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where to get Shirataki noodles??

Mar 20, 2015
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Fried Empanadas in Valley Area ?

In the West Valley:

I believe they fried their empanadas, you may want to call to check.


Enjoy !

7574 Winnetka Ave
Winnetka, CA 91306

Feb 24, 2015
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Sushi Tsujita Serving Lunch 7 Days a Week (A Photo Story)

As always, thank you for posting and superb photography :)

Feb 08, 2015
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

CA Foie Gras Import Ban-Struck Down by Court

Jan 07, 2015
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Private Luncheon in the Valley? ANYWHERE in the Valley?

Nice to know:) By the way, Best Wishes to you !!!

How about Mediterraneo Westlake Village, I remember they have a nice private room at the back. Parking is easy.



Chablis Food and Wine in Tarzana - I remember they started opening for lunch a couple of months ago, but the website seems not showing it. However, the site indicated 'Will open for banquets for private parties'. You may end up having the restaurant all to your party :) I know they have a private room at the back. Not sure if it can hold your size, but the front the house can have all of you there. Parking at the back alley and neighboring lots.


Sep 09, 2014
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Private Luncheon in the Valley? ANYWHERE in the Valley?

Boccaccio's in Westlake Village, by the lake.


Sep 07, 2014
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Great Lunch at Sushi Kiyono

Thank you Mr Taster for reviving Jerome's thread and Trojans for your feedback on Kawasaki San. He is a personal friend and my wife & I always talked about the days when he owned (Tsukasa, Kawacho (current Sushi Go 55 location)), when Sibutani San of Sibucho retired. We had eaten countless fabulous meals at his home when he used to entertain his friends. We lost touch(long story) and this is indeed a good reminder to pay him a surprise visit. I second on your comment 'a real gentleman'. He is our beloved itamae, indeed. He always served us the best, and never had a disappointed meal Thank you.

Sep 03, 2014
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

More Authentic Chinese Food in Champaign IL Than The Entire San Fernando Valley?

I second boogiebaby on this. Tampa Delight/Hot Wok Cafe mentioned by OP have substantiated what boogiebaby has stated. When the State of CA was short on funds and on limited budget, the Chinese students from mainland China was and still a a great source of funds for CSUN from their ESL and undergraduate programs. Preferences for class selections were given to the foreign students than the CA residents. Tampa Delight/Hot Wok have been frequented by a lot of these students. I have known both the restaurant owners over the years and that sentiment has been shared with me on numerous occasions. They have the money and they eat out all the time :) I have to agree, it is a pain to live in SFV which is not only deprived of authentic Chinese restaurants but also other cuisines as called out by a lot of chowhounds over time.

Sushi Tsujita Creates Its Niche in Little Osaka [REVIEW with photos]

Thank you for the superb review, as always:) Just wondering did you go for the $180 omakase on the get-go and added more for the final cost $250, Thanks.

Aug 16, 2014
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Cafe Bizou Sherman Oaks for Mother's Day?

You are definitely not screwed, and as Carter has pointed out, food is never terrible. Corkage is only $2. Enjoy with the family, I always order their bread pudding and chocolate cake for dessert.

May 05, 2014
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Exile Kiss Blog

Mr. Taster,

Indeed, he was/is.

Mar 11, 2014
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Where can I buy mentaiko?

Nijiya Market in Little Tokyo -

124 Japanese Village Plz Mall
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Feb 02, 2014
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Shanghai No.1 Seafood Restaurant and Shanghailander

Yes, King Hua. I have brought/introduced people to both SN1 and King Hua over time. The latter is ALWAYS preferred. It is a no brainer for us, SN1 is no longer in our rotation. I agreed with Porthos on some of dishes he liked but other than that, mediocre at best.

