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Where to eat in New England while traveling from NYC to Maine?

Another vote for Kimballs, not so much based on the food as the great ice cream. Thereare several reasons to go to Kimballs as noted:
1. You'll get plenty of good sea food in Mane; you don't have to do it all at once
2. There are farm animals for your child to look at and mini golf
3. This was the inspiration for an awesome thread called "why are kiddie ice creams bigger than a baby's head" ( you will not need anything larger than a kiddie size here)

And, if you have ice cream for lunch and play mini golf your kid will think this was the most awesome trip ever. Isn't that more important than the fried clams and lobster roll?

Jun 06, 2015
skimom in Greater Boston Area

Restaurants near Brooklyn Art Museum

Went to Franny's, which we thoroughly enjoyed - especially on a cold, raw spring day. Thanks again for all your help (in the restaurant selection as well as not going to the wrong place)

Apr 12, 2015
skimom in Outer Boroughs

Restaurants near Brooklyn Art Museum

Hello NY chowhounds

Staying in Manhattan this weekend but will be heading out to Brooklyn to go to BAM - although I grew up in NJ i've never been.

Can anyone recommend somewhere for lunch within walking distance of the museum? Since will be making the trek from midtown, would stay within walking distance if we can. We are happy to eat just about anything, though being in NE I kiss old school delis and NY pizza the most.

Thought this would be less controversial than a broader question like "where's the best pizza in Brooklyn?", although opinions are welcome on that too. There's always take out on the way home.


Apr 06, 2015
skimom in Outer Boroughs

Restaurants in Concord/Lexington

I'd like to get my niece, who lives in Acton, a gift certificate for dinner for 2 for Christmas. I'd like to spend about a hundred for 2; they don't drink much. Any suggestions for a nice date night in the Lexington/Concord area, or reasonably close by as they have to get a baby sitter (I'd give that too as part of the gc if I lived closer)? I want to go above Not Your Average Joe's, which is what Acton offers

Oh, and they eat anything, so cuisine not a limitation


Dec 04, 2014
skimom in Greater Boston Area

I need some help with a trip to your city around Dec 5th

As multiple posts in the past have noted, there aren't so many seafood restaurants per se ; it's a matter of course that most of the good restaurants around town offer good seafood given the proximity to water and standards of dining here. So, your choice depends on cuisine...but here are a couple of thoughts

Lunch Friday - do Row34, as they are only open for lunch M-Fri. Oysters and beer for lunch make for a fine birthday treat

I don't do dives but your choice of inexpensive places for lunch (or are you just drinking all afternoon?) will depend on where you are planning to be during the day

Nicer places that are OK with a rowdy group (assuming you have indeed been drinking all afternoon ):
Sarma (Somerville)- Mediterranean and middle eastern small plates (sister restaurant is Oleana, in Cambridge, which is quieter)
Catalyst (Cambridge)
Erbaluce (Theater district) - Italian
Lucca (North End) - also Italian
Ribelle (Brookline, on the "t" or subway) - hard to classify, but darn good

Nov 21, 2014
skimom in Greater Boston Area

Need Turkey Parts ASAP

I live in this part of MetroWest, and Sudbury Farms had them as of Wednesday pm - more expensive than MB but much cheaper than Savenor's or Whole Foods!

Nov 21, 2014
skimom in Greater Boston Area

Boston Itinerary in October? Help for our researched trip appreciated!

+ 1 on A & J King for sandwiches and baked good; also right on Essex St near the PEM is Life Alive for good sandwiches and salads.

Sep 11, 2014
skimom in Greater Boston Area

Boston to Cape

Just got back from a weekend on the outer cape (Chatham to Wellfleet, but did not make it up to P'town)

Here are a couple of recommendations in that area - you did not say what time you were leaving the Boston area so am providing options for both dinner and lunch, for places less than a half hour from Route 6. If you are driving from Newton you won't go through places like Fall River and Providence, but save those for another trip. If you can, leave before 3 pm to avoid the horrendous traffic jam that occurs almost nightly on Route 3 heading out of Boston; if you do leave after 10 am or before 3 the trip should only take 1.5 hours to the Outer Cape.

