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Bakeries in downtown Chinatown

Which bakeries in downtown Chinatown have lots of non-bun options?

Like fried sesame balls, coconut rice balls, egg tarts, sesame roll, etc.

Thanks in advance.

Recommendations for Eglinton W and Avenue Rd

I'm taking a course on Saturdays at Eglinton W and Oriole Parkway.

Any suggestions for brunch/lunch in that area? Or less than 10 minute walk?

I'm open to any cuisine. Absolute maximum budget is $20.


dessert place on victoria park?


What's the name of the establishment in the plaza on the east side of Victoria Park, south of Sheppard East that sells loukoumades and baklava and other desserts? Is it still open?


Good sushi with lots of non-sushi options


I'm planning a birthday party for a friend who loves sushi. One potential guest hates sushi.

Can you recommend a good restaurant in Toronto that serves good sushi AND good non-sushi options?


Bulk food near Yonge and Sheppard

South east corner of Yonge and Cummer, somewhere between the Shoppers Drug Mart and the Food Basics.

Saturday lunch at York University

I'm taking a course at York University for the next 2 Saturdays near the student centre.

Are there any food vendors open on Saturday on campus?

What are the off-campus options within minimal walking distance? I only have 1 hour and I'm car-less, so quick is ideal.


Your recommendation please: Business lunch venue for 3 people near Sheppard Avenue East & Victoria Park Avenue???

The Fish House is no longer at that location.

Both Joe Maggiano's and Moxie's food are made to appeal to the masses.
Neither one stands out as being better - in my opinion; others may have different views.

Moxie's recently underwent renovations. Last time I went, the music was on really loud.

100% Korean - review

The menu did have bibimbap. I don't recall what kind though.

It seems like a mom-and-pop establishment, so I think you can probably ask them to customize for you.

100% Korean - review

100% Korean is located in the Leslie-Finch plaza.

I don't know if this is authentic Korean or Korean for Western palates, but it was darned good and tasty!

My guest and I were served 10 banchan (sorry if I am misusing this word).

They included:
- tofu
- bean sprouts
- vermicelli ?
- eggplant
- pancake
- green veggies (choy)
- some kind of seaweed
- spicy cabbage
- something potato-like, but sweet
- the tenth, I don't what it was, but I think it was soy-based.

All of these were very tasty!

My guest had seafood noodle soup and I had udon in soup with seafood. We also ordered pan-fried dumplings. All was delicious!

The official menu is limited, but they do have some items listed on a wall. You might even have to ask what else they have. We had to ask for the dumplings, which weren't listed anywhere.

All in all, a very tasty and satisfying experience.

Legend Chinese Restaurant - terrible service (long)

Located at Yonge and Glen Cameron in Markham, north of Doncaster.

The restaurant had undergone an expansion and renovation. The decor was fancier than before and the price of the dishes reflected that - double the price of similar dishes in downtown Chinatown. Fried rice cost about $18.

I was in a party of 14 people, on Saturday night. We made reservations for 2 tables of 7, for 6pm. The restaurant was not incredibly busy. It was 50% full when we got there around 6 and never reached more than 75% full. The wait staff never seemed rushed.

Each table placed their own orders for plates of food. I was at table 1 and we placed our order before table 2.

After waiting some time, table 2 started to get their plates of food.

Table 2 was half way through their order when someone at our table complained to a waitress that the kitchen seemed to have forgotten our (table 1) order. We expected her respond by saying that she would go to the kitchen and check. Instead, she waved us off by gruffly saying "They wouldn't do that!" and went about her business.

When table 2 got a plate that we at table 1 had also ordered, but we had still not gotten any
food, we knew that the kitchen had forgotten our order. So we complained to the head waitress.

She actually went to the kitchen and checked. Sure enough, she confirmed that the kitchen
had forgotten our order and would try to quickly cook rectify the problem. I expected her to
apologize, but she didn't.

After waiting some more, we decided to cancel some of our plates, as some members of table 1 had lost their appetite. We flagged down the head waitress and told her to cancel 3 of the 7 plates we had ordered.

Finally, our food arrived. After receiving the 4 plates from our order, a gentleman brought a
plate that we had cancelled. We told him we didn't want it as we had already cancelled it.
He tried to encourage us to take it anyways, as the kitchen had already prepared it. We
said no, that we cancelled it and if he had any problems with that, to call over the manager.
He then revealed that he was the manager and we told him that we had cancelled some plates because the kitchen had forgotten our order and members of our party had lost their appetite. At this point, I expected him to apologize, and since the plate was already prepared, perhaps as a gesture to give us the plate for free. He did neither. Instead, he abruptly turned and headed back to the kitchen.

The bill came out to $179. We decided not to leave any tip. The waitress took away our bill and payment, but came back promptly to ask us if we were aware that our bill was $179. We told her that we were aware. Then she asked "What about a tip?" We told her that the service was terrible and didn't warrant a tip. (This reminded me of the article in the Star recently of how tips are now expected, regardless of quality of service.)

What got me really steamed about this experience was that this restaurant was not particularly busy that evening, was charging twice as much as other Chinese restaurants and could not provide service that reflected the price. At no point did we receive an apology and the first waitress waved us off and could not be bothered to go to the kitchen to check on our order.

