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Blue bayou barbecue ??

This place is in Clark. Anyone been there??

Aug 30, 2015
sgschef in New Jersey

Engagement Brunch for 70

I'm having an engagement brunch at the end of September for approx 70 people in my backyard (assuming the skies don't open). Just Bloody Mary's and mimosas. Guests have been asked to bring desserts and the recipe in lieu of gifts. So. Aside from quiche and salad what wonderful elegant make ahead recipes do you recommend ?? All ideas much appreciated!!

Aug 15, 2015
sgschef in Home Cooking

Looking for good Italian in Cranford area

Not Ferraros. Not Lorenzo's. Any other ideas for preferably northern Italian in the area?

Jul 25, 2015
sgschef in New Jersey

What are you baking these days? Happy Canada/US national holidays edition, July, 2015 [OLD]!

Would you share the recipe?

Jul 20, 2015
sgschef in Home Cooking

What are you baking these days? Happy Canada/US national holidays edition, July, 2015 [OLD]!

What biscuit recipe do you use? These look wonderful!

Jul 20, 2015
sgschef in Home Cooking

Capital and Craft

I've seen a sign in front of an old Charley Browns on rye 22 east in greenbrook. Anyone know anything about this restaurant ? It says 24 craft beers on tap.

May 28, 2015
sgschef in New Jersey

Breakfast near le Meridian? [San Francisco]

Anyplace very close to Le Meridian for breakfast?

Staying at Le Meridian downtown [San Francisco]

Looking for dinner Wednesday evening for two. Close by. Anything except a steak place. Ethnic is good. Something around $50 a head. Just want a lovely easy dinner out.

Soup dumplings, lots of other dumplings!!!

My Mother's Day dinner is tonight. We have lots of choices (we live in Plainfield. Would love some really good soup dumplings as well as other various types of dumplings. There is a request for Peking duck in the group as well. Please help with your best recommendations!!

May 06, 2015
sgschef in New Jersey

Three nights in Monterey

We'll be staying in Monterey next week and would love to find interesting food of any kind in Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove. Not too too expensive. Ambiance isn't necessary but would be nice. What are your favorites?

May 05, 2015
sgschef in California

The best dumplings-- and food as well

We now have amazing authentic Chinese food within a few miles. Watchung. Green brook and North Plainfield. And a number in Edison. Hard to choose and I know there are others in matawan and south. So where would you go to get your dumpling and Chinese craving satisfied?

Apr 11, 2015
sgschef in New Jersey

Indian Trail Club

Anyone been there for a wedding? Looking for a venue with body of water, outside or inside ceremony, large enough for 180 and of course good food and not over the top expensive. Anywhere in central of northern NJ. Thanks for any help!

Apr 09, 2015
sgschef in New Jersey

Passover-2nd night

Would love to join friends and relatives on Saturday April 4th for dinner-not looking for kosher or a real seder-just interesting food with a bit of a Passover zest to enjoy the evening together. Anything ethnic is fine

Mar 17, 2015
sgschef in Manhattan

What are you baking these days? Happy Valentine's Day February 2015 edition! [OLD]

Chock full o nuts date but bread brings back wonderful memories of trips with my mom into Manhattan when I was a very little girl. Also their almost crispy wheat donuts with powdered sugar. Would you share the date but bread recipe?

Mar 01, 2015
sgschef in Home Cooking

Chinese New Year

Any restaurants in central NJ celebrating the New Year? Hoping to find somewhere With a special menu. Too much to ask for a dancing lion?

Feb 17, 2015
sgschef in New Jersey

Flemington for lunch

Just a business lunch in Flemington-where would you go?

Dec 01, 2014
sgschef in New Jersey

Middlesex county/northern shore area

Need a good place for dinner tomorrow night-definitely BYO, to meet friends coming from Princeton and Red Bank-I'm coming from Plainfield. Great food-any type-but preferably not Asian this time-up to $50 a person. Been to Luccas. We spend a significant portion of the dinner tasting wine!
Thank you for any help.

Dec 01, 2014
sgschef in New Jersey

What are you baking these days? September edition, part 1! (2014) [old]

Would you share the recipe for these cookies?

Sep 05, 2014
sgschef in Home Cooking

Chengdu in Green Brook?

We couldn't wait and had dinner there on Saturday night. The service was only a bit of a problem-quite a few waitresses who had little or no English, but the manager and another woman took care of any problems quickly-only issue is that we never did get our pea shoots.
The spicy wontons and lamb dumplings were wonderful as was the spicy large shrimp-really fresh and crunchy. We ordered a duck dish in special spicy sauce-it was like a slivered spicy Peking duck with pancakes that were almost see through-it was a great choice! We didn't see any amuse bouche-but I'm guessing it was just a 2nd night issue. Thank you for all the suggestions-what a great restaurant to have so close to home! We'll next work on some of the other suggestions. We will be sorry to see the liquor license come thru-much prefer bringing our own beverages.

Sep 04, 2014
sgschef in New Jersey

Chengdu in Green Brook?

Waiting to hear how things went last night. Ready to start planning my order for tonight !!

Aug 30, 2014
sgschef in New Jersey

Chengdu 1 palace. Green brook

Is it open? Looks like it might be??!!

Aug 21, 2014
sgschef in New Jersey

Easy make ahead chicken dish

For our Passover dinner there are 3 courses before we ever get to the entree--and lots of pots, baking dishes etc. I'm looking for an easy, make ahead chicken dish that will just have to be heated up. Would love to use boneless thighs and breasts. But I don't want to lose great taste. All suggestions welcome!!

Apr 09, 2014
sgschef in Home Cooking

Roasted Indian spiced eggplant

I'm looking for an Indian spiced eggplant dish-hot or cold-where you roast the eggplant. Any help much appreciated.

Mar 25, 2014
sgschef in Home Cooking

What are you baking these days? January 2014 edition![Through January 31, 2014]

Food & wine magazine has a wonderful chocolate hazelnut baklava recipe (you can get it on line) that is easy and delicious.

Jan 21, 2014
sgschef in Home Cooking

pre theater dinner tomorrow night-not too expensive - near 45th st

I -I need to be near 45th st-because of walking difficulties--not too expensive and not any kind of Asian.
Thanks for your recommendations,.I know this is late and perhaps not possible.

Nov 29, 2013
sgschef in Manhattan

Near Towaco--need to arrnage a meal sent for a dear firend

A dear business colleague has had major surgery (and a young family!) I want to send her something other that a fruit basket-would really like a good warm meal sent to her--we have business like Delivery Now near me (in Scotch Plains) but I can find anything like that in Towaco. Can any one help????

Nov 29, 2013
sgschef in New Jersey

between Branchburg and Flemington-lunch tomorrow?

Need to meet a few colleagues for lunch-some work off 22 in Branchburg-others in Flemington. Nothing fancy-just want good food-can most certainly be ethnic. Thanks for your thoughts!

Oct 23, 2013
sgschef in New Jersey

Food names for pets

We have a rat terrier named Kugel (Yiddish for pudding).

Oct 11, 2013
sgschef in Not About Food

Cauliflower Is it bad?

Have a cauliflower which has started to get brown/black spots on the outside. What is this? What causes this? And most important--can it still be eaten?

Oct 10, 2013
sgschef in General Topics

Vegetarian in Middlesex county-for tomorrow evening!

Anyone know of a reslly good just vegetarian Indian. Could be Iselin or Edison.

Aug 26, 2013
sgschef in New Jersey