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Is there a frozen pizza worth eating? [Moved from Pacific Northwest]

Let me anticipate your reaction - why would you want to? The answer is logistics while staying a friend's condo in Birch Bay with a dog. Little Caesars is the local choice and is just not worth it. The take and bake option has fallen short. Looking at the frozen food aisle in the grocery seems to indicate that somebody is eating all those pizzas. Are they all just cardboard crust and fake cheese?

Mar 06, 2009
wetdawg in General Topics

Elemental - anyone have a recent report?

Is the food holding up? And how successful have you been on scoring a table?

Nov 09, 2007
wetdawg in Pacific Northwest

Prepared food shop in Seattle for New Year's Eve party?

Close by is an excellent source of champagne, Pete's. It is a funky grocery store with narrow isles, but with excellent service.

Dec 09, 2006
wetdawg in Pacific Northwest

Need recs for Seaside/Cannon Beach (OR)?

Another alternative is A Pacific Way Cafe in Gearhart. The bread from their own bakery is terrific. Had lamb shanks there that was almost as good as my own.

Nov 05, 2006
wetdawg in Pacific Northwest

Plain Brussels Sprouts

Yes, we microwave for 2-3 minutes and serve with butter, sometimes add balsamic vinegar. Quality of product is important; we grow our own, pick and immediately cook.

Here's a link to a local gardening nut, that is always mentioning his brussels sprout casserole:

Jul 04, 2006
wetdawg in Home Cooking