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Cristoni Pizzeria - Double Bust

I could not agree with OP more.

I have eaten Cristoni over 10 times, my buddy always orders it during our poker game.

The pepperoni and plain cheese pies are average at best, maybe 2 star if Totino's frozen pizza is a 1.

So why do I give it one star?


When you any type of custom pizza, they take a fully cooked cheese pizza...


This is just gross.

Laziness taken to this extremity is hard for me to even comprehend. I'm sure they save a little time and money not preparing a custom pizza, but come on, hot cheese pizza with luke warm ham and mushrooms thrown on top?

What kind of operation is this?

You are CRAZY to spend your money here with the other options around (Vito's, Johnnie's, etc.)... unless you like hot pizza with cold toppings.

Maybe it's a new trend I don't know about?

Regardless, it will be interesting to see if they can survive on location alone, because they really don't have anything else going for them.

PLEASE POST YOUR VOTES HERE: Ultimate Los Angeles Restaurants 2008

Sushi Sushi
Cafe Des Artises

Pink Pepper
Vivoli Cafe
Urth Caffe

Asakuma Rice

I get delivery from Asakuma and dine in once in a while. It's solid chinese food for the price, nothing to write home about but I'm definitely glad to have one near me.

Help! Matsuhisa or the new Nobu

The LA Nobu is not only a disgrace to Matsuhisa, but a disgrace to the Nobu chain itself. Weird decor, pushy waiters who practically FORCE you to order more than your table could ever hope to eat, and over-sauced production line sushi dishes that are all but an insult to a even a part-time connoisseur (go to Nobu if you don't like to actually taste the fish).

Don't even get me started on their omakase...

BBQ restaurant near Century City

Wow, he must not like you. The first time I went there while I was reading the menu the owner came out with a sampler plate of his 4 most popular meats letting me try them to make my decision easier. He has also stuck around 10 minutes after the place called to give me some take out when I called and warned him I was running late. He doesn't know me by name or face because I've only been there like 5 times in the last year (I live far away)... so the guy has to be just plain nice! I dont see how anyone could have a bad experience with him!

Hollywood Delivery

Gate of India on Sunset and Gardener is the bomb and has consistent 45 min delivery. Tandoori Nights on Santa Monica and Crescent Heights is a good alternative. For thai, you gotta be kidding! 2 of the best in the city - Pink Pepper and Kinaree Thai - are right near you. I know Kinaree delivers for sure.

Urasawa - dress code?

"omakaserazzi". You are my new vocab idol! lol

Im craving sushi!

Sushi Sushi on Beverly Dr. Great saba. Along with everything else.

A visiting friend wants to eat Indian...recs?

I am a fan of East India Grill though I would give a slight edge to Gate Of India on Sunset and Gardener (I believe... either way it is kitty korner from Ralph's). Try the Asari Chicken Tikka, King Prawn Tikki Masala, Lamb Curry, veggie samosas and do not sleep on the chana masala. You will thank me later!

# 3 nights at Sunset Plaza

Have to disagree on Yatai. Vivoli however is one of my Sunset staples, glad you got to experience it!

Hollywood Delivery

This is a GREAT list for those who live in that area, I used to live there myself and ordered regularly from nearly all of these spots. I would also add Joom Bangkok Cafe and Wok Master.

Best NY style Italian food in West Hollywood

Johnnie's pizza is indeed excellent. Fast delivery too. My only complaint about the Sunset location is for some reason they don't offer the delicious chicken marsala that can be found at the Wilshire and Santa Monica locations. That said, I freakin' love this pizza.

Hollywood Delivery

When it comes to dine-in, Bossa Nova is one of my favorite restaurants in Hollywood. Yes, some of the menu items are sub-par, but if you stick with the classics (traditional chicken, shrimp, any of their pizzas) it is truly amazing.

That said, I have never in my life witnessed a restaurant CHOKE so hard when it comes to delivery.

According to google maps, I live 7 minutes from Bossa Nova Sunset (though I can usually get there in 5.)

I have ordered delivery from them probably 5 times now.

I have NEVER received my food in less than an hour.

I have NEVER received a pizza that was made to my specifications (I like my pizzas "easy on the cheese". This has never happened. I like to omit certain toppings, never happens, etc.)

I have NEVER received a pizza that wasn't so cold I had to stick it in the microwave in order to enjoy it.