Somebody was treating last Saturday due to the cravings for the panfried buns at SN1. There were 11 of us, and hardly, I repeat hardly anybody in the restaurant. They could not even fill the main room to the right. One of us mentioned, how about a room, as the other side of restaurant was empty anyway. The reply we got is "You have to spend $400, to get a room." I said I don't think we are going to eat $400 for dim sum, so we sat down in the main room. I then went to the restroom and when I came out, I overheard the waiter snickering & with sarcasm telling the hostess, this group of people got scared and cannot afford the "$400 charge for the room". What do guys think I did, I immediately jumped in & berated the waiter. I told him there's no need for such kind of talk, and I don't like his tone/attitude of saying such things. I also said "We are just here to enjoy our meal and no need to hear this BS". The hostess apologized profusely and I stopped my rant, as I realized we have not eaten yet, you know what I mean.

If people have never been to SN1, they should give it a try, to experience the weird decor and peruse their beautiful menu.

Jan 23, 2014
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Conch soup purveyor near Langers ???? And there's was an article in the La Times on it a few years back ??? Any clues ????

Antojitos Bibi

2400 W 7th St
Ste 101
Los Angeles, CA 90057


Jan 09, 2014
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Fine Dining in the Valley

"A very handsome interior space".

Indeed, I have been a number of times, the setup of the tables are far apart that you have privacy, a very pleasant dining and food does not disappoint. Corkage is reasonable and I always bring my wine. dineLA is coming, should give it a try.

Jan 08, 2014
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Chef Tomi Harase formerly of Cafe Blanc in Beverly Hills has opened "Ceppo" Italian restaurant in Huntington Beach.

Thank you for posting. We have really missed Cafe Blanc, when he was on Little Santa Monica Blvd. This is great news !!!

Jan 06, 2014
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Where serves the Japanese style New Year's sushi ????

Dec 31, 2013
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Shunji Japanese Cuisine Now Open for Lunch, Fantastic Lunch Sushi Specials: A Chowhound Exclusive (for a few hours at least...)

After viewing a number of your posts on Shunji, and posts from J.L. and Porthos, I told my wife we just have to try when lunch becomes available.

We are not young people and tend to avoid eating heavy and raw stuff at night, as much as possible. I was so excited when President's day came, as my wife did not have to work and I am flexible to request a 2-3 hours break for lunch. We live in the West Valley.

I called around 11 in the morning and requested to be in front of Shunji, but the laday (Yuko ?) apologized saying it was his day off and if it was ok. I hesitated for a moment but said 'it is fine' (as it is rare day that both of us can make it)).

We were seated in from of Miki-San, we were the only customers the entire time we were there (12 - 1:15). 2 ladies came in to sit on the table when we left.

Our experience was just 'OK', we were not blown away. Besides the $40 lunch omakase, we also ordered a couple of items from the board. We also have nice chat with the chef at the end of the meal.

Did we make the cardinal mistake of going on a Monday, I thought of that but since I mentioned it was a rare moment, we went anyway.

Secondly, was it because we were not served by Shunji, himself that caused us the stellar experience ?

I told my wife, we have to find time to give it another try when Shunji is available.

We have eaten spectacular sushi in the past 30 years from L.A. to Japan, so an outstanding chef calls out by respected chowhounders is always on our list to try.

Thanks for listening.

Nov 22, 2013
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Sham Tseng BBQ Restaurant in Monterey Park

It was decent and moments of goodness in the beginning. But it went downhill pretty fast, and food as you stated was not memorable, mediocre at best I would say. We ordered on 2 occasions their whole roast pig, but family decided after that to go back on our usual fare of lechon on my mom's bday. The food you have tried is an indication why the demise of its Alhambra location. I am so also baffled why it is still around.


Nov 18, 2013
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Chow-worthy food in Woodland Hills?

This one is so close to you, a reasonable and reliable place.

Topanga Pizza and Cafe


22994 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364
(818) 222-4944

Nov 13, 2013
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Food that will satisfy Indian vegetarians and American meat-eaters?

I second your suggestion, as far as consulting with DIL. I have worked with Indians for the past 5 years, and it is an extreme challenge to feed the vegetarians. Forget about salads, don't equate our vegetarian options to theirs, they are totally different. I have to ask one Chinese restaurant in our area, to improvise or tweak their dishes to sometimes accommodate them. For example, sauteed cauliflower with curry, mifun (thin rice noodles) with curry. Since the restaurant serves Singapore rice noodle, so curry powder is readily available. A good quality vegetable biryani will always be happily accepted. Good luck.

