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Needed: Nice *Quiet* Pasadena restaurant

Some family friends are coming for a visit in mid February with their older parents -- both wear hearing aides. Both are sensitive to loud music. But they're looking for something better than Wild Thyme or cafe food. So we need help with dinner recommendations.

So many people ask about kid-friendly places -- what about older people friendly?

Jan 22, 2008
sgvpup in Los Angeles Area

Galatoires on a Saturday night?

The hubby and I are headed to NOLA this weekend to watch the Saints take on Tampa Bay -- yay!

We're planning for one nice meal at Galatoires, downstairs ... where no reservations are taken.

Hounds, is it a fruitless wait if we get there at 7:30 p.m.ish?

What food recs?

Nov 26, 2007
sgvpup in New Orleans

Seriously, SimonLA is a joke, right??

I try, try not to succumb to hype, but I've heard too many people rave about the novelty of SimonLA, so I hauled ass over to BH for one of the worst dining experiences ever.

We got a decent table, an overzealous parking valet who kept calling us "darling" and decor that can best be described as stainless steel chic.

We ordered the junk food appetizer, of course. And when it arrived, my heart skipped with glee. It was like I was five again.

But then we had to order. I asked our bored waiter how the fish was.

He replied, "Good."

We looked at each other for awhile with me expecting him to elaborate and he hoping I would just go away. So I ordered the fish, which came out seared and beautifully presented on a bed of rice ... but cold ... and bland.

My friend's meatloaf was a meatball.

WTF. Did the kitchen staff even care?

So I have to say: SimonLA is a great place for drinks and appetizers, but the sit-down menu is a joke.

Oct 03, 2007
sgvpup in Los Angeles Area

Briganti or Vertical Wine Bistro 4 Hubby's B-day?

We're celebrating his 36th birthday without a gift exchange, so we thought about splurging a little on a good dinner. Both look really good, but which is better for a relaxed, romantic dinner?

We're wine people too, so Vertical is an obvious choice, but would it be better to go with Briganti and bring a bottle ourselves?

May 17, 2007
sgvpup in Los Angeles Area

Joselito's in Tujunga

Calling all Hounds,

We're going to Joselito's in Tujunga this weekend. Any recs?

Oct 19, 2006
sgvpup in Los Angeles Area

Red, White and Blues Pasadena?

I heard this place being mentioned before here — I'm down with any jazz with my food — tell me more! What recs do you have to order? Music every night?

Oct 03, 2006
sgvpup in Los Angeles Area

Caffe Opera & Bistro in Monrovia-Any good?

Whoa. Gabriel Morales from Monrovia to La Cienega -- that's an upgrade. I enjoyed Republic, despite the hype.

Jul 27, 2006
sgvpup in Los Angeles Area

Caffe Opera & Bistro in Monrovia-Any good?

Drove by this place ( yesterday. It looks cute and well-packed. A perusal of the menu leaves me with the temptation to try it out, but need some hound feedback first.

Caffe Opera & Bistro
402 S. Myrtle Ave.
Monrovia, CA 91016

Jul 25, 2006
sgvpup in Los Angeles Area

Best Pasadena Prime Rib Place-Suggestions?

We're celebrating an in-law's 60th with a surprise b-day dinner. Her food of choice - prime rib. We want to try something new so Arroyo Chophouse and Smitty's are no longer options.
Hounds, can you suggest a new place?

Jul 10, 2006
sgvpup in Los Angeles Area

President Thai in Pasadena

Pasadena is hardly the most fertile stomping ground for good Thai cuisine, but President Thai on Rosemead Blvd. is definitely worth a trip. The ambiance adds to the overall flavor - designed to look like a Thai temple of sorts complete with trickling water falls and golden buddha statues.

The Pad Thai is teeming with seafood and the satay is excellent - served with sticky rice! Reasonable prices too. I'm a fan!

Jul 03, 2006
sgvpup in Los Angeles Area

LA Dim Sum: Only the Best!

If you can get over the "C" rating at New Concept in Monterey Park, you'll be in for a treat. Standard fares like "har gow" are the largest I've ever seen and bursting with shrimp filling, but a lot of creativity is put into shaping the little delicacies too. Think spinach skin and shark fin bun.

This is the OG of New Wave. Check off your selection on a menu and try something new each time!

New Concept Restaurant
700 S. Atlantic Blvd.
Monterey Park, CA 91754

Jul 03, 2006
sgvpup in Los Angeles Area