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Worst restaurants in Westchester

Ate at Peter Pratt's last night and the service was friendly and helpful, the food really good, the setting warm, welcoming and historic.

Bread pudding in LA?

Thank you chowhound and skoop323! I typed in "bread pudding L.A.", read your post, and fifteen minutes later I was eating the awesome Brioche Pudding at Cafe Des Artistes--many thanks!!

Nov 18, 2007
Steto in Los Angeles Area

Best Upscale Thai Food in L.A.?

Talesai on Olympic is a seriously poor Thai restaurant. I ate there tonight. There was so much sugar in the Pad Thai they should have called it Candy Noodles. The waitress explained that they no longer make their own sauces, they "import them from Thailand"--in other words, in a jar. Cross it off your list. Tuk Tuk on Pico is good, for the west side. Jitlada in Hollywood is the place, or Thai Patio, in the mall where The Palm used to be--tastes like Bangkok, plus next door is Thai Desserts, with fantastic taro pancakes and amazing sweet rice dishes. The best!

Oct 13, 2007
Steto in Los Angeles Area

Restaurant help in Calgary Please

As others have said, River Cafe and Maurya. On the right summer evening, in the right light, the River Cafe is as magical a place to eat as any place in North America--the river, the trees, the lights of the skyline--unforgettable. And the food can be absolutely first rate too. I always head straight there on arrival in Calgary. Also really really good, as stated above, is Saltlik. Great Canadian wines (no that's not an oxymoron, believe me) and, for me, the best steak in town. As for small, family owned businesses, I would say Co Do on 17th is my favorite Vietnamese anywhere. And whatever you do, no matter what anybody tells you, skip The Catch.

Jul 28, 2007
Steto in Prairie Provinces

Where to Take Out-of-Town Mom & MIL to Meet?

Sona is quiet because everybody has been struck dumb by the vast gap between the quality of the food and what they are paying for it.

Jul 28, 2007
Steto in Los Angeles Area

What's to eat in San Pedro?

Papadakis is fun if you don't get embarrassed when the waiters in Greek restaurants start dancing, food is good, but expensive.

Jul 27, 2007
Steto in Los Angeles Area

Where to Take Out-of-Town Mom & MIL to Meet?

Can't miss with Campanile--grownup without being boring, nice talk-able noise level, and food never misses. You'll need a month to get into the new side of Mozza.

Jul 27, 2007
Steto in Los Angeles Area

An awesome find in Rome

Don't miss Gallura, a Sardinian restaurant in Parioli, Rome's Beverly Hills. The salad of mullet roe, arugula and parmesan was the best dish I ate in five days of a lot of eating, and Myrto, a digestif made from some mysterious and wondrous herb that grows only in Sardinia, was by far the best thing I had to drink. On a warm night the tree-shaded garden could not possibly be more magical. Apparently a hangout of Roberto Benigni. Ten stars out of five!

Jul 09, 2007
Steto in Italy

Are Calgary restaurants overpriced? (moved from Canada board)

Well as far Centini is concerned I just came from there and 38 bucks was certainly too much for yawnsville cooking that you could get at the "Italian" restaurant in any Marriott or Hilton or Hyatt anywhere in North America. Chewy clumped-together mushrooms, underdone pasta, the usual yada yada yada porcini parmesan white truffle oil yada yada yada. Whatever the food revolution was that produced this now tired universe of flavors, it's time for a new revolution.

Jul 04, 2006
Steto in Western Canada Archives