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Park (the restaurant, not an actual park) on Henderson (DFW)

Anyone been to Park lately? If so, how was it and what to order?

The Porch in Dallas

Try a Sunday night dinner. All families and no scene - kids, couples, grandparents.

The Porch in Dallas

At first I was not a fan but have since become one. I like their Three cheese Grilled Cheese sandwich with parmesan tomato soup - great lunch! They also have an interesting drink menu.

Weekend in Downtown Dallas

Seriously be careful walking at night in downtown Dallas. Downtown is pretty deserted at night with the exception of main street when the club kids come out.

Great Cakes in Greater Dallas

I became a huge fan of Jackie Spratt's after she did all the cakes and goodies for a friend's wedding a year ago. Incredible cupcakes too!

Villa-O Review [Dallas]

Agreed..never again. The first time i went, pasta sauce tasted like dish water. I went back just for cocktails and the service was horrible!!! Not even worth it for a drink.

Rathbun's Blue Plate

The price does not make it sound very 'blue plate' to me. Not sure why they are calling it that?

Dallas party of 6-8 seeks round table, quiet place

Same thing happened to me at Villa-O that happened to your husband! AND i was on a business lunch and totally embarrassed i could not eat my food! Luckily i did not loose the deal over that.

Dallas party of 6-8 seeks round table, quiet place

The 2pm slot on a Sunday is limiting but there are places to go. Have you thought about the Knox area off Central. Toulousse is a great Sunday place to go and always open. There is a round table in the back. Lovely atmosphere, great drinks and food, moderately priced, and has valet. The other place would be Taverna for Italian. It might get loud but shouldn't be a problem on a Sunday afternoon. Everyone is that area is pretty relaxed on Sundays. If you wanted to do a late brunch/or salads, sandwiches, there is always Breadwinners on Mckinney Ave. Nice atrium and can seat a larger crowd.

Bridesmaids Luncheon Venue

Breadwinners off McKinney Ave. They sectioned off the back part of the atrium and had a set menu with a few items to choose from off a special printed menu just for us. They did a great job! It's a nice relaxed atmosphere. Not sure what it cost however but I don't think it was too costly.

Where is a good independent meat market in Dallas?

Kubys for just about any cut of meat. Jimmy's is also a good spot especially for their Italian sausage.

B'day dinner in Dallas--recs?

Cafe San Miguel would be toward the top of my list for this occasion. Others would be perhaps the places in the Knox/Henderson area, which is very close to Uptown. Some places I would bring my parents to are: Cafe Madrid for Tapas (always a fun meal) Taverna for moderate, good Italian or perhaps Fireside Pies. Fireside is casual but a good inexpensive meal in a fun setting..they have a great porch if the weather holds up! As far as places in Uptown, you could do Taco Diner or Mi Cocina (not my favorite but some others on here like it). Both places are fun but sometimes the crowd in West Village is 'too much'..meaning young single crowd at night...might be better as a place for your son to go with friends. I'm just saying my parents wouldn't love it there just based off the crowd. La Duni is good too but I've never had good service there. That place has been known to put a damper on the mood of our crowd.

[DFW] Zymology - newest addition to Lower Greenville

Well said CocoaNut! There are times when i am looking for a particular dining experience and other times i don't care if i am sitting among folding chairs. I like to know everything about a restaurant!

Cibus at NorthPark Mall

We went last week (and on a Sunday). The restaurant was packed all night and we had quite the opposite when it came to service. Ours was spot glass was never half empty and everyone at our table enjoyed their pasta dishes. My pasta was the one with the Duck Ragout which i enjoyed very much. You all must of had one bad waiter that is giving this place a bad name. I have also been there for lunch when it first opened and enjoyed that visit as well.

New Year's Eve Restaurants? [Dallas]

I heard through friends that the Lakewood country club is having a big to-do. I think it was $100 per person and might include drinks. Although the food might be just the typical country club fare, the experience will be good with casino and dancing.

Louie's or Campisi's Egyptian?

Louie's for sure if you want to stay on the East side of 75. And yes west side of 75...Olivella or Campania are great choices.

Dallas tea room help please

Both would be memorable. The only thing about the arboretum would be the walk to get to the tearoom from the parking lot - which may be too far depending on how old your mother is.

Cheap Eats in Dallas

Just dined at Sangria the other day and noticed their board above the bar advertising $2-$3 tapas and sangria from 4-7 weekdays and then a "reverse" Happy hour from 9:30-2am on Fri and Sat. If you can stand to eat at those times, might be worth it! Also I am hearing good things about Tony's Pizza and Pasta on Northwest highway. I have yet to dine there but besides being good, it is super cheap and it's BYOB.

This could be a great post! Hopefully others will add lots to it!!! Preferably no chains.

DFW-The Black and White Cookie

Now that Bagelstein's is gone, i had to go someplace else for my Black and White cookie fix. So naturally I tried Ed's Deli since it was the closest place. Now, talk about the biggest disappointment of the year. After my second bite, i threw the whole thing out. It was that bad. It was stale and crumbly. It got all over my computer keyboard and I was really irritated. This was after having a very mediocre bowl of Matzo Ball soup - flavorless and severely lacking in key ingredients. Just don't bother with Ed's! And oh yea, their bagels are horrible too. It's like sponge bread. Yuck!

