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Mucho Mas - Islington, London

I have been there twice over the past few months -- the burrito's are pretty good based upon what have seen of London mexican. (Just moved from Boston where there are many fantastic, quick, cheap and good burrito places.) Any other suggestion for a London burrito would be great!

Jul 26, 2008
afurgal in U.K./Ireland

Manitoba- Winnipeg

Is Winnipeg really a Wasteland? (moved from Canada board)

It's fricking cold in the winter if that's what you mean by wasteland. Other than that, a great city -- seriously, move the entire place (and the people) to any other warmer part of the world and it would be amazing. I grew up there, but live in Boston now.... a few other places I go to when I go back:

1) VJs -- hands down the best burger place in North America. My ususal rituat is to get off the plane at about midnight and head straight there. Little shack on the corner of Main and Broadway. You want a "special" (or double special) and fries, in a box.

2) Stella's: in osbourne village, just about anything is good there, great for breakfast or lunch

3) BDI - ice cream

4) Alycia's - John Candy's favorite perogi place, I was there around after he died and they appeared to have a bit of a shrine for him. Yum.

5) Hy's - high end steakhouse -- it recently moved to a new more swanky location near portage and main (richardson building i think) -- I have to say i was disappointed with the new place. Trying to hard to be cool, I miss the old interior and the old waitors.

Enyoy the city -- a great place in the summer, I'm headed there this friday -- will be at VJ's at about 12:30 PM. Cheers.

Jul 04, 2006
afurgal in Prairie Provinces