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The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - January to March

Also at the Warden location...full skids.

New Yorker looking for quintessential Toronto cheap eats

Whereabouts are you staying as that may help in some of the targets?

Halal Burgers or Chicken Kebabs's open.

Old School Chinese Restaurant (like China House,RIP)

Hey dd ... just a word of support on "Canadian Chinese Food".

What you described IS Chinese food but I would call it authentic Chinese food from a place and time that Chinese restaurateurs had to modify their cuisines to match local market. Hence the Canadian modifier.

I am Chinese (grew up here) and hanker after Canadian Chinese food on the odd occasion. There is a lot to be said for a well made egg roll and duck/plum sauce or a chicken ball with a good sauce. Growing up, I only got to eat the stuff once a year at a family friend x-mas party who also once ran a chop suey house.

This is a great thread and I wish I could find a place that matched China House. I only went there a couple times near the end of it's run but it exemplified that style of cuisine.

Old School Chinese Restaurant (like China House,RIP)

Dai Do Voy ... "Large Assorted/Mixed/Misc Meeting" I am pretty sure on the Do being asst/misc/mixed as I have heard other pronunciations as Chap/Chop (as in Chop Suey).

Moo goo gai pan ... "Mushroom chicken slices" (pretty literal). Moo goo ... mushroom and at least from what I learned is button mushrooms (vs dong goo for shitake and so on for other types of 'goo').

No idea on Ja/Jar Doo wings ... Ja would def be fried in Cantonese.

There is an interesting Wiki on this. Please note my credentials in this matter are based on growing up in Toronto as a fluent Canto speaker (HK and other sub-dialect) sorely lacking in literacy.

Chowfind of the Century- Bistrot 92 Eglinton Ave West, French French

Thank you VV. Based on yours and other posters we did dinner here.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable meal. We did the prix fixe of course.

Carrot ginger soup

Escargot casserole
Crispy chevre salad

Duck confit with green beans and mushrooms
NY steak with mashed potatoes

Chocolate mousse w berry sauce (raspberry?)
Crêpes with Grand Marnier sauce

The escargot was a nice variation. The crisp chevre wrapped in phyllo/spring-roll and fried... terrific with the green salad. The soup was also a nice first course to warm up.

We enjoyed the entrées and the duck confit was very good. It was the crisped/fried style. Steak was cooked as ordered. Sides were excellent.

Dessert was a highlight for us. Crepe was perfect and the opinion on combining the chocolate mousse with it was spot on. Preferred the crêpes classically though.

ISO - Hong Kong style French Toast Downtown SF?

Thanks for the recommends! We might try Kowloon Tong ... I'd seen some yelp reviews that were positive.

ISO - Hong Kong style French Toast Downtown SF?


We are at Moscone for a conference and a colleague and I were hankering for HK-style French Toast. Any recommends ... downtown preferably.

Freezing stocks in anything other than plastic?

We freeze in silicon ice cube trays and then bag it. For big batches...we stuck with plastic containers (and sometimes we remove and bag).

Sep 07, 2012
kerwintoronto in Home Cooking

The Prague on Queen Street Closing?

Great news ... just waiting with bated breath on how the tripe soup will be! Just finished our last container out of the freezer.

Chowfind: Al Tanoor Lawrece East -Shawarma

For compulsive online mappers i nneed of the address ... 1993 Lawrence Avenue East. The PAT reference saved me when I was looking at the numbers!

Chowfind: Al Tanoor Lawrece East -Shawarma

I don't have a lot of experience with shawarma but tried out Al Tanoor and it was very good. I ordered the chicken shawarma plate and a falafel pita.

The chicken was indeed very flavourful and we found it to be much juicier than our previous odds and sods samplings of shawarma.

I had a falafel sandwich as my main and the amba and hot sauce were very nice but left me flavour number to fully enjoy the chicken.

Looking forward to more meals from Al Tanoor (and sampling the rest of the strip).

Anyone know of any bakers in GTA that do ... kouign-aman

Just checking in on the thread and any developments on the Kouing front.

SLC...yup...Salt Lake City.

Lobster Love

Apologies on that. Leaving the Evergreen event up just in case needed. Cheers.

Lobster Love

Also from a google search ...

The Best Samosa in Toronto

Achhh...I hear that Sultan of Samosas has switched to another pastry/shell/crust. It is apparently a doughier shell instead of the almost phyllo wrapper I loved!

Has anyone been there lately and noticed the change?

Cantonese Party Trays

It is cliche but always fun ... a dim sum starter/appetizer course.
- siu mai (pork or a beef if you can find)
- har gow
- vegetarian spring rolls
- bbq pork puff pastries
--You can get them at T&T but they are definitely meh in terms of quality. However it would save you a trip if you are using T&T and might work for your group depending on their taste buds. An alternative would be buying frozen (we used to buy Ellen's) and steaming your own which would be more economical and up the quality as they would be fresher.
--An alternative at Asian Legend would be pan fried dumplings and beef rolls and scallion pancakes. They are all pasable as starter or small plate items.

You could throw together a nice asian slaw or salad (chopped or small leaf greens). This always goes as a nice side to something fried. Recipes abound online for this sort of thing ... we usually just do a maple-miso-sesame vinagrette.

Will there be table seating or are you envisioning something more casual (sofas, chairs, cafe tables)? You don't really want to be working anything to loose or saucy while holding the plate in one hand.

