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Good places that ship Tofu to Tokyo?

Anyone know of good tofu factories in Kyoto, Shikoku or other places that ship to Tokyo?

Years ago, I went to Shikoku and had a fantastic version of tofu from a small town. It was much thicker than tofu I was accustomed to in Kyoto but delicious as well. I once had them ship the tofu to Tokyo but seemed to have lost the name of the place.

Apr 15, 2007
Shokutsu in Japan

Marunouchi (Tokyo station area) recs

I have a few updates. The tofu place on the 6th floor of Maru Biru is excellent. It is an outpost of a Kyoto tofu restaurant called Fujino (near Kitano no Tenmangu shrine in Kyoto). I went for lunch. They had a few sets, I chose the middle one (oboro-tofu-zen) for 2100 yen and most things were very good. Excellent yuba sashimi, some light croquettes, good goma-dofu. The regular tofu was not as good as places in Kyoto (something in the flavor was missing) but the tofu soft ice cream was very good for dessert. I am off to try the Shabu shabu place on the 30-somethign floor. It is old Kyoto institution.

Also tried Tsuruhan, a Kyoto dining (ie kyoto veggies and tofu) restaurant inside the Tokyo International forum. Very average. Reasonably priced but the food was plain and felt like it came out of a conveyor belt.

Finally, for some reason, people keep taking me to Sagami on the 8th floor of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce (at Babasaki-mon). Nothing special to report. Food is overpriced and ok, the view of the imperial palace is however spectacular.

Jan 22, 2007
Shokutsu in Japan

Marunouchi (Tokyo station area) recs

Thank you everyone. Two colleagues took me to the Maru Biru and had a good experience. I went to Ichiya-Ichiya on the 6th floor. Excellent grilled fish (yaki-zakana).

My friends also told me there is a great tofu place on the 5th floor. Will report back.

Jan 12, 2007
Shokutsu in Japan

Marunouchi (Tokyo station area) recs

Thanks. I am in MY plaza (Meiji Yasuda Seimei Building) near Nijubashimae station.

Dec 24, 2006
Shokutsu in Japan

Marunouchi (Tokyo station area) recs

Just started a job in Marunouchi near Tokyo station. Any good lunch recommendations?

Dec 19, 2006
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O-Banzai options in Kyoto

Used to live in Kyoto and knew most of the o-banzai places but some have closed recently. Any recommendations on good places to go?

Dec 08, 2006
Shokutsu in Japan

Kyoto - Cheap Eats?

A few suggestions:
* Owariya: very old soba shop (http://www.honke-owariya.co.jp/menu/e...
)* Buttercups: Very cheap cafe on kawabata...hard to find but great mexican rice, tacos and sandwiches (look at the kyoto visitors guide)
* Omen: Noodle shop that makes its own noodles near the golden pavillion

Sep 17, 2006
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local specialties of kyoto


In Nishiki, I particularly enjoyed Yaoya no nikai if you have time for lunch.

Jul 22, 2006
Shokutsu in Japan

local specialties of kyoto

While Kyoto is known internationally for its kaiseki, I have found that people around Japan typically think about tofu (and yuba), the local homestyle cuisine (o-banzai) and vegetables as what makes Kyoto unique. Both of these feed into kaiseki cuisine in a less highbrow manner.

If you are looking for good places for tofu and yuba, I have two recommendations:

1) the area around nanzenji temple is known for its tofu. Okutan is one good restaurant. For a pricier but better setting, I recommend try Nanzenji Gimmond http://www.gimmond.co.jp/kyoto/khome-... and click on Nanzenji Gimmond

2) Along the Kamo River in downtown is a place called Tosuiro that is excellent. Ask the hotel to make reservations so you can outside on the "Yuka" or outdoor platform along the river http://www.bento.com/kyototofu.html

In terms of Kyoto homestyle cuisine, there are plenty of places. Many places dont have English menus so I would ask at the hotel or just ask for an o-makase. Some suggestions:

1) Hime-Gozen http://www.himegozen.jp/
Great renkon tempura (lotus root), nasu dengaku (eggplant with miso) and let her do the rest. Great sake here too.

2) Manzara(Honten) Ebisuawa-agaru, Kawaramachidori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto Tel 075-253-1558

Hope that helps

Jul 19, 2006
Shokutsu in Japan

House of Prayer barbecue in Fort Lauderdale

Thanks. Very helpful

Jul 08, 2006
Shokutsu in Florida

House of Prayer barbecue in Fort Lauderdale

Found a listing (see URL below) for a barbecue place at the House of Prayer Church. Went there on a Saturday (as described) and could not find the church. Luckily, saw the Texas Hold em barbecue place nearby and was pleasantly surprised by the pulled pork, the sides (mac and cheese, greens) and barbecue sauce. Anyone know what happened to the House of Prayer?


Jul 04, 2006
Shokutsu in Florida