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Missoula, Montana


Jun 18, 2015
holdthecow in Mountain States

Prime Hastings

Last night was my first encounter with Prime - have only had family members do take-away, one instance in past and found my sandwich unremarkable.

Last night we ordered to go, technically my first direct experience. Checked shopping bag just after exiting Prime's front door - purchased dessert was not included. Went back in, waited, hostess then informed us minutes later that it was so frozen that they couldn't provide it (mousse cake.) Asked if we wanted to sub something else in. Already annoyed, we selected something completely random for us - a banana split. Hostess informed us that there was no problem, they have a way of packaging the components separately. After another wait, she came out with a small bag and explained that they had no bananas. They provided perhaps a half cup total of 3 ice creams in a container and another of whipped cream.

Considering that this was between 7 and 8 pm, I can't imagine what they had to offer the people at tables.

Definitely won't patronize again. No apologies, no shame. The burger and salad entree were nothing remarkable. The service was beyond lackluster.

Yes, we have no bananas.

Jackson Hole to Riverton to Cody Wy

Jackson is easy - tons of options and you should search other discussions already on Chow as there's not going to be much difference : )

Thermop is HORrible. Have been more than once, and it's never good. I can recommend Black Bear Cafe for breakfast, lunch if you're still there, but dinner anywhere is just awful and disappointing. The resto in the hotel that everyone recommends, Safari Club - take a pass. I've had to default to eating there 2x in recent years. The Stones Throw (golf club) is even worse. Pleather bucket wheeled swivel chairs from the 1980s mixed with church bazaarish seating and food off of a Sysco truck at best.

Cody you'd do fine at the Rib 'n Chop House, or if you want an independent Cody-only steak experience, Cassie's. You can watch locals (and visitors) 2-step while you eat, which has its charms.

Regarding where to stay..... if you haven't booked places yet you may be sleeping in the car! Get on that right away, very difficult to find bookings in Jackson, Cody, and even Thermop in the summer.

Most importantly, please report back! Hounds like feedback.

Jul 14, 2014
holdthecow in Mountain States

Need recs for WY, MT and Idaho summer travel plans (fly fishing small towns)

Idaho Falls, try Il Castello. Island Park..... : ( that's a sad one. Ennis, hmmm, as with pretty much everywhere it's a matter of choosing which establishment is going to prepare your steak, BUT, I've enjoyed the breakfast and the scene at the Sportsman's Lodge. Livingston, the only default left is 2nd St Bistro.

Jul 04, 2014
holdthecow in Mountain States

Suggestions for Road Trip Eats?

There's nothing between the border and Great Falls : ( I would suggest NOT eating at the Sip N' Dip, as well. Drinks only; be prepared for a mob if it's a Fri or Sat night. Food in G Falls is abysmal. I've been there for business 3x in the past several months and can share that you won't find anything to write home (or here!) about. I'm a pretty adventurous eater and spend a lot of time on the road in the middle of nowhere, so take that as you will. I refer to it as Not-so-Great Falls.

Apr 18, 2014
holdthecow in Mountain States

Korean in Bozeman MT or surrounding area (60 miles radius)

not completely true, now that there are multiple Thai options, including our newest which makes some dishes so hot as to render them inedible. my 3rd visit there, one dish that i'd had each time was beyond belief. when i mentioned it to the server, he proudly stated that it's not made with consistency. that was my last visit (Rice.)

Jan 25, 2014
holdthecow in Mountain States

Cosmos - New Chef Brings the Goods

I've stayed at the Graves for the past several years and consequently eaten breakfast, lunch, and dinner there and have always been extremely pleased with the food and impeccable service. My feeling is that Cosmos gets overlooked, or the reviews "flavored", by its being a hotel resto.

Bozeman/Virginia City/Gardiner Eats (Yellowstone trip Sept. 2013)

Montana is, essentially, catch & release. Fish here aren't for eating, but for putting back in the rivers : ) You'll notice Buck's trout are "raised", not caught.

Oct 17, 2013
holdthecow in Mountain States

Jackson, WY

there are several threads that will have suggestions, all recent, if you do a search of this board. enjoy Jackson!

Sep 12, 2013
holdthecow in Mountain States

Glacier National Park to Yellowstone to Grand Teton to Mount Rushmore road-trip eating recommendations?

Rendezvous - and make a rez.