Chatham, which is a nice town to walk around in:
Corner Store (Rte 137) - burritos, sandwiches
Chatham Cookware Cafe - great sandwiches (no dinner)
Vers - excellent food, both at the Cafe (lunch until 4) and dinner. Farm to table with wonderful seafood.
Impudent Oyster - an oldie but goodie, particularly if the weather is inclement. Sit at the bar and eat oysters

Brewster: Fish House (both lunch and dinner) is consistently excellent. Nickerson State Park is nearby if you need to stretch your legs

Orleans: Abba (dinner only)
Would not recommend the Orleans waterfront inn
Nauset Farms (very good sandwiches and take out) is on the way to Nauset beach, but this may be more of a detour than you want. Good ice cream across the street though (Sundae School).

Eastham: The National Seashore headquarters are here and there are some walking trails in the area.
Arnold's (can't believe this has not come up!) Onion rings, lobster rolls and fried clams worth the splurge - but don't way I didn't warn you if your gallbladder objects
Sam's Deli (Brackett Road, where the Ben and Jerry's is) has good sandwiches and take out - because what you really want to do is grab a sandwich and go to the beach. Nauset light beach is about a mile or two from there, and Marconi is just up the road.

Wellfleet - PB Boulangerie and Wicked Oyster have already been noted and are consistently good; both are open for lunch and dinner.
Mac's Shack is great for dinner as noted
Great Island is nearby and nice for a walk
The Beachcomber is not for the food - which is standard bar type stuff - but because you can look out over the ocean while eating

There have been a number of places in Provincetown noted already, but would add Sake - it's been surprisingly hard to find decent sushi, but this is very good.


Jun 16, 2014
skimom in Greater Boston Area

Quick place for lunch near the Garden State Parkway or TPke in northern NJ?

on the way down will almost certainly go over Tappan Zee due to timing - on the way back I usually check the traffic reports to see (how badly) the GW bridge is backed up. A good deli is worth the detour up the Parkway!

Apr 18, 2014
skimom in New Jersey

Less common seasonal produce - Worcester area

As a newbie to the area, can you recommend some good Asian markets (esp on the eastern side of town, or in Shrewsbury)?

Apr 17, 2014
skimom in Southern New England

Quick place for lunch near the Garden State Parkway or TPke in northern NJ?

A good sub or sandwich would be great

The exit will be dependent on the place, of course

Apr 16, 2014
skimom in New Jersey

Quick lunch off 287 or 684?

Am driving from Boston to Washington and back, and we often bypass NYC by taking this route - any quick place to grab lunch in this area?

I grew up in northern NJ and miss a good deli!


Quick place for lunch near the Garden State Parkway or TPke in northern NJ?


Am driving from Boston to Washington, and back, next week. About mid way I'd like to stop and have a quick lunch and refuse to eat the dreck served at the rest stops. Can anyone recommend a place to get sandwiches within a short distance of either route in northern NJ?

Having grown up in the area, but not lived there for years, I miss a good deli!

Apr 16, 2014
skimom in New Jersey

Mid week dinner

We are staying in Center City

The only place we've been in Philly is Morimoto - which he loved both for the food and vibe. Doesn't have to be high end.

Apr 12, 2014
skimom in Philadelphia

Mid week dinner

Am stopping by Philadelphia en route to Washington with my 18 year old -we are staying for 2 nights. He's a very adventuresome eater -literally will eat anything and just about every cuisine. Any cool new places to try? Somewhere that doesn't make the usual tourist lists?

Thanks for the help

Apr 12, 2014
skimom in Philadelphia

Best Theatre District Restaurants

+1 on Toloache - it's also easy to do a lighter dinner there
+1 on Marseille
Vice Versa

just as an FYI, brunch at Norma's is overrated - since we usually stay in the Meridien, this is convenient but it's very pricey.

My only true disappointment ever was the Lamb's Club - snooty even by old school NY standards and even as a light eater was hungry afterwards

Mar 12, 2014
skimom in Manhattan

Kirkland Tap!

Went last night and disappointed, especially in the service. Was looking forward to a casual place with great food, and having enjoyed Craigie on Main, thought this would be perfect for a recovering from the holidays date night. Food was fine, but nothing special and one dish was really not even good ( some sort of vegetable stew that was an incoherent mess). For the prices one can get a much better meal elsewhere ($130 for 2 with 2 glasses of wine or beer each, no dessert). I get that the servers are supposed to look faux Brooklyn hipster, but that doesn't mean you forget
a basic rule of service and bring all the dishes at once. We felt very rushed even though the dining room was only half full at best. Would not go back.