Nov 11, 2013
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Marche Moderne: Pig Head-to-Toe 3.0

Yes, I still remember that meal :)

OCAnn, thank you for posting.

Oct 08, 2013
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

LA Dish of the Month (July 2013) - Voting


Jun 27, 2013
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Any fresh Copper River Salmon (circa 2013) sightings yet?

I took a second look at the label and you are right that it did not say Copper River. Good catch and that should account for the price disparity with the Copper River King elsewhere.

Thank your for pointing it out.

Jun 03, 2013
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Any fresh Copper River Salmon (circa 2013) sightings yet?

I agree with Ipse, better call ahead and reserve it if possible. There were only 2 trays of King left when I got mine yesterday. Hate to see you drive over and be disappointed.

Good luck.

Jun 03, 2013
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Any fresh Copper River Salmon (circa 2013) sightings yet?

This is the basic way how I always prepared it, which always gets a 'thumbs up' from my wife:

1. Take the scales out
2. Cut the fillet into equal size portions
3. Rinse and pat dry
4. Seasoned with salt and pepper (both sides)
5. Brush both sides with olive oil
6. Broil it in the oven with skin up (the crunchiness is addicting)
7. Occasionally a tad of ponzu after flipping the meat side up at the last stage of broiling

Enjoy !

Jun 02, 2013
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Any fresh Copper River Salmon (circa 2013) sightings yet?

Sockeye at Costco (Canoga Park), $12.99/lb and King salmon ($17.99)

Jun 02, 2013
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Good Chinese restaurant NOT in SGV?

How about Hot Wok Cafe in Northridge on Reseda and Nordoff (NW corner), where Vons anchors that plaza.

It is not the same owner as Chandavkl, suggested one with the same name in Agoura Hills.

I have been going to this Chinese restaurant for years. The current owner is from Taiwan, and has become a good friend of my extended family through years of patronage. They have a Chinese special menu for folks who want more 'authentic' Chinese dishes, and they also list their more current Chinese dishes on a white board stand, which you will see, as soon as you enter the restaurant, before you reach the front desk.

Some of the dishes you may be surprised to find them here, are chicken roll (雞卷-Jī juàn), pickled cabbage with lamb( 酸菜羊肉 - Suāncài yángròu), cumin lamb (孜然羊肉 (zī rán yángròu), Mui Choy with Pork Belly (梅菜扣肉 – mei chai kou ruo), etc. You can even order Red Cooked Pork Hock (紅燒蹄髈/走油蹄髈 Zǒu yóu), if you give them a 2-day notice.

Give them a try, and please report back your experience if you decided to go.

9135 Reseda Blvd Northridge, CA 91324
(818) 886-1168


May 16, 2013
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Good Chinese restaurant NOT in SGV?

I am sorry, but I have to agree with TonyC on wondering where you have gotten the impression that it was a Szechuan place. I second what Galen has stated. Like Galen, I was one of the first to try this place, when it was first opened. They had just moved from New Jersey then, and if I were not mistaken, originally from Henan (河南), China. This is definitely not a place for graduation or any special occasion. They cannot handle traffic and you will somehow get your food within reasonable time, if you were the only customer. The reason is the kitchen is too small, and they do not have enough stove/burners to handle the orders, and that comment came directly from the mom. The last time I was there was a year ago, I was rooting for them in the beginning, but with what Galen had already said, it has somehow not been in our rotation for pretty much the same reasons.

The Tampa Garden Chinese Delight thread was started back then by our beloved David Chan:


May 13, 2013
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area

Song Phat

Thank you for sharing. I have been putting off to pay this place a visit for quite sometime now, and your post was a good reminder to trek over there soon. I practically passed by this place everyday. I heard about this place when I visited Pho 21 on Sherman Way in Canoga Park, a year or 2 ago. I remembered the owner told me that he is related to Song Phat, and did not elaborate further.

I am wondering if you have tried Pho 21 and how does it compared to Song Phat, if you did.


21525 Sherman Way
Canoga Park, CA 91303


Apr 24, 2013
jotfoodie in Los Angeles Area