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Commercial Drive

I think I remember the place. 5th and Commercial area

springs to mind. Long gone. Don't miss JS & Z sausages.

Mancianti AffioratoOlive Oil

What good news! Would you mind giving me a direct email?

Lingham's Chili Sauce

I bought 12 bottles from the supplier with the same date of March, 2014 for a reduced price.

I'm sincerely hoping they will keep. Maybe I should set up a stand:)

Best deep fried squid Richmond


Best deep fried squid Richmond

Love squid. Where's Futai?

ISO Epazote

I've only seen it dried at Cilantro and Jalapeno and Los Guerreros.

Only place I've seen it live was at Lowland Herb Farm at the Farmer's Market where it comes in pots.

Great tip about the Mayan Gardeners kinickkinick.

Ningtu Restaurant on Kingsway

I'll be going to this restaurant tomorrow. Any suggestions on what to order?

Fresh Yuzu

Only seen them at Fujiya and that's infrequently - small and in poor condition at that.

Stroopwafels in Vancouver???

Kea on 10th and Main.

Where can I find Mozart chocolates in Vancouver?

Just saw them today at Euro Plus.

Recent closures - surprised ?

Given it's location at the end of an out-of-the-way and hard to get to mall, I'm not surprised

"New" Places for Dim Sum

You order from a menu.

lingham chili sauces

I've seen it at Metrotown Superstore.

I agree. It is fabulous.

Mancianti AffioratoOlive Oil

Tried that. They seemed to be semi tied to an olive oil supplier in California.

Mancianti AffioratoOlive Oil

I've been looking for this for ages and can't seem to locate it. It's from Umbria and fabulous

I've been to the usual suspects, Parthenon, Whole Foods, etc.

Any suggestions or even a mail order place in Canada. It's available in the States but nowhere I go and by the time you pay postage, not viable.

Any ideas?

Boneta Closing - last day December 23rd

Just called - I like the little S/p shakers. Closing December 31st.

Smoked Olives On Sale?

Bought some huge ones at Mediterranean Specialties on Commercial.

Before I saw them, though, I smoked my own with a wok and a rack bought at a thrift store and Gourmet Warehouse's wood chips.

Places around Dunsmuir and Hamilton

Thanks for the speedy reply. We've opted for Tuc Craft Kitchen.

Places around Dunsmuir and Hamilton

Any places around there that are reasonable? One of the members of our party is suggesting Moxies. All reviews make it sound horrib.e Same price point though

ISO Chinese wine, particularly Osmanthus

Finally got around to acting on this, Sam. Thank you! It's available under the name 'Happy Wine' in several gov't. stores in Richmond and I'm a happy girl for having found it!

Caramels at the Chinatown Night Market

Thanks for the info. Gives me a reason to go!

Picarones in Vancouver

Went last week. Very pretty food. Couldn't taste the pumpkin in the doughnuts.

Better value than the much touted Burdock and Co.

Best breads in the Lower Mainland, 2013 version

Gesundheit Bakery does the Farmer's Market at Lonsdale Quay as well as lots of others. Good for all types of rye and does a nice soft pretzel.

Alphonso Mangos

Urban Fare, Yaletown had them on sale for $1.49 last Friday.

ISO Chinese wine, particularly Osmanthus

I used to have something called Kinmokusei chu in Japan. It's a sweet floral osmanthus taste, flavour, what have you.

Has anyone seen it's ilk in Vancouver?

Pomegranate molasses?

Too funny. I just typed Jasmine's name into google, saw they now have a website and are having a $3.99 special on pomengranate molasses!

Pomegranate molasses?

Jasmine Halal Meats at 4323 Main Street has it.

Looking for Yuzu Marmalade

Saw some today at Galloways. It's from Japan and a whopping $21.99.

Slider buns - where ?

I posted a request for these back in June, 2010. Other than the usual suspects, I got suggestions of Stuart's Bakery in Grnville Island and Moore's in Kerrisdale. I ended up getting them at Stuart's.

looking for Maldon sea salt

$8.99 at Parthenon, where I always buy it.