(it is not easy to pick off unwanted toppings on a cold pizza!)

Every time I get delivery from Bossa I end up swearing it off... then I get dragged there by friends and hey... I dine in and love it.

So I give them another chance at delivery... then swear them off again.

Bossa Nova is a restaurant that will always be busy, and will always make money off of their dine-in crowd. Unfortunately they know this, and because of this they do not give 2 shits about their delivery business.

Sad but true.

BBQ restaurant near Century City

+1 for JR's... amazing food and friendliest service in LA

Best Mac n Cheese In LA?

Thanks everyone this is awesome. I feel a pot belly coming on soon...

LA Omakase

+1 for Asanebo being the best in town, especially if you sit at the bar in front of Shige-san.

The best $80 omakase in town can be found at Sushi Sushi, and yes it is a set price (and yes the chef is also named Shige).

My review here:

Best Mac n Cheese In LA?

Cafe Des Artistes makes a mean one with a killer crust and a delicious blend of cheeses... but my nomination for best has got to be the jalapeno mac at Citizen Smith. Can anywhere else compete??

"Defensive dining" suggestions for Musso & Frank?

My suggestion to you is to make sure you come here already full, then tell your friends who are set on going here that your stomach is upset and you are just going to drink.

After they eat their stomachs will be upset too (that is, if they are able to get the food down without sending it back to the kitchen), and everyone will be on the same page (kind of).

Most likely your friends will flip when they see the bill, especially when they realize that they could have gone to any fast food restaurant in the nation and gotten BETTER food and ten times of it for half the price. This is when you reply, "Well hey... now you can tell your friends you not only ate at Musso & Frank... but got to experience what it would be like to be on Fear Factor at the same time!"

Good luck... I'm not even half-joking here!

Best Omakase (L.A.)

Don't get out to the westside much, but around Hollywood/BH/Studio City I suggest:

1. Asanebo (ask for sushi bar and to sit in front of Shige) $120 pp
2. Sushi Park ~$100 pp
3. Sushi Sushi $80 pp

Restaurant Near Spanish Steps Rome

Randomly discovered this thread while searching for restaurants in Rome, and I have to say that Alla Rampa is one of the best restaurants I have ever eaten at, period! And cheap, average entree price is $10. Going there again tonight!

Jul 11, 2008
HollywoodLocal in Italy

Westlake Village area -- for a great dinner?

If you like chinese drive over to Chen's in Thousand Oaks on Arboles and the 23. My family and I have been eating there for over 20 years and it's simply amazing...

Cheap West Hollywood/Beverly Center/The Grove eats?

I like Wok Master on Beverly near La Brea

Sushi Park on Sunset

I tried this place out tonight and it was FANTASTIC. Their theme is "traditional sushi"... on the door it says, "no california rolls, no spicy tuna, no tempura, chef's choice only"! I love it!

It's owned by 2 brothers named Joe and Peter who are also the chefs. We must have had 15+ kinds of fish, many of which I've never even heard of before. 3 kinds of clam (live!), sweet shrimp, I could go on. Unbelievably delicious. Chef Peter told us about each selection and also catered to my picky eating habits while getting me to try some crazy stuff. Good man.

The total bill for 2 was $225 including tax, which I felt was very reasonable for the quality and experience.

Check this place out, you will NOT be disappointed!

Ribs USA-Burbank? Anyone?

I like the pork ribs and links here a lot, as well as the spicy fries. Stay away from the beef ribs and macaroni, but definitely try it out!

Katsuya or Geisha House?

Katsuya. Next question :)

Good Casual Chinese in West Hollywood?

I can't find one of these either! Not a huge fan of Kung Pao China Bistro. My favorite so far is Pine Noodle House in the Beverly Connection but I hate dealing with the traffic/parking. Suggestions are appreciated!

Good Philly Cheesesteak In West Hollywood?

Talk to me!

Reasonably priced omakase west hollywood or surrounding area

Omakase at Katsu-ya studio city is only $48! I've never ordered omakase there but it is one of my favorite sushi spots and I can't see it being anything but excellent.

It's $90 at the Hollywood location, which still isn't bad but I'm guessing you'll get the exact same food at Studio City for about half the price


Newsroom on 3rd and Robertson and also in Santa Monica on Wilshire and 5th (I think)

Delivery or To-Go near Cedars Sinai Hospital

Pine Noodle House is surprisingly good chinese and they are minutes away from you