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Cherry Street Restaurant is open

Went by again yesterday, the Saturday hours are 6am to 2pm, and they are working on getting a liquor licence at the moment.

Cherry Street Restaurant is open

After riding by this area for the past 6 months and seeing a progressively more weather beaten sign advertising for a cook, I feared that the owner had made the classic mistake of spending too much money and had run out before even opening the doors. I rode by today though, and found that the restaurant had in fact opened just two weeks ago. Given the desolate area, but beautiful restoration of the building, I had no idea what to expect, anything from a coffee shop to a 5 star dining experience seemed possible.

The menu is classic diner fare, all day breakfast options, burgers and sandwiches. I ordered a corned beef sandwich on a kaiser with fries. Service was pleasant and quick, the kaiser was fresh, the fries were above average. Ketchup and mustard were not artisanal-100-mile-homemade, but in fact Heinz in squeeze bottles.

The menu and the stunning work done on the building seem a bit out of sync, but it’s working. Given two weeks, and an industrial