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Help with a Bachelorette

Hi. I have to plan my sister's bachelorette from clear across the country. I need some help.

What we are looking for: Just 4 girls. We want to start at a wine bar, then move on to a lively restaurant with food that is not too fancy, but delicious. Ideally, the restaurant will be a place where people will buy my sister shots and hoot and holler over the bachelorette.

After dinner, we will head to Adams Morgan for dancing the night away, then end up at some gay strip club in Dupont.

We need to be able to park the car and either walk or cab it from venue to venue. Adams Morgan is a must as is Dupont. I am essentially looking for places around that area. wine bar and fun restaurant options.


Pizza Delivery in Santa Monica

I need a dynamite pizza place in Santa Monica that delivers. Nothing fancy, but thin crust dynamite pizza. Extra bonus for spicy pepperoni. No need for places with soy cheese or obscure ingredients.

Apr 24, 2009
Bonnie D in Los Angeles Area

Cinnamon Rolls- Stat

Where in Los Angeles do I get a cinnamon roll that is doughy and gooey in the middle, relies more on cinnamon than icing, and is served with a decent cup of coffee? I also want to be able to eat it there.

Aug 28, 2008
Bonnie D in Los Angeles Area

Oinkster's in Eagle Rock

The pulled pork sandwich is out of this world. Drench it in their vinegary sauce.

Jul 30, 2008
Bonnie D in Los Angeles Area

Missing Melba Toast!

I have a straight up addiction to Trader Joe's sesame melba toasts. I just found out that they have been discontinued there due to low sales. I find Old England brand too greasy and hard. Does anyone have an alternative brand of these perfect little crisp crackers they can recommend?

Apr 16, 2008
Bonnie D in Los Angeles Area

Must eats in Nashville and Memphis

Lucius, Thank you sooo much. Man, oh man, we have been eatin' good. I thought Radius 10 was the meal of my life until last night's 5 course fixed menu at Midtown Grill. Lobster polenta, anyone? You have got the palate of champs, my friend.

Must eats in Nashville and Memphis

The hubster and I will be in Nashville and Memphis for two days each. What are the cannot miss restaurants? We cannot get enough of bbq brisket and greens, and my favorite food in all the world is pie.

His birthday will begin in Memphis (breakfast, lunch?), then we'll drive to Nashville mid-day. Any ideas of birthday spots in Nashville where we can pig out and listen to some live music?

REVIEW w/ pics: Brunch & Cheese Tasting at Auntie Em's

Don't forget the pancakes next time. They nail the texture.

Mar 04, 2008
Bonnie D in Los Angeles Area

Best food of the best in Portland

CLAY'S SMOKEHOUSE on DIVISION ST in Southeast, Portland. It is super easy to grab the Division bus there.

This is simply the best BBQ on earth. It tastes super gourmet. Plus, the slaw has a sesame effect that none can match. I moved away from Portland 4 years ago and still miss this place. The brisket. Oh, the brisket.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake is made fresh by the owner's Mom.

Feb 22, 2008
Bonnie D in Metro Portland

Visiting LA from DC

I'm from Reston currently living in Los Angeles. Try Basix on Santa Monica near La Cienega (about a mile from where you are staying). The mojitos are fantabulous and if you get there anytime between 4-7 on a weekday they (as well as their delicious crabcakes) are $4. There is a patio facing Santa Monica Blvd that makes for great people watching AND they make a terrific pizza as well as bistro steak.

Vivoli Trattoria on Laurel and Sunset Blvd is a quaint and romantic italian spot. Dinner is to die for and is well within your price range. Be absolutely certain you get their dessert (nonna or tartufo) Right across the street is a deli called GREENBLATT's. The food is ungodly overpriced, but it is a cozy little place that has an outstanding wine collection. The guy who wrote GREAT GATSBY was a regular there, so it has some history to it.

I too agree that you must hit up The Farmer's Market. The line at Pampa's Brazilian BBQ is well worth the wait. Talk about some delicious beef. There are a couple of bars in there that are open late. You can grab a drink and see LA in action.

I agree The Griddle Cafe on Sunset makes the best pancakes in the state. The chances that you will see a celeb are very high too. If you choose to eat breakfast there, however, be ready for some frenetic energy. This is not a cozy place.

Feb 20, 2008
Bonnie D in Los Angeles Area

Crabcakes sans the dreaded Mayo?

Y'all have saved me. It's the whole eggs sitting in a jar concept that I avoid. Everything about mayonnaise sickens me from the smell to the texture, to the way it somehow curiously stays in my mouth for the entire day. I was born that way.

The pureed scallops will class up a crabcake indeed.

Feb 19, 2008
Bonnie D in Home Cooking

Crabcakes sans the dreaded Mayo?

Help me! I have a hankering for some yummy crabcakes this evening and am in search of a recipe that requires zero mayonnaise. Does anyone have a solution? Would the Vegan mayo work as a substitute?

Feb 19, 2008
Bonnie D in Home Cooking

Good Italian in West Hollywood area

You simply must go to Vivoli Tratorria. It is by far the best. It is right on the corner of Sunset and Laurel Ave. in a teeny strip mall. The waiters kiss you on the cheek and the food is pure perfection. Be certain to get Nonna or Tartufo for dessert. It is little, but the ambience is amazing.

Terroni is fun, however my dish was beyond salty.

Feb 14, 2008
Bonnie D in Los Angeles Area

Great Greek?

This place was gross. Potatoes were dry and everything was covered in dressing and sauces. Boo.

Jan 30, 2008
Bonnie D in Los Angeles Area


Real Food Daily is unquestionably delicious. It is located across the street from The Beverly Center on La Cienega (there is another location in Santa Monica). The portions are big and things are fresh. Opt for the Real Food Meal and you will get a hearty taste of everything.

Jan 30, 2008
Bonnie D in Los Angeles Area

Yikes! Need to find a birthday cake this afternoon (arcadia/pasadena area)

The Tres Leches Cake at Von's (Pavilions) made with real whipped cream. No fancy cake can beat this moist, yet simple dynamo. It will cost you $12.99 with decorations and comes in a pretty pink box.

Jan 30, 2008
Bonnie D in Los Angeles Area