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Best method to "cook" fresh sausages - Italian, Polish, Bratwurst, etc.

I'm partial to lightly coating them in olive oil and broiling them on the bottom rack in the oven.

Oct 09, 2006
SizzlingJoe in Home Cooking

Keilbasa Substitute?

Look for the blue labeled Kielbasa... most brands have an all-beef kielbasa.

Oct 08, 2006
SizzlingJoe in Home Cooking

Big Niman Ham Steak -- Ideas for Tonight??

Pasta with ham...

Make a white cream sauce... add strips of ham, peas, and chunks of fresh tomato... add over penne and enjoy!

Sep 17, 2006
SizzlingJoe in Home Cooking

Hmm, I love this board already. Falafel failure ...

It's possible your falafel are too wet... but that's just off the top of my head.

I usually use the box mix kind, and go light on the water and oil so they won't fall apart.

If they're falling apart in the deep fryer, definitely sounds like the mixture is too wet!

Aug 19, 2006
SizzlingJoe in Home Cooking

BBQ Sauce

For my dry rubbed pork ribs... I like something very simple, and you can't get more simple then this.

Chipotle Tabasco Sauce, vinegar, and sugar.

Combine them until you get it to taste, brush the ribs lightly with it to finish them.

It's been too long since I've made it. Can't remember if I used white or red wine vinegar. I'm thinking white???

Either way, a bit of spicy sweet goodness to kiss the pork with.

Aug 17, 2006
SizzlingJoe in Home Cooking

I made a peach pie in Sacto

OK. Now you're making me feel really guilty for not using our local Georgia peaches for a pie.

If you have a gas stove, Alton Brown (?) or Rose Bernbaum (?) suggest placing fruit pies directly on the bottom of the oven to help get that lower crust nice and done, keeping the fruit from seeping in.

If you have an electric stove, try heating up your pizza stone, or a few cookie sheets to help boost the heat on the bottom of the pie pan.

And just out of curiosity, what type of pie pan did you use? Glass? Aluminum? Metal?

Aug 15, 2006
SizzlingJoe in Home Cooking

How does one make really good fried rice?

Actually our new apartment's electric stove is DANGED hot.

This, and the use of a cast iron pan, instead of a wok, has been making the tastiest fried rice from an electric cooktop I've ever had.

Aug 15, 2006
SizzlingJoe in Home Cooking

Best soy milk?

The fiance and I prefer the 8th Continent to the Silk...

We accidentally picked up a "light" version last time and liked that even more. It's been suggested that watering down the normal will give it the same thing.... half the calories, half the sugar, half the fat.

Kind of like the "low carb" cranberry juice! LOL!

Aug 13, 2006
SizzlingJoe in General Topics

What is good Hawaiian food?

I wish I could tell you RW, but I've never experienced it yet.

A few Hawaiin born Japanese cooks I know find L&L to be "ok", but as they'd say, it's nothing like it was in the islands.

From the places that were in Sacramento, that was about as good as it'd get. My stomach could only handle a few visits before detesting it though.

Aug 13, 2006
SizzlingJoe in General Topics

fry batter help!

A few hints for tempura, that I learned while working at a Japanese restaurant...

Use ice water to make the batter with. Keep it in the fridge between frying sessions.

Cottonseed oil was used for our tempura frying, although I use peanut oil at the house.

360 was our temp of choice. 375 would cook the tempura bit too fast. And remember it will keep cooking a bit after you remove the items from the oil.

After laying your shrimp into the oil, immediately dip your fingers into the tempura batter and toss/throw additional batter up/down across the length of the shrimp, to give them the "zaku-zaku" (crunchy bits) along the body of the shrimp.

Clean your oil between frying sessions... stir the oil round and round, and the vortex will carry all the little bits to the center of the pan to be scooped out with your spider.

If anyone wants tips on how to prepare the shrimp to stay nice and flat and "tempura" like in shape, let me know?

Aug 13, 2006
SizzlingJoe in Home Cooking

Creative uses for leftover Ganache?

Hey everyone...

We have about a pint of leftover ganache in our fridge.

Are there any ideas on how we can use this as an ingredient for things other then candy or ice cream topping?

Would it be possible to turn this into some sort of chocolate souffle???


Jul 30, 2006
SizzlingJoe in Home Cooking

Using malt in Challah

will powdered malted milk when baking recipes call for malt powder?

i've often wondered but have never taken the plunge to try in myself.

Jul 28, 2006
SizzlingJoe in Home Cooking

What to do with a pound of hamburger?

or filling for pierogis?

the food network has one from an emeril show... hamburger meat, ricotta cheese (recipe calls for farmer's cheese) green onion, garlic (?) and eggs to bind it all together.

break out the phyllo dough and make small baked pierogi thingies.

or pasties if you use pie dough...

(i like to add a bit of cheddar cheese to my mix also... )

Jul 28, 2006
SizzlingJoe in Home Cooking

Cappuccino Foam

you can check out the coffee geek website for lots of coffee (and foaming) related tips.

technique has a lot to do with it, but i'm not sure how the non-fat milk works... i've always used 2% and had no problems with tiny bubbles sticking around.

good luck!

Jul 28, 2006
SizzlingJoe in Home Cooking

Inventive lunches you can prep once for and eat throughout the week


before you leave home in the morning, throw some rayu and shoyu on them.

at lunchtime add a bit of water and pop them in the microwave.

it's what i've been doing this last week or so, and my coworkers are jealous!

Jul 26, 2006
SizzlingJoe in Home Cooking

Spicy popcorn

Don't forget about the Valentina and lime juice combination too... for that nice spicy popcorn treat!

Jul 20, 2006
SizzlingJoe in Home Cooking

ISO you best lasagna recipe

If you want it to be really great, find some fresh egg noodle sheets, or roll your own out... if you're going to make the sauce from scratch, why waste it on boxed noodles?


But if you want a fast and easy lasagna using boxed noodles, I found the Barilla tomato/basil jarred sauce to be a good one to use in a pinch, along with some crumbled italian sausage, ricotta mixed with egg, mozarella, parm, and parsley, and of course, grated mozarella on top.

But if you're going to make fresh bolognese, don't waste your effort with boxed noodles! Par boil them, toss them in a bit of olive oil, and then layer them with your sauce and cheese!

Jul 04, 2006
SizzlingJoe in Home Cooking

trying to get the true taste of savannah in one lunch

If you search on the Paula Deen restaurant on the South boards, you'll see that the common consensus is to AVOID the place.

You will find, however, another restaurant that gets the nod, instead of Lady and Sons...

I love Paula's show, and her cookbooks, but she must be so far removed from the daily operations of her restaurant that it didn't suprise me one bit to hear "pass".

And some recent posts about restaurants in Georgia...

Good luck!

Repairing a KitchenAid Mixer?

There used to be a place on Mission between Montgomery and the next street up... away from the bus station.

They were an authorized Kitchen-Aid repair center.

Not sure if it's survived all the renovations downtown, been years since I've been to SF on a regular basis.

Jul 04, 2006
SizzlingJoe in Cookware

What is Chavela (Chabela) Cerveza preparada ... beer with clam juice

Down in TJ, a Michelada will get you a beer with lots of lime juice and salt, nothing tomato or clamato related in it

Jul 04, 2006
SizzlingJoe in General Topics