Sep 10, 2013
holdthecow in Mountain States

Looking for good restaurants in lower manhattan kid and veggie friendly

finally ate at Dirt Candy this past wk (don't live in NY.) it was insanely great. still haunted by tomatoes, sigh. I do think you might find it a tight, wee, "grown-up" room. Excluding drinks/wine and dessert would keep you on budget, but you'd be nuts not to order desserts because they alone are worth the trip.

don't forget to report back : )

Sep 07, 2013
holdthecow in Manhattan

Montana Food Adventures--Ongoing & Long!

This thread has gotten old, but is also chock full of restos that really aren't worth mentioning. I'm not sure why Chinese buffets in Montana would even be patronized. We do have some biggish cities in Montana; the number of restos worth visiting by any other state's standards, in the entire state, would fit on 2 hands, but that's being generous.

We don't live here for the fine dining ; )

Aug 27, 2013
holdthecow in Mountain States

Glacier National Park to Yellowstone to Grand Teton to Mount Rushmore road-trip eating recommendations?

In order that you listed:

Missoula: definitely Scotty's Table. It's the only place for dinner as far as I'm concerned. Check past postings. (fyi Mackenzie River is a pizza chain that will disappoint if you're a NYer, trust me.) Take the splurge and go to Scotty's because it will probably be the best meal of your entire trip.)

Bozeman: I live here but go out maybe 3 - 5x per year, max, as there's not much noteworthy. My only current rec would be Blackbird.

Jackson: always the Bistro. It's a locals' favorite for good reason.

Was just in Cody this month, it's still pretty disappointing. Although it's an area (N Rockies & plains) chain, maybe Rib & Chop House.

Gillette is very sad : ( Don't get your hopes up. Can't think of a single place. The one Mexican place I used to go where they would make me something e-special appears to have closed.

Rapid City is easy: Corn Exchange.

Be sure to report back!

Aug 27, 2013
holdthecow in Mountain States

New Mexico report: SF, ABQ, TorC

Back from a wide-ranging trip. Perused the boards before and then relied upon local recs while there, esp for Santa Fe.

Santa Fe:
breakfast at Tomasita's, got there just when opening. Because of Market Week was packed w/in minutes. Food was served quickly, was as expected, nothing remarkable but served its purpose as we were pretty hungry at that late point in the morning. They should open sooner.

dinner at Cafe Pasqual. Just had to look at the menu to refresh my memory about what I had... : ( Don't see it, so I think the current menu isn't 100% updated. Something squash-ish and enchilada-ish. It was fine, but not earth-shattering. Friend ordered vegetarian, as well, even though not a vegetarian. Something with tofu and the tofu was so spice-hot that it was inedible. Just too much. Staff immediately replaced it with another selection, which was the lamb burger. Staff was very solicitous and apologetic and agreed that the dish was getting maybe too "hot". Hostess was a bit huffier than necessary, contrasted by one staff member who was extremely affable and helpful and we owe him much gratitude for making sure we knew about an often-overlooked and unmentioned trail and hike that ended up being a trip highlight (thank you, Edward!)

Breakfast at Tabla de los Santos at St. Francis hotel: we'd hoped to sit outside, which was virtually deserted, and were told by host that there were reservations being held. All of the staff were harried, sweating, and the cheddar in a cheese omelette and its accompanying toast were somehow forgotten. The food was good, but the service and attitude means I won't be returning. When we left, a good 50 minutes later, the patio was still deserted. We pointed this out to the host, who dismissed us, and the situation with a brush-off wave as he walked away from us. For a tony-looking space, it was bizarre.

Breakfast at Amaya at Hotel Santa Fe: sat outside and it was delightful. Quesadilla was really really good. Egg white omelette was also refined and well presented. Would do this again and again and completely pass on Tomasita's.

Dinner at Jambo: jackpot. touchdown. so fun, so busy, so yummy. put this at the top of the list. we had to choose between Mudu and Jambo, and I'm glad that we made this choice for this trip. Don't be surprised if Ahmed comes by to make sure that you're really happy and to thank you for coming.

One dinner in TorC: Cafe Bellaluca. The food was very good, the wine list is well-selected. We sat outside and were devoured by mosquitoes, which you will discover is a given in TorC (they bite through clothing, they're other-worldly demons.) During its recent closed-for-renovations, Bellaluca was the victim of a drive-by, leaving the plate glass windows and brick exterior riddled with around 3 dozen holes, that had all been marked with post-its. Rather "Breaking Bad" and disturbing.

