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Best store for fruit?

Yup. I don't want grocery store fruit; I want good fruit.

Best store for fruit?

Normally I'd go to a farmer's market for seasonal fruit, but I'd like to pick up good fruit to make a fruit salad tonight.
Any suggestions for stores with market-quality excellent fruit?

Which LCBO has the best beer selection?

Any suggestions for which LCBOs would be the best to check out for interesting beers?

My War on Banh Mi (West End)

Oooh -- where did you find the lemongrass tofu banh mi?

When Co Yen was around, they had a banh mi filled with was lemongrass-chili wheat gluten and was ~amazing~. I've been looking for one like it ever since...

Best (or even good) Coffee or Espresso in N.O.?

Loved Coffea at 3218 Dauphine St the last time I was in town...

Apr 08, 2009
TwinklyTerrapin in New Orleans

Great brunch at Elizabeth's

Oh my goodness -- the duck waffle sounds amazing.
Is that just on the weekend brunch menu or is it a regular thing?
Any suggestions for what time we should get to Elizabeth's so that the brunch isn't a mob scene?

...I'm gonna be in New Orleans next weekend! I'm so excited. I know what it means to miss the praline bacon...

Apr 08, 2009
TwinklyTerrapin in New Orleans

Brigstens-what to order??

The gumbo is my favourite in New Orleans, the rabbit appetizer is excellent, and even when I've just stuck to having appetizers for dinner, I've been too full to have dessert...

Apr 08, 2009
TwinklyTerrapin in New Orleans

King Cake

I'll second the Cajun Corner recommendation. You can order the king cake anytime of year, and they are excellent!

Where can I find good dolmades?

I'm hoping to bring dolmades as a snack for a crowd -- any suggestions where I can pick some up?

Drink monkeys?

HI all,
I'm looking for those little plastic monkeys used to decorate fancy cocktails. Any idea where I could find those?

Ding Tai Fung

Lucky number 13 is what you want -- get one for you and one for your honey. You don't want to end your engagement fighting over the last lovely little soupbag dumpling...

Canned macaroni & cheese

" I ...found out something very important that I needed to know. You cannot save food while it is still in the can. It had been thrown away"

Sweetie, that's just something your mother told you to cover up the fact that she ate the rest of it, cold, straight out of the can...just sayin...

Why are there such disparate reviews of Tomi Kro?

I think it gets such widely varying reviews because Tomi-Kro very much is what it is, and if you don't like what it is, you probably won't like anything about the place. The service is hipster and definitely cooler than I am, 'though I've always found it friendly and charming; the ambiance is funky and the music is a little too loud, 'though it's techno-lounge so I love it; and the food is small plates with intense flavours, perhaps a little too expensive, but I love that too...well everything but the perhaps too expensive.
The honey and I had dinner there just before Christmas and for two cocktails, four small starters, one main, one dessert, and three glasses of wine (if I recall correctly) it was about $175, and a really fun evening. They do a great margarita, and I'd trample my mother to get to those lobster maki balls.

Fondue or Chinese Hotpot cooking fuel

Try a smaller hardware store, like Home Hardware, or a cooking store. I've also found it at the grocery store.

coffee bags or other caffeine sources?

Heya Chow'nders
I'm putting together a gift bag of the traditional writer's little helpers -- sugar, caffeine and alcohol -- and I was thinking that the coffee bags, which I last remember getting at Marks and Sparks, would be a good addition. They were like tea bags, but they had coffee in them, so you could brew yourself a cup the way you would tea.

Anyone know where I could find some. And if not, do you have any other suggestions for a source of quality caffeine that someone could make for themselves at the office?


We were in Guelph for the Jazz Festival in September, and we had:
Dinner at Bin 23 -- quite nice, but not a life changer.
Beer and then breakfast at the Cornerstone (we did leave in between) -- great microbrew beer, good cheese on bagel breakfast
Brunch at Diana Downtown -- A pretty room, with Indian and N American choices on the menu; we both had the thali and it was quite good.

Yuzu.. fresh or bottled juice.

D'oh -- I just checked the fridge and it's ponzu juice, not yuzu juice.
A-ponzu-gies for the confusion.

Yuzu.. fresh or bottled juice.

I got bottled yuzu juice at Bill's Lobsters on Gerrard a while ago, and I'm pretty sure I"ve seen it at T&T.

Bucatini all'Amatriciana

Authentic, schmauthentic. Butter makes it taste better.

Oct 19, 2007
TwinklyTerrapin in Recipes

Best Piri Piri Chicken in T.O.?

Oh man -- I LOVED the frango no churrasco in Portugal. There was a place in Albuferia, called O Alberto that made a Platonic version of grilled chicken. I'm hallucinating about it now...

The closest I've found to that style of chicken in Toronto is at Bairrada Churrasqueira, but it's neck and neck with Piri Piri...

General Tso's Chicken

Well, "best" maybe not, but the one I like the most is from Spadina Garden on Dundas. Also, their Spicy Peanut Chicken seems to be made with crack because it's addictive.


This year seemed to be particularly bleh for tomatoes. I didn't find any heirlooms that were anything more that OKish. I think it was to hot-cold-hot and not enough consistent rain for really good tomatoes this year.
...ah well, an off year every once in a while makes us appreciate the good years even more...

Creme Fraiche

I've bought creme fraiche at Loblaws, and it was lovely. Went over huge at a dinner party I brought creme fraiche , brown sugar and strawberries to.

Baby friendly restaurants downtown?

When I had dinner at Lil' Baci on Queen, in Leslieville, the other week, there were loads of babies and kids (and one butterfly fairy) and the staff were were accomodating and baby-attentive; also, the food was very good.

Baby Beef - unique to Toronto!! (New York Deli)...

Speaking of putting it on the map, is it the New York Deli on Bloor in Etobicoke? Or elsewhere?

Dinner Before Massey Hall

Terroni does get busy and crowded, but I've had great luck with pre-show dinners by getting there shortly before 6, just before the dinner crowd gets there. Between 6:30 and 7:45 it's really crowded, so if you get there just before the rush and get your order in, you'll get to your show with time to spare.

Should I talk them out of LICK's?

Count on it taking a loooooong time to get out of the Cirque parking lot, probably 15-20 minutes. I got stuck in that mess on my way to walk my pooch at Cherry Beach and it was the not chowhoundy way...

Lil' Baci - Leslieville

The honey and I impulsively had dinner at Lil' Baci last night and really enjoyed it. Honey had the lamb shank and I had the mussels, and we shared the antipasto plate to start. The lamb was braised in tomato sauce and was very tender; the mussels were steamed in tomato sauce and topped with shaved fennel and so had lots of different flavours and textures that all worked together--excellent. The wine that one of the servers recommended--a primitivo I think--went well with the lamb and the mussels.
I loved that there were families with babies and young kids (and one butterfly fairy) as well as ladies on a night out and hepsters just hanging (and then there was the honey and me--none of the above demographic). We sat by the kitchen and had a chance to chat with the chef, which is always a treat, and the service was great (well, except from our assigned server. He was a bit of a doof, but maybe he was having an off night). Dinner for two with a bottle of wine was about $160, and we're definitely going back to try some of those excellent looking pizzas.

Rebel house- quick review

Oh. Oh yes. The poutine is made with those excellent kettle chips, and with curds and smoked mozzarella and gravy spiked with little meaty bits. It's sublime...

Dining Outside

I third George--had dinner on the patio last week and it was absolutely amazing.