Scarborough To-Do List - What have I missed? What SHOULD I miss?

We moved into the area and drive by Basilico all the time ... any specific recommends/reviews on this establishment?

Honey lovers: where's your favorite honey?

We like the buckwheat honey from Bees Universe @ Brickworks Farmers' Market.

Best Pork Bun and Custard Tart in Markham/Thornhill or Toronto Area?

It's been awhile but we always liked Lucullus (we get our fix at dim sum...not the same but close enough for us).

See thread...

Looking for: Ferro Rocher Pocket Coffee

Thank you. It was worth the drive to Vaughan. Two boxes (18s) in the pantry...well two boxes less 3 pieces lost during the drive home. I think they were $9.99 a box (that's what the price on the box was when I got home and looked)

Chinese Red Tea?

Pu Erh is one of the common 'house' teas for most Cantonese restos in Toronto.

Given the range of quality of Pu Erh I wouldn't be surprised that we are all dicsussing the same tea. There are pu erh that can run $1.99 a box to $199+ a pound.

Crawfish, I suspect the Pu Erh you were served was of a special vintage or quality. There are indeed Pu Erh that I have experienced which were indeed occassions in of themselves. more thing. I went thru a phase where I was trying to find the right Pu Erh for my everyday drinking and it didn't work out. Many of the 'nicer' Pu Erh had to much age for my liking...didn't like a lot of the tepid flavours in the grocery store Pu Erh. The search got cut short when I got introduced to Luk On ( guess on the phoenetics from a illiterate Canto speaker). It was a softer version of Pu Erh, especially the earthiness...just my tasting notes not any food canon. If you wander across a Luk On give it a try.

Chinese Red Tea?

TT, are you referring to the 'chinese' tea served in the pot when you sit down OR the cream/milk team they serve (ordered item)?

Although it's been ages iirc since I've been to Richmond Courty, the regular 'chinese' tea they serve is a Pu Erh/Pu-Er(mandarin) or Bolay/Po-Lei (cantonese). You can google those for more info but in terms of purchasing it is going to be tougher but I am sure you will prevail.

Although widely available price is usually linked to age of the tea ... from what I gather 'aging' drives the price of most pu-er. Of course there are other variables to the pricing but age is a big one. I've had some very pricey pu-er from family and friends but it is a very earthy/musty flavour profile

Good luck..

Korean ingredients

If your path takes you north you can hit up the Yonge corridor between Finch and Sheppard. There is a Korean grocer beside St. Louis ... about 4-5 blocks up from North York City Centre.

There is also a Korean grocer closer to Finch (I believe).

Soba Tuesdays

+100 in agreement.

We may end up becoming regulars since it is just once a week. We tried (from above) #2, #5 and hot broth soba with tempura.

Cold is definitely the way I will go next week!

Has anyone tried "Bombay Hut" on Avenue Road?

We tried it out last night (15th) and it was very enjoyable. My wife is a huge fan of Banjara and we both love indian.

We were seated promptly and orders taken.

Chicken Pakora

Butter Chicken

Saag Paneer

Lamb Karahi


Garlic Naan


My personal highlight was the Saag Paneer of all things. It was a saag paneer with NO extra oil ... not even a glasten. It had the full flavour/seasoning and the paneer very good along with the prerequisite richness but you didn't get the mouthfeel of excess oil or greasiness. (as typified in the extreme by Lahore Tikka)

The butter chicken was tender, etc, etc, etc but for comparison was a tad more tomatoey than Banjara or other spots. Good seasoning and mild was quite mild (as requested).

Lamb Karahi ... good. Lamb pieces were good sized and tender but not pulled meat style.

Breads ... good.

Rice ... it was rice.

Gulab jamun ... comp dessert. I normally don't like GJ but warm was nice and the inside almost had a custard/cream taste to it. Very good.

Definitely on our Indian go to list. Atmosphere is a little more contemporary than Banjara and still has the nice clean feel of a new establishment.

Scarborough To-Do List - What have I missed? What SHOULD I miss?

They have a couple tables of seating. You can get combos but you are at the mercy of the steam table rather than cook to order. We've eaten there on a weeknight and it was ok but on the weekend there is a lot more turnover of the food and the quality is much better.

Scarborough Gems

scarborough ... you had me REALLY scared but after digging ... just really annoyed at CHOW.

To be honest the biggest use I had for the restaurant pages were as a consolidation point for reviews. I didn't use it at first and just used a search and clicked thru.

Looking for a good dim sum place that seats large groups (16 people)

That's a BIG table. Hence the inquiry I would suppose.

Premiere Ballroom & Convention Centre
9019 Leslie Street
- they should be able to set a table this size given the venue and banquet services

Hwy 7 / W. Beaver Creek
-recall a couple jumbo tables

Casa Victoria (and the other Casa I am guessing)
8601 Warden Avenue
- just guessing (never actually been)

50 Esna Park Drive, Markham
- they should be able to set a table this size given the venue and banquet services

I am sure the more forum dim sum masters can contribute more but this is a start.

I was also going to recommend calling ahead or getting a reservation.

Kopi Luwak coffee in GTA ?

Thank you for the full review/write-up.

It's been ages since my experience of this coffee. My experience was similar but less eloquent in the telling.

May splurge and try it one more time.