Jan 06, 2014
skimom in Greater Boston Area

Best steak in Boston area?

I'm not much of a steakhouse person (since we do great steaks at home) but we have a request for a steak dinner for a January birthday and the grill may or may not be covered in snow. Have been to Grill 23, Capital Grille, Met (Chestnut Hill), and Mortons and none of those really seem worth the $$$$.

Any suggestions for something either less expensive (up to 50/person sans alcohol) or really worth what the above places charge?

Dec 30, 2013
skimom in Greater Boston Area

21st birthday for our twin girls

Not sure how high end you want to go, but you only turn 21 once and a visit to Clio or L'Espalier may be in order.

Sep 05, 2013
skimom in Greater Boston Area

Any places along the Merritt Pkwy (CT)

For family reasons we will be traveling a lot between Washington and Boston - on the way we can usually avoid the dreck on the NJ turnpike with a picnic, but last time we got to CT and were starved ( and you know a traffic jam plus hunger = bad trip).
Any places close to the Merritt, our preferred route, or along i91 before Hartford?

Sep 04, 2013
skimom in Southern New England

Anniversary Dinner in Metrowest

+ 1 on Lumiere - it's close enough to the Pike to be able to come home quickly.

Also, have not been in a while but you may want to check recent postings for Blue Ginger in Wellesley. I personally like calm, quiet places for anniversaries but in the past the food has been good and it's closer to Framingham.

Cheer up - you have Sichuan Gourmet close by and that will accommodate a screaming baby (and all babies cry at some point)

Jul 31, 2013
skimom in Greater Boston Area

Anyplace to buy pork belly in the Boston area? (Nm)

Am in the mood to try to replicate some yummy pork tacos I had recently

Jun 26, 2013
skimom in Greater Boston Area

Good Japanese/Korean/Thai near theater district

Am visiting from Boston for a weekend trip and am looking to have a light dinner per theater -there have been some wonderful suggestions for Italian and French on this board, but would like something a little lighter and provide a change of pace from some of the other places we have reservations for.

Many thanks

May 20, 2013
skimom in Manhattan

Augusta area?

I'll be in the Augusta area Saturday night and am looking for a place with decent Italian food - any suggestions? I'm looking for more than pizza.

Feb 11, 2013
skimom in Northern New England

Any good Asian markets near Needham/Newton

unfortunately the idea of what to cook for dinner during the week doesn't strike me til then, so H mart is out

May 09, 2012
skimom in Greater Boston Area

Suggestions for meals near the convention center

Will be coming into town for a convention in a couple of weeks and would like suggestions on places not too far from the convention center - a radius extending as far as the Ferry Building is OK.

I am most interested in Asian, particularly sushi - have been to the Slanted Door several times and liked it, but would like to try something different. I may have more time for lunch than dinner given convention events.

Thanks in advance from a Boston Chowhound!

Slanted Door
Ferry Slip, San Francisco, CA 94111

Nov 02, 2011
skimom in San Francisco Bay Area

Birthday dinner for husband - seeking a new place

My husband lives to eat and wants to go somewhere new for his birthday - he mentioned restaurants like Craigie, EVOO, Lumiere as being the right kind of place. Any suggestions?

Many thanks

EVOO Restaurant
350 Third Street, Cambridge, MA 02143

Lumiere Restaurant
1293 Washington St., West Newton, MA 02465

Sep 24, 2011
skimom in Greater Boston Area

Restaurants near Gershwin Theater for pretheater dinner

I had a similar question not too long ago and being a Boston Chowhound also looked here - would second ViceVersa (on 51st), had a wonderful meal with the family and you should be within your budget. Although Marseille is billed as French, there were a few classic bistro type dishes but enough variety to keep us happy (perhaps your mom is thinking of old school drowned in cream and butter).

Again, many thanks to the New York Chowhounds for those recommendations!

Apr 28, 2008
skimom in Manhattan

Nice Italian in West Roxbury/Westwood/Quincy

My lovely babysitter is turning 60 and I would like to treat her and her husband to a nice dinner - I know they like Italian (a favorite is Lucianos in Wrentham, but her kids are taking her there), and appear to favor atmosphere as much as the food. I like La Morra and Tuscan Grill , but think they would not like the atmosphere as much.

Suggestions for a white tablecloth kind of place - they live in West Roxbury, so reccs in that general area are better. Thanks

Jan 29, 2008
skimom in Greater Boston Area