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Flying Burrito re-opening?

Wow ncdocgal, I'm surprised you had such a bad experience. As a regular of the old and new burrito I'm quite please with the renovations. Yes, it has changed dramatically, and everything is a little too new at this point, I think it has retained it's vibe. The staff and regulars are still awesome, and I think the food is still worth the trip if not on average better than before. It's really strange that you were so disappointed in the old menu items. The new owner retained the previous chef and the former owner has been working in the kitchen a few days a week to help keep the new dishes in line with the old. The guy who made the chicken for the raging rooster before is the same guy making it now. Maybe you hit an off night - it's only been open a couple of weeks and they're still getting things solid in the kitchen. The only thing I really miss from the old place are the random seafood specials. Hopefully they'll try to incorporate a few of these as the progress.

Help Me Decide - Allen and Son Or Lexington BBQ?

I'm going to have to vote for Lexington. They are the standard by which all others are judged. My dad is from Lexington and I still have family there. I currently live in Chapel Hill, just a few minutes from Allen & Sons. Their BBQ is pretty fantastic and I recommend it all the time. However, that being said I will still occasionally drive the hour and a half to Lexington for the finest BBQ this state has to offer. Given the choice, go for the Honeymonk (Lexington #1).

Of course, you could always try both - they're different (and excellent) enough to warrant a little sampling. You'll be happy and full either way.

Berndes Set on sale at Amazon

Anyone need new cookware? Amazon has a 10 piece Berndes set for $220 in their Gold Box deal of the day. This is an incredible deal. For reference they sell the stockpot alone for $150. I have a few of the Berndes Tradition line that I absolutely love. They're cast aluminum with a genuine Teflon coating. The non stick quality is excellent and the thick aluminum transfers and retains heat very well without being heavy or hard to care for like cast iron. Hope some of y'all get to take advantage of this deal.

Apr 06, 2008
MadPatty in Cookware

Curing Cabinet?

I cure my own meats and use a chest freezer on a temperature controller. I bought this setup for fermenting homebrew, but lately have been curing pancetta, bacon, salami, guanciale, etc... I've also use to age beef and it make a nice wine/beer cellar at the same time. I found a massive chest freezer on craigslist for $100 and a temperature controller from a homebrew supplier or McMaster-Carr runs about $50. If you have the space it's incredibly useful, and the top makes a nice clean workspace. Humidity can sometimes be high, but with a fan and some Dririte I've gotten it down below 50%. It's a good setup with lots of adaptable uses for a small investment. Good Luck!

Mar 26, 2008
MadPatty in Cookware

Skyline chili lover-Raleigh, NC

The JOC recipe ain't half bad, but it's not the genuine article - and neither is the frozen stuff. Being from SW Ohio, and having tried most of the options, I've settled on the frozen but remain unsatisfied. I even booked mt flights through CVG but they even only have Gold Star (I know, blasphemy, but you gotta do what you gotta do....). Oh what I would do for 3 Coneys and a Mountain Dew! Regardless, I now live in Chapel Hill and have turned my attention towards BBQ in lieu of chili. Here's to the local goods!