Needless to say, I won't be going back there.

Sobeys - Broadview.Todmorden

I used to live in this neighbourhood. I went to that Sobey's for late-night/early morning food emergencies, ready-made meals, or cakes from their bakery. Otherwise, Sobey's was (and still is) a must-avoid.
For produce, go to the fruit stores on Pape south of Cosburn or Logan and Danforth. For other grocery needs at lower prices, go to Food Basics on Pape between Cosburn and O'Connor, or East Chinatown.
There's just way too many other options of better quality and lower prices in that area.

Searching high and low for Peeps


Anybody know where in Toronto I can buy the marshmellow Peeps? I used to be able to find them in drugstores, especially around Easter. I've looked in some of the Shoppers in my area (Willowdale) and the Zellers at East York Town Centre and I can't find them.

need recommendations near Centennial College

Hi there,

I'll be attending a course at Centennial College, Ashtonbee Campus (Warden & Eg. area) in November, on Saturday mornings. Does anyone have any recommendations for lunch in that area? I will be without a car, so preferable accessible by foot. I'm open to any type of cuisine, but am limited by price: $20 is my absolute upper limit, $15 or less is preferable.

Much thanks in advance.

looking for ajvar

Does anyone know where in Toronto to find ajvar with brand name 'Vipro'?
I'd prefer to travel in North York, east of Yonge or midtown, east of Yonge or Leslieville, downtown.


chow report: aunties & uncles, osgoode hall, e-pan

Yesterday, I went to the aforementioned eateries, for breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively.

Aunties & Uncles: Ordered the Belgian waffles. The fragrant smell had me salivating. Waffles themselves were quite good, for the price ($6.25), and real maple syrup, to boot. Great service from my server: he was laid back, but checked up on me at an appropriate frequency. I don't know his name, but he had dark hair, probably black hair.

Osgoode Hall: Ordered the open faced chicken sandwich with mango guacamole and roasted vegetables (pepper, eggplant). ($11) Yum, yum, yum. Dessert was the butter tart with homemade vanilla ice cream. ($5) Delish! Although the price is probably higher than most people would spend on a lunch, it's worth it once in a while for a treat. Service was outstanding! Once again, I wish I had gotten my server's name, because he was wonderful (a larger gentleman, with salt-and-pepper hair and moustache, with a European accent).

E-pan: I went with a large group and I didn't do the ordering, so I don't know the name of the dishes that were ordered. Thanks to chowhounders for recommending this place. The food was very good. Not quite the usual Chinese fare. And I was quite impressed with the beautiful decor.

need Chinatown rec like Sang Ho


In Dundas-Spadina Chinatown, my family's go-to restaurant is Sang Ho.

I'm looking for something new to try with them. My requirements: the dishes are similar to or better than Sang Ho, price range, not too much higher than Sang Ho, in Dundas-Spadina Chinatown, can accommodate 15+, of similar or better cleanliness than Sang Ho.

Anyone with recommendations?
Much thanks in advance.

where to buy ladyfingers

Where can I find "sponge-cake-type" ladyfingers (as specified in a recipe)? Is there a brand-name I should be looking for?


Bubble Tea near NYGH

Hi there,

What's the closest establishment to North York General Hospital that sells bubble tea?


looking for nyc-like pizza

I just got back from New York City, where I had some amazing pizza. And now, I'm craving some. But where to find it in T.O.?

Here's my description:
I went Patsy's Pizza on Upper West Side (74th between Columbus and Central Park West). The pizza had crispy thin-crust to the point that when you pick up a slice, you had to be careful to balance the slice because the toppings may be a little too heavy for the crust, weighing it down so that they might fall off.
I saw these huge ovens, but I don't know if they're coal or wood burning ovens (not the kind at Pizza Pizza).
All the toppings were fresh. Cheese, sauce, and fresh basil were a given.

Does anyone know where I can find this kind of pizza in Toronto?


visiting Manhattan, need recs

I'm visiting NYC in mid-September ... and I'm looking for recommendations.

Budgetwise, here are my upper boundaries (though I'd rather not always spend at these limits):
Breakfast $15, prefer $10
Lunch $20, prefer $15
Dinner $25, prefer $20

I'm staying near Broadway and 75th. I'd like to be able to get to these places easily by subway or foot.
I'd like to try dim sum, french, pizza, italian, spanish, mexican, dessert/ice cream, but I'm not limiting my query to these categories; I'm open to other suggestions!!!

Thanks in advance

Sep 03, 2006
garhone in Manhattan

looking for custard powder

I just got a recipe for Baked Sago Pudding, which was translated from Cantonese to English.
The recipe calls for "custard powder".
Does anyone know what custard powder is and where in Toronto to find it? Is there a brand name I can look for? Are there any more well known substitutes I can use?

Where to find cake

My company buys a birthday cake every month, for about 70 people and the budget is about $65. The quality is pretty low (think Loblaws' or Dominion's slab cake).

Is there any place in and around Willowdale that will make a cake of that volume of better quality for about the same price?

Tapas in T.O.


I'm looking for tapas eatery recommendations in Toronto. I'll try almost anything, but am looking to avoid the "overly pricy and not too filling/bad quality" places. If it's possible, please include price ranges.