ABQ: drinks and nosh at Andaluz, Ibiza. Posh location, dead during the week. Waitress/solitary bartrendress had never heard of a Negroni but she was a doll and took great care of us. Hummus was fresh and the assortment of carbs to go with it was atypical and classy.

Aug 22, 2013
holdthecow in Southwest

This board is a bit slow?

Bozeman farmer's market, every Saturday, beginning at 9 when the bell rings. Gallatin Fair Grounds. There will be some produce by now : )

Jul 26, 2013
holdthecow in Mountain States

This board is a bit slow?

I will second some of what juliejulez wrote. Things don't change much. Please look for past threads.

I will also point out that this isn't the "Colorado/Denver" board, altho it often feels like it. We in the Rockies are in a comparative food wasteland, but this board includes other states. For better or worse.

Jul 22, 2013
holdthecow in Mountain States

good restos in and near Jackson Hole

hi there - if you do a search in the Mountain States for Jackson Hole, there are quite a few threads in here with some good recs.

Jul 07, 2013
holdthecow in Mountain States

Restaurant recs between Butte and Missoula off I90

btwn Butte and Missoula would mean Missoula. You could probably find something there if you wanted to make that stop. You might like Bernice's Bakery:
I find it yummy.
It's a bit of a drive you'll be making, and there won't be anything much along the way that's worth the stop, either. Of course, check ahead that they will be open 7/4.

May 21, 2013
holdthecow in Mountain States

Bozeman food scene

Exactly, Alder Spring. People are also quite fond of the bacon from the Meat Shoppe on Rouse (we like to pronounce it the Meat Shop-ee.) The Co-op also carries some good Big Timber, MT meats.

I've been a co-op member for 13+ years but just never think about it. Your reference earlier to the Californication of Bzn and the surprising lack of restos sums up the Co-op for me ; )

Don't forget about Joe's Market on College - good sampling of everything and anything, but mind you, although there's indubitably Bzn's best cheese selections, the packaging is pricey for very small pieces. That being said, Joe's has everything, incl decent wine.

My fave place for wine is Montana Spirits on Oak - the guys there (it is all guys) are terrific, and so is the selection.

We've had glorious days for the past week. A big difference from last year when the lilacs didn't bloom until mid-May! The rain is on its way.

Apr 04, 2013
holdthecow in Mountain States

Carrying a cake on the plane.

I've done it : ) And very happily and with great success. TSA does allow cakes, you can look on the website for more deets. They're more fussy about pies w/ "liquid" ish fillings.

I organized myself enough that I had it under the seat in front of me.

And the best part was when I initially went thru security. They opened the cake box and about 4 security workers all said, "Awwwwww!"

Really, I say do it.

Apr 03, 2013
holdthecow in Not About Food

Bozeman food scene

There's a new bakery on N Rouse that I did patronize not long ago, just opened, and it's good. I looked up Sinclair and don't see anything about a "bakery" just a cart and catering?

The Mint is a true restaurant, request a booth in the dining room when you book, is my rec. Two rooms, one has the bar.

If you're sourcing things to cook at home, there are places that I would go before the Co-op, BUT, I will add that when this vegetarian cooks beef for friends I get the grass-fed from Challis, ID at the Co-op. I don't think anyone else around here has comparable meat. The most consistent and well-stocked fresh produce, I think, is found at Rosauer's.

Apr 03, 2013
holdthecow in Mountain States

Bozeman food scene

there's not much new since your last trip. new Thai restaurant which is hit or miss, so you could miss... the penultimate Thai to open here (and only other Thai) is Sweet Chili, which is more consistent, but less traditional. there's a Pho place which doesn't measure up to good pho in other cities. a whiskey bar just had a soft opening, and haven't been yet.

i will say that for all my years here, and dinners at The Mint in Belgrade, i was always underwhelmed - until last summer. it's now at the top of my list. your visit may very well coincide with the availability of morels, so be sure to ask if they've got some if/when you book.

there's a new pizzeria north of town, Campagna. the flavor was good, mostly because i detected truffle oil, but it's the oddest (read: not great) dough ever. not a single air pocket anywhere, which was odd considering it's wood-fired oven.

i did revisit Blackbird not long ago, and the novelty had worn off since its early days. people do seem to like it. i could take a pass.

not a glowing report, but it's just still not a glowing town for food.

Mar 26, 2013
holdthecow in Mountain States

NY gal needs help making December weekend dining decisions

You must go to Alma. I travel to MSP just to eat there. Ask for a table downstairs.