Luckily, several days later as i was picking up a cappuccino at Drip coffee, i noticed these delicious looking B&W cookies staring at me. One bite of these and I was in heaven! Since Drip used to get all their baked good from Doughmonkey (of course all the good places are gone!), they now get all their baked goods from Rush Patisserie (in Deep Ellum). These cookies are moist and yes cake-y, just the way they should be. Icing is not too sweet. Worth every calorie!

Restaurants Near Knox-Henderson (Dallas)

Opps! Sorry I dissed VT's. I did hear the drinks are really good - same owner as The Porch and they are big into cocktails!

Dallas newbie needs weekend recs

Lakewood Shopping center has few choices for food unfortunately. Matt's El Rancho is okay Tex-Mex and a good "local" restaurant. There is also cheap Italian restaurants - Scalini's (for local pizza delivery) and Angelos - both restaurants get mixed reviews on the food. Pacuigo for gelato - just opened a few months ago and is right across from where the new Whole foods will be going. York Street is a must for a 'big' night out.

Casa Linda shopping center (close to Little Forest Hills) does not really have anything to write home about except Highland Park Cafeteria (if you are into that sort of food) and Lover's Pizza which actually serves a really good pizza pie! There is a brand new place that just opened up in Little Forest Hills called Another Byte Cafe. They serve really good home cooking, coffees, desserts, etc. It's a small place back in the neighborhood.

For the M Streets area - you are close to so much on Greenville and Knox Henderson. Greenville - The Grape and Cafe Izmir to name a few. And Henderson Ave has Cafe San Miguel (a must have on your trip). On the other side of 75 Central on Knox is Taverna, Toulousse, Cafe Madrid, La Cubanita, Sangria, and Chuy's among others.

New here from NYC...need help with the following:

Whoa! There is good Italian here. Although just a handful but noteworthy...Arcodoro/Pomodoro (Sardinian), Taverna (risotto), Daniel (northern, i think), Olivella's and Campania (Italian Style Pizza), Cibus (casual, plus paninni's), Nonna (upscale cali-italian - at least that is what i call it), Penne Pomodoro (cheap 'red sauce'/basic Italian). That's just off the top of my head.

Also, on a side note..Sushi on Mckinney has been closed since August. Javier's is not worth it - bad idea to send a NY-er there.

Restaurants Near Knox-Henderson (Dallas)

Not sure what type of 'scene' you are into but from what i heard of Victor Tangos it leans toward the 'cheesy side' if you know what i mean. It might also be pretty 'dead' around happy hour time and more crowded late night. Personally i think The Porch is a great place to grab drinks and 'bar food'. I would never go there for a culinary experience but i do enjoy the grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. If you enjoy different beers, go to Old Monk or Capital Pub on Henderson. Also, if you need a gelato fix, head down to Natsumi after Tei Tei - which by the way is an excellent choice for Sushi.

New here from NYC...need help with the following:

Poor thing. Looks like lynny lynny will be driving all over the metroplex. Unfortunately, that is what happens here. One needs to drive 15 - 20 minutes in any direction out of Addison to get decent food. Wait i take that back I think Kenny's Wood Fire Grill is really good. They have great ribs there and that might help a BBQ craving among other things. I guess that is the only place worth going to in Addison IMO. I would also say Oceanaire but I believe that is considered North Dallas - but it is close.

To answer your skim milk question. I like Horizon Organic Skim. They have it at Tom Thumb. Surely they have a Tom Thumb in Addison. LOL!

Italian Restaurant Rec - Dallas

I do like Penne Pomodoro also but afraid they can't do a large group. We went with a family of 10 and it was a mess. And it was an 'early seating'. It was packed with tons of kiddos.

Italian Restaurant Rec - Dallas

I always suggest this place because i love it so....Arcodoro Pomodoro - right off Mckinney ave and 5 min cab ride from American Airlines (i think on Routh St). Although more of a 'fancier/expensive' Italian meal, they would be able to accommodate a large group since they have a party room. You would probably be able to set the menu beforehand with them also....certainly if you are looking to get a nice big place of plain pasta with red sauce and some appetizers the night before a race. They always do a great job with big groups.

Wedding venues with tasty catered food?

Check out Marie Gabrielle in the Centex building (in between the American Airlines Center and The Crescent). It is a hidden gem and I don't think they advertise too much. During the day it serves a lunch place for the office buildings, at night it's transformed into a posh setting. Also has pretty gardens outside where you can do a ceremony.
Food was obviously high on our list when choosing a venue for our wedding. This ended up being a no brainer for us. Extra bonus is that you don't have to bring in an outside caterer. Website below....

Chocolates in Dallas

Neuhaus on Preston and Royal. Right smack in the middle of Dallas. Great European chocolate without all the frills. It is attached to a cafe and a Alessi shop. Noka is all about VERY expensive presentation/packaging housed in a million dollar 'showroom'. I just didn't get that place when i went - way overrated.

Bottled TacoBell Hot Sauce!

A while back we used to buy the Taco Bell one. We've switched to the El Fenix one. Muy Bueno!

Oct 29, 2008
pizzaQTpie in Texas

List of Dallas LATE-NITE spots...

La Cubanita on McKinney Ave.
Avanti? Man that brings back memories from the 90's! ha! Is it still decent?