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Bare Burger (Astoria)

i thought all veggieburgers were wood based. i hope it was organic wood. at least it was recycled.

Aug 18, 2009
vatcat in Outer Boroughs

Middle-eastern truck on b'wy in astoria @ 31st

best new late night chow between the n/w and my house. clean truck. choice of music is a little odd. i am hooked on the chicken sandwich. it takes about 10 minutes but mac's bar is right across the street.

Jul 22, 2009
vatcat in Outer Boroughs

locale 34th ave and 33rd st

someone needs to start a thread about this place. its been here for three years and the re is a line out the door for brunch. i've been there a dozen times and i hesitate to write about it because it is around the corner, small and crowded enough.

i brought my parents for dinner early on a saturday and they were impressed. my mothers's steak was not shared . father commented that his salmon w/ sesame crust was cooked perfectly. the service was friendly, model-goodlooking and well informed regarding the ingredients in the specials. i like the pear and walnut salad, the mussels in red sauce ( even though i got some grit last time) and the chicken in fig sauce.

don't order the tortellini ( frozen )
the hollandaise is nice
veggies tend toward al-dente

i am curious what you other hounds think...

Sep 28, 2008
vatcat in Outer Boroughs

Upscale restaurants of Queens

When did uncle georges go upscale ? After they raised the price of a Budweiser to 3 bucks ? If you can do without the white tablecloths I would reccomend that you take the in-laws there. Order the saganaki for the in-laws and i bet they make yummy noises. It's fried cheese so they should find it recognizable.Get a large greek salad w/ feta and Parisi breadtoo. Follow that w/ a 1/2 chicken and lemon potatoes. Go across the street and down the block to Amonia for a nice pastry and coffee for desert. After desert you can take them for a drink at McLaughlin's down broadway short of 31st. That's what I do w/ alot of my out of town guests.For 7 people I estimate the cost/ person to be :

App's ( order 2 lg greek salads w/ feta, 2 saganaki, 1 mixed dip plate ) $4/person; Entree's ( 1/2 chicken or souvlaki platter $7, pork chops no applesauce $11) lets say $10/person; Drinks ( the house retsina and beer ) @ $6/ person (assuming 2 each of beer, soda or retsina). Tip @20% is 28. Subtotal = $168

Amonia :
Coffee and Cake $9/ person. Tip $12 adds $75 to bring us to $243.


2 drinks at $5 for 7 is $70 so with a 15 dollar tip your total is $ 328 or less than $ 47/ person for apps, entrees, dinner-drinks, coffee, dessert and a few nightcaps. As a bonus you get a few nice strolls, varied atmospheres, lively company, maybe some live music and a chance to show your people the real Queens.

Jun 10, 2008
vatcat in Outer Boroughs

Looking for "boniatos" -white sweet potatoes

I am looking for a market in or around Astoria that sells "boniatos" also known as white sweet potatoes. My friend is in NYC from Florida and is missing them. Thanks in advance.

May 07, 2008
vatcat in Outer Boroughs

Calista Foods under new ownership?

I second. Nice folks and good prices. Good variety of olives and nuts. Good daily soup. Huge beer selection.

Mar 20, 2008
vatcat in Outer Boroughs

DiFara's ripped by Rosengarten

I smell an aftermarket. Some people have more time than money and others have more money than time. Is there a black-market in pie ? I wonder about the price of a pie at peak demand. What can you get for a hot pie on the street ? A neighborhood kid w/ a hook and a beeper could clean up.

Mar 20, 2008
vatcat in Outer Boroughs

Uncle Georges in Astoria

I started going to Uncle George's over a dozen years ago when I was poor and lived on 44th and Broadway. A Bud long neck was $ 1 ( i think it is $3 now ) and you could have a feast for 2 for $20. I now live 40 yards away and still eat there a couple of times each month. Once you are a customer for a decade ( maybe less if you speak greek ) you can sit at the communal tables in front of the kitchen where the service is good. I would suggest that once the waiter comes you order everything at once ( drinks, apps, entres ). I would suggest :
-the greek salad w/ feta and fresh Parisi bread
- the saganaki. eat it when it is very hot w/ some lemon juice.
- the three dip plate
- the half chicken w/ lemon potatoes. do not order this in the middle of the night as it will be dry
- the chicken souvlaki platter w/ fries

I know that you could get these dishes from a cart somewhere but for the same money you can sit down, have a beer and enjoy the lively atmosphere. Also, the take out is very fast. When you call for a take out order they tell you 5 minutes and it is actually ready in 5 minutes. I have always tipped the take out waiter and i suspect that I may get some special treatment ( extra feta and bread , the plumpest chicken etc...) because of that.

Overall , it isn't fair to compare George's to places like Stamitis or Tony Opa's. The latter for me are "special occasion " places w/ the prices to match. I just appreciate that i can get a simple meal at a reasonable price any time of day or night in 5 minutes.

If you are hungry on Broadway in Astoria at 1 AM you have the cart on 32nd street, Subway and Dunkin Donuts ( they don't get fresh stock 'till 4 AM btw ). Trust me, from this perspective you can begin to appreciate Uncle George's.

Feb 09, 2008
vatcat in Outer Boroughs

On a Budget in Astoria/

i second jmat. marino's is great. they make me a better cook. they will sell you fresh seafood and give you excellent advice as to how to prepare it. the prices are at market level but the quality is high.

Feb 05, 2008
vatcat in Outer Boroughs

Greek in Astoria - Near 30th Ave

Stamatis on the south side of broadway between 32nd and 31st streets.

Jan 30, 2008
vatcat in Outer Boroughs

Burgers in Astoria

I second Cronin and Phelan's. I understand that their turkey burger is ground fresh on site. I wonder if the beef burger meat is too. All the food is very fresh. The bar and waitstaff are the best on Broadway. I have been going there since it opened and always leave full and happy.

Jan 30, 2008
vatcat in Outer Boroughs