Was recently at 112 on the later side on a Saturday. Our res was at 8:30 and when we left around 10 it was still going strong.

If I had to choose between Bachelor, Haute, and Hell for brunch I would put them in that order of importance for me based upon the past year. Unless H'sK has recently become awesome.

Envying your weekend : )

Omelets - Dish of the Month Minneapolis (Nov 2012)

Was at the Graves last month - yearly visit which is essentially for food experiences in MSP. Must add that Cosmo makes the most meticulous and yummy omelets. I know that MN hounds really don't get there all that much because it's a hotel. I end up eating at least one breakfast and lunch while visiting, and it's never a lazy default choice just because we're staying there. Not only is the setting elegant and attractive, the service is impeccable.

Also had breakfast at Bachelor Farmer, another good omelet. Very different experience - bustling and busy and also relaxed if you get there early enough to avoid the wait, around 10 - 10:30.

But get yourself an omelet at Cosmo.

Livingston/Bozeman area in October

rcspott [are you the former "spot" on the boards? : ) ] -

here's my thing or two w/ 2nd Street. in ascending order:
- the food is okay. the price point is, as typical w/ MT better-restos, not justified, tho.
- they served me a 2" moth the last time i was there - that's why it was the last time. i lived in Lvstn at the time and had been there quite a bit, not overly eagerly. the last time i was there, my salad was brought out and had a 2" dead moth on the rim of the plate, clearly visible. how that was missed i can't imagine. the moth was bad enough, but how it was handled was worse. i was brought "another" (who knows if it was) salad. no courtesy apology, even just a "your cucumber G&T is on the house", anything would've been appropriate. but as is ever the case here in Montucky, nada.

i looked back over my postings here bcuz i thought i'd already recounted that tale, but didn't see it. and it's worth mentioning. it's the kind of experience that forever crosses a place off of my list.

Oct 05, 2012
holdthecow in Mountain States

Annual MSP trip = 2 dinner recs

Thanks BigE.

We ate at Haute Dish last year. Did enjoy it, altho I recall my dad having such an issue with the amount of salt on his dish that he mentioned it to the waitress.

I'd reviewed B and the B and it looks like a great place for carnivores : ) I'm a vegetarian, so if anything, Saffron would be a likelier choice. But.... people's comments seem to indicate that 112 is still on its game, and we were thinking last year we should get back there. We've got time for 2 dinners, lunch/brunch on Sunday, and leisurely bkfast at Cosmo before leaving.

Annual MSP trip = 2 dinner recs

Thanks much for the quick response : ) We've been to about a 1/2 dozen of the top picks for dinner. Alma is a yearly second-of-two dinners (love love), but it's been years since 112 and seems we may need to get back there. Unless I hear otherwise.

Thanks for BF rec. It is indeed a weekend and we've not been there.

Annual MSP trip = 2 dinner recs

Hi everyone -

It's that time of year again: back in MSP for a weekend. I've viewed the threads. And also got a lot of input while out and about there last year.

My distillation of everyone's input at the moment is one dinner at 112 and one at Alma. Is there anything I might have missed that might sway me to switch out 112?

We have never been to Travail, but here's the kicker: we have to have reservations. We're too old and too disinterested in lining up for two or three hours to have dinner. So any restos that don't take rezes won't be considered.

Also, would love a rec for best breakfast of the moment. We've done a great range, but it's always good to know what MSPers are loving at this time. And, as ever, we always get at least one bkfast and/or lunch in at the Graves (where we stay) both because of timing and the perfection of the food and service.

thanks in advance!

Livingston/Bozeman area in October

I've been here over a decade, and the food scene hasn't improved all that much. In Livingston, hmmm, I wouldn't eat at 2nd St. Or, I should say, I wouldn't go out of my way to do so. If you're definitely in Livingston, that would be my default. You couldn't pay me to eat at any of the other restos there.

In Bozeman, I would probably recommend Blackbird for dinner. Ted's is tantamount to Sysco food truck: everything but the beef is pre-prepared and defrosted. It's a chain, and just because he (Ted) happens to be here most of the year doesn't change that fact.

Stacey's in Gallatin Gateway is more of a 'surroundings' experience than a culinary one. If there are certain things that you hope to cross off your list while in Montucky let us know : )

We mostly buy good ingredients and get together and cook.

Oct 02, 2012
holdthecow in Mountain States

Looking for an iron chef in Southwest Utah

hi -

took me less than 15 seconds to find that : ) good luck.

Aug 31, 2012
holdthecow in Mountain States