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Chowdown Report: Bow Hon in San Francisco

i'd heard so much about bow hon's fish salad that i had somehow convinced myself that i'd already tried it. wrong. now that i have, i'm so glad i can say with confidence that it is as good as the buzz.

i, too, liked the ong choy. the way the fermented tofu behaved in that dish put me in mind of gorgonzola cheese.

thanks to melanie and andrew for organizing the lunch!

Report: Joy Restaurant Chowdown

you're quick on the uptake there, alice. someone else told me i was to start the thread as i was the supremely tardy diner that evening.

of the dishes that were not finished by the time i arrived, the duck was a personal favorite. not solely because it was delicious, but also because i'd yet to have braised duck in a chinese restaurant, be it taiwanese or otherwise.

and thanks (again) to you and annette for organizing.

local eats near punta mita

i'm going to be in punta mita for five days. and i'm certainly going to get sick of the food of the luxe area right quick.

what are the real deal, can't-miss places nearby?


Jan 16, 2007
shocker in Mexico

eats around athens and between athens and asheville

i'll be visiting athens from san francisco for a few days. there may even be a road trip from athens to asheville involved.

i'm seeking some seriously delicious eats in athens, asheville, and on the road between the two. i'm talking soul food and no-bullshit southern cooking. i had meals at the dillard house a few years back that blew my mind.

got any recommendations?

Jul 04, 2006
shocker in General South Archive