).
And the food and bevvies are darn good too.
You might even bump into Begbie, if you're really unlucky...

Simply Yummy -- Crepes, Ice Cream, etc. (Bloor West Village)

Sounds 'yummy' - but you're actually giving up McD's???

the rude boy - roncesvalles???

I've been twice - the burgers a good, I had the Sting and liked it alot, it's a rendition i guess of a Burgers Priest 'with smoke' type burger, not as good but still very tasty.
The meat is quality, they get it at Sanagan's in Kensington market. They had some fried oysters when i was there as well and i know they got those at De La Mer which is a fishmonger down the street.
I also had their fries which i liked, and their rings which i quite liked as they were freshly battered. Portion-wise, they do like to charge so i think they could add a few more fries or rings and make the double a true double and not just two smaller patties. This bun ratio thing isn't as bad as it looks, the buns squish down fine and hold in the burger well - it's not the fluffy-assed thing everyone is commenting on lol.
They're licensed and i pretty much don't like any of the beer they selected, be it bottled or on tap. Definately need to work on that. The room could be better decorated if they want to nail that mod ska thing their name suggests so i'd recommend they invest a bit into the decor since they're making $$$ and selling out their burgers as another post mentioned. They could have a winner on their hands they're just going to need to give back a bit.

Where can I buy a Berkshire ham in Toronto?

For sure at Cheese Boutique however i'm sure it will cost you an arm and a leg.

Bar Isabel - College and Shaw - (new restaurant by Grant van Gameren )

agreed - awesome room - was there last Friday before they opened for an event and had a great time and amazing food --- this place is going to kill it

Butcher that will grind up meat for me?

I'd say try Gasparros on Bloor/Ossington

Best House Made Charcuterie at restaurant in GTA 2013

I hit that place up for a private party on Friday...
Great food, they had a ton of apps like deviled eggs w/blood sausage and hollandaise, ceviche, fresh oysters, fried chicken, a whole pig, and a monster slab of prosciutto they were just shaving off...I believe alot of what they were putting out was really for the party so am not sure about what will and won't be on the main menu..I was speaking to the owner Grant from the black hoof and he is going to be opening this week i mentioned above i think he's doing the Spanish thing
Room looks wicked too, looking forward to going back :)

The Costco Thread - new products, old favourites, interesting items

Their coffee beans may be good but i'd prefer to pay a bit more for something fair/direct trade that isn't buying into cheap overseas/child labour etc. which i'd bet would totally be the case with a Costco. I'd rather avoid the bad karma. Something to think about anyway

Bloor West Village restaurants

I drove by today and i think Bryden's is now Henry the VIII?
they had good beers on tap though, hadn't been to Henry's other pub in Kingsway so can't comment. 3030's food is decent and cheap but sometimes when bands are playing it's stupid loud. Alehouse is good for beer but i think their food is overpriced, as is the beer, as well the staff are kinda on the slow side, at least a few i've had anyway...

Bloor West Village restaurants

In my opinion BWV is one of the worst food destinations in the city. The only place that's actually good is earth bloor west, and i believe that building will be torn down in the next year to make way for condos. Also, falafel world is actually awesome so you want to go there. But apart from that good luck. The rest of the mentions kinda suck but to each their own. Luckily there are good places in nearby hoods such as Roncy and the Junction.
In the Junction as mentioned is Vesuvios for pizza which is my fave anywhere around here and as well a newer Mexican place called Playa Cabana Cantina which is really good. Roncy has the Ace and Barque. I believe a queen marguerita pizza is due in the Juntion soon as well.

good takeout sushi in High Park/Bloor West?

My go to is Sushi 67 on Roncesvalles - fresh fish and lots of good fusion rolls. Some good veg options as well

Playa Cabana - New Junction Location

I've been to this place on a few occasions and really like it.
As said on one of the other posts it is grand electric'ish in the sense it's similar on the food tip.
All i've had were tacos, ceviche and drinks - they had a beef cheek taco on the first visit which was ridiculous, and on the second it was replaced by a short rib taco. loved both.
Fish tacos are great they also do an octopus which was good but not as much as the others.
Drinks were good there's one with tequila campari and something else i liked as well their margueritas were deadly.
Not as impressed with the beer which literally ONLY carries Dos Equis which i'm not a fan of. Kind of surprised at this actually as they spent such a ton of thought on the menu and decor - maybe the boys at Dos kicked in a few sheckles who knows. Anyway, good tunes and nice staff. Love it's in my hood!

2-3 inch corn tortillas for soft tacos

Rowe has the little Alba Lisa ones in all of their locations. Whole wheat and gluten free that you fry up fresh when you eat them

Terroni.... Terrible

have to agree with that as well - heaven forbid you'd like a little parmesan cheese for your kids' pasta, some extra chiles, or perhaps would like to leave or add something for your pizza --- the chef there will not let it happen...pretty much why i never go anymore, better places for less money and bs

Richmond Station - Yonge and Richmond

Just had a great medium rare burger there for lunch. Served with rosemary frites and a little salad with radish. Also a great fresh quinoa salad as an app. The room is nice and open, the servers are quite friendly as well. I think the burger was $20 which wasn't cheap. There was that fixed price meal as well with pot roast or lobster roll. salad, burger and one pint came to $41 --- $50 with a tip so not really a cheap lunch.

Hey! Rod Bowers new Roncesvalles location

Agree with that. Sounds like he's off to a tough start, i wish him well too...

Question about Rowe Farms

he's ready to expose it's all actually a front for a joint venture between sinopec and monsanto corporation :S

Question about Rowe Farms

you guys may be completely right in your suspicions - all i'm saying is it doesn't make sense a business model that seems to be all about sustainable ethical farming etc. is simply a cover for the exact opposite behavior. It's just a bunch of farmers doing things a little cleaner and more humanely from what i can see and selling through the Rowe 'branding'. If because it's taken off their PR is a little slicker than some are comfortable with than so be it. I'm okay taking their word on it i guess, as i don't get why the need to fib, as they are identifying their farms etc. and i'm sure one could drive out to one and verify with the guy and that. Also, if shadiness or misleading stuff came out the whole joint would fall like a house of cards and why risk it when it's taken off?... I figure there's alot better people in the food business to be suspicious of.

Question about Rowe Farms

Because they don't claim to be organic, perhaps?
I think they're more about raising animals free run and without hormones etc., if they label something specific organic I'd suspect it would be however i shop there all the time and the two main reasons i do so are 1. the fact i'm putting a less tainted meat into my body (which is traceable as they identify where all the farmers they buy from are etc.) and 2. because i'm willing to pay a few bucks more to think the animals i eat didn't live in cages or were treated like shite their whole lives. Not rocket science.
If you want organic go ahead, but that isn't what they're doing.