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superbowl meatball party

thanks, everyone! and go pats!!

Jan 30, 2015
paisley05 in Home Cooking

superbowl meatball party

we are thinking of making assorted meatballs for the superbowl... maybe following the meatball house recipes on epicurious (beef or turkey with marinara, buffalo chicken with blue cheese, and veggie [lentil-mushroom]), and maybe with the classic (but kind of gross) jelly-chili sauce in the crockpot.

any suggestions for a salad or some other veggies to compliment? we were thinking of a very basic garden salad or some wilted kale?? thanks!!

Jan 28, 2015
paisley05 in Home Cooking

al fresco lunch?

Thanks, Kathryn!

May 10, 2012
paisley05 in Manhattan

al fresco lunch?

headed to the city for a girls weekend... any suggestions for a casual al fresco lunch on saturday? we will do the touristy thing first, headed to ellis island and then eataly, and then hope to have a nice lunch on our way back to our hotel near times square. opportunities to sit outside will trump menu options. thank you!

May 08, 2012
paisley05 in Manhattan

Lobster for Christmas Eve Dinner - Suggestions!?!?!

We've decided that we'd like to eat lobster for Christmas Eve dinner this year, but can't agree on how it should be served... looking for elegant and easy. (well, after the lobster is out of the shell!) any suggestions? thank you!

Dec 01, 2010
paisley05 in Home Cooking

What Have You Put In Your Dehydrator?

We are usually strapped for time before we head out, so we usually buy a plain marinara with no veggies or meat because it will dry faster. (I am also concerned about the safety of drying the meat too.) Typically, we cook thin pasta (undercook by a minute or two), toss with the sauce and herbs, and then spread on parchment paper rings in the dehydrator. After the food is dry we break it up into smaller pieces and store in ziplocks. I think the meal tastes better this way rather than drying the sauce separately because the sauce soaks into the pasta a bit while it dries.

To reconstitute, just add about enough boiling water to equal the amount of food in the bag, insulate with something (a coat, a coozie, a bandana, etc), and just let it sit for five to ten minutes. For a boost, we add mushies or other veggies that we previously tossed with herbs and dried separately. If we are close to the trailhead (i.e., have enough energy to carry heavy food), sometimes we have parm or summer sausage that can be cubed up and added for some protein.

salsa is also easy to dry too.

If you google freezer bag cooking you will find lots of links...check out for inspiration - after searching the web and reading some dehydrating books from the library, I have tried to take yummy recipes and adapt them to the trail via the dehydrator - a little bit of water and poof - a semi gourmet meal :) (and instant friends at shelters too!


happy trails!

Dec 29, 2009
paisley05 in Home Cooking

What Have You Put In Your Dehydrator?

My husband and I are avid backpackers and use the dehydrator to make yummy meals - believe it or not, spaghetti with marinara sauce dries great, and tastes delicious when reconstituted on the trail. Bean-based dips are also a favorite.

Dec 28, 2009
paisley05 in Home Cooking

Please Help! Dinner Tonight for 12!

Please help! I just found out that I need to make a dinner for the in-laws TONIGHT for 12... I don't have much time to shop, cook, and get home to clean too. I was thinking of baked potatoes (easy, cheap, and everyone can suit themselves with the toppings) and some oven roasted veggies, but I am lost for a main... pasta, ham, turkey, roast beef are all on the menu over the next few days, so those are out. Maybe a stuffed chicken breast or steak roulade? Any suggestions would be very welcome! I am trying to stay "plain" to suit many tastes and ages. THANK YOU! and Merry Christmas!

Dec 23, 2009
paisley05 in Home Cooking

baptism luncheon

We did a mostly make ahead brunch for my son's baptism this June. We had about 25 adults, and just the right amount of food. We prepped everything before the baptism, right down to the napkins, hot pads, and empty serving bowls, so that we could enjoy the party when we got back.

For main dishes, I made a brie-bacon strata, a veggie (spinach, mushrooms, red pepper, onion) strata, and a potato-cheese casserole. The dishes were prepped the night before and popped in the oven as we left for church. When we returned home, the food was ready and the house smelled great too!

We also had a fruit salad with honey and mint, a chicken salad with tarragon, walnuts, craisins and grapes served with assorted rolls (folks could assemble their own), and a green salad with oranges, red onion, avocado, and a citrusy vinaigrette. The fruit and chicken salads were made the previous night. We prepped the green salad items the previous night too, and my aunt tossed everything together just before serving.

For dessert, I made a cake and a cousin brought some italian cookies. We also made a coffee cake too - we made it that morning, but it is easy to make ahead and freeze.

Have fun! :)

Dec 01, 2009
paisley05 in Home Cooking

What to do with LOTS of goat cheese?

We were given some delicious goat cheese... but received a TON! Any suggestions with what to do with LOTS of goat cheese? Thanks!

Oct 16, 2009
paisley05 in Home Cooking

Sugar shacks near Manchester, NH

It's a little farther to drive, but try the Intervale Farms Pancake House in Henniker!

west mountain inn

My husband and I had our wedding reception at the West Mountain Inn in July 2007. The food was fabulous! The chef worked with us to create a menu that really pleased us. In addition, he prepared a few separate meals for folks with food sensitives. Our guests tell us that they really enjoyed their meals.

We were very happy with our experience - the Carlson's were great hosts, and allowed our guests the run of the place for the weekend. I highly recommend that you consider the Inn!

Suggestions for NH Baby Shower - Manchester to Portsmouth

We are looking for a great place to host a baby shower for about 30 to 40 people. We'd prefer to stay away from banquet-type locations (i.e., a hotel ballroom) and be in either Manchester or Portsmouth... any suggestions? Thanks!

What to do with habaneros in my garden?


Oct 16, 2008
paisley05 in Home Cooking

What to do with habaneros in my garden?

This year I got a little carried away and planted way too many hot peppers... and now I don't know what to do. Hot sauce, pepper jelly, any suggestions? Any well-loved recipes? I'd prefer to make something to freeze instead of can, but if needed, canning is okay too.

Thank you!

Oct 13, 2008
paisley05 in Home Cooking

Please help me find good beer in cans!

Thank you for the suggestions!

Jul 30, 2008
paisley05 in Beer

Please help me find good beer in cans!

I am searching for beer available in cans or plastic (no glass allowed) other than the usual suspects (Bud, Coors, Miller, etc). I have found Boddingtons, Murphys, Guinness, and Hobgoblin Dark Ale, but does anyone know about any microbrews? Preferably available in New England?

Thank you!!!

Jul 29, 2008
paisley05 in Beer