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Cramer's Bakery--Yardley

Everything should be right about this place - good location, all the right equipment, good flow of customers - but the products are as mediocre as anywhere you'll find.
- Masses of sugar baked into everything
- low quality chocolate used
- garish unappetizing neon colored icing on celebratory items (like everywhere else)
- predeliction to overdose on cinnamon in the Fall
- no sign of a decent crispy shiny crust on any of the bread.

What a shame - opportunity squandered.

Jan 18, 2010
scloughley in Philadelphia

Puy lentils

Does anyone know where Puy lentils can be bought in the greater Philly area? Especially east of the city (Bucks County into NJ/Princeton area).

Nov 19, 2008
scloughley in Pennsylvania

Chowish finds in Yardley/Morrisville area?

I tried Rouget today for lunch in Newtown, having read the LeBan review and generally liking what he likes. It was a strange experience, but not all bad.
First, main menu was "deli style" lunch standards (sandwiches, salads etc.). sign of those great midweek dishes reviewed which are evidently only for evenings.
Anyway, we were also offered a Prix Fixe menu. OK that was better. It was not too exciting though. But if done well, plain food can be great. 3 starters, 3 entrees and a few desserts.
I went for Caesar Salad on the promise from the server that there was anchovy in the dressing. I was told there was. It came in a small bowl. Leaves were tasty and fresh but the dressing was mediocre. I could not taste anchovy. I asked for bread. I got one slice on a small plate - toasted! Quite bizarre. Mind you, the bread was flavorful and not your average restaurant roll.
I then opted for the beef entree. It was VERY GOOD. A cheap cut of beef with plenty of gelatin that had been softened perfectly (presumably through hours of cooking). Snow peas and carrots cooked perfectly. Nice horseradish sauce on the top. Again, it was very good.
Then dessert. I was immediately drawn to the last one on the list. "Cream Tea", which is a scone, strawberry jam, clotted cream and a cup of tea. Wonderful. I asked whether it was really clotted cream. Server said "well it's not the original, but it's our version done here". Fair enough, we're not in Devon or Cornwall so it can't be the original. MAN, what a disappointment. It was cream from a can, I'm quite sure. It was disgusting. The scone was so-so (no raisins and very dense), and the jam was...well it was strawberry jam so can't go wrong there. I challenged the server and asked why it's billed as clotted cream when it's no such thing, and not even an effort at clotted cream. She got embarrassed so I left it alone.
The tea was EXCELLENT though. Very good tea bags - the long ones like you get in Germany with (I suspect) actual tea leaves in it and not the dust that you get in most teabags you get here.

On the strength of the entree I would give it a shot for dinner. But as far as lunch is concerned - caveat emptor!

Jun 18, 2008
scloughley in Pennsylvania

30-odd Philadelphia Restaurants--favourites?

Cochon is a good restaurant and well worth the visit.
BUT there are some negatives.
Their bread is truly execrable, and warmed in the oven (or microwave) before brought to the table. Cardinal sin, and suitable for Olive Garden or other terrible places.
And it's loud - which I don't mind but I can imagine some do.
And the fish is not great...but with a name like Cochon there's no sense in ordering it anyway.
Otherwise - a nice short menu, fairly creative here and there, very reasonably priced, nice atmosphere and waiters are friendly.

May 13, 2008
scloughley in Pennsylvania