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ISO Shave Ice

I've also been pleased by Get Shaved. They opened another branch in Torrance about a month and a half ago in a strip mall by Ralphs. This is close to Mitsuwa.
1790 W Carson
Torrance, CA 90501

May 08, 2011
pandapenny in Los Angeles Area

ISO great wedding cake baker in the Valley

My brother-in-law took home some leftover wedding cake from a party he went to. I tasted it and loved it some much I had to track down the bakery that made their cake! It was a white cake with strawberry filling. The cake was SOOO moist, had a very fine crumb with a dense mouthfeel, and was not too sweet. My perfect cake! I live on the westside but drove out to La Creme Bakery in woodland hills to order my son's 1st b'day cake. The owner behind the counter was so nice and let me sample her different flavors and poured a cup of coffee. I truly enjoyed her hospitality. I still favored the white cake with strawberry filling but the others I tried were very good as well. So if you're looking for a moist not-too-sweet cake with a great texture, give their cakes a try!

La Creme Bakery
19948 Ventura Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91364

Oct 02, 2010
pandapenny in Los Angeles Area

Thai or Vietnamese basil on the West side???

There is a new Thai Market opening at 11127 Venice Blvd (Sepulveda & Venice) Same strip mall as Howard's Avocado Bacon Burgers. I went this morning and they're not completely finished but they will sell Thai groceries, have a steam tablet with food, and sell some Thai desserts. In summary, indeed there will be a source for Thai basil on the Westside. Yey!

Sep 22, 2010
pandapenny in Los Angeles Area

Can you name this near-SB steakhouse/ranch?

Anyone heard of a stakhouse on the way to Santa Barabara from LA that is located in a ranch/farm with lots of cows and animals roaming around? Stevenson something? maybe?

Jul 11, 2008
pandapenny in California


The AM/PM at Arco on Overland/Palms! They have both SP and ICEE

May 22, 2008
pandapenny in Los Angeles Area

Best LA Restaurant you can wear Shorts to?

My out-of-town guests neglected to bring pants. Where can we go that's nice, tasty, and will let us in dressed very casually?

May 22, 2008
pandapenny in Los Angeles Area

Thai Patio in Thai Town

I had lunch there about a month ago, back then they only took cash. I had my favorite comfort food, Lad Nah Chicken for about $6.00. I did like it because 1) it was served in a shallow bowl and provided good gravy:noodle ratio 2)good garlicky/soya bean flavor 3) veggies were bright green 4) used sliced white meat chicken and 5) noodles had that char flavor (wok hey?) that I really like. After spooning on some chili in vinegar and a few dashes of white pepper, I finished the whole thing. I dined alone so unfortunately that's the only dish I can comment on.

I make the trek to Thai Town only every couple of months but some things I like to stock up on at Bhan Khanom Thai and Khanom Thai Ram Song :
1) Sakoo Sai Moo - tapioca balls filled with ground pork/peanut/radish eaten with bird chili,cilantro, and lettuce
2) Curry Puffs - Bhan's used to taste better before they switched to these gargantuan sized dumplings. Now I get the small ones from Ram Song.
3) Khanom Sai Sai - toasted coconut ball surrounded by salty coconut cream
4) Khao Tung - Thai rice cracker flavored with dried shrimp, green onion, cilantro
5) Khanom Tien - Garlicky,white pepper center surrounded by a chewy glutinous rice flour goo
6) Klong Kang - Fried dough of rice flour/coconut milk tossed in a sweet syrup flavored with white pepper and gr onion
7) Galamah - coconut/rice flour candy (sometimes flavored with Pandan
8) Cotton Cake - those colourful steamed cupcakes that smell of flowers
9) Thai beef jerky - dried and fried with coriander seeds
10) Nam Pla Waan (from the marketplace) - dipping sauce for sour mango (sour peaches and apples work well too!) flavoured with fish sauce, shallot, dried shrimp, and chili

That's to start with I guess. I could go on with dozens more! I think Thai dessert is so interesting b/c there are SO many different types and they flavors can be surprising, not just sweet! Anyways, have fun at the strip mall!

Oct 31, 2006
pandapenny in Los Angeles Area

Elsie the Cow’s condensed milk is udderly swell

MMM. Our family uses Flour Tortillas pan-fried in butter in place of Roti dough. We also use SCM as a "dipping sauce" for batong-go (long chinese donut) but deep-fried refrigerated pillsbury breadstick dough substitutes in a pinch. cheers!

Jul 04, 2006
pandapenny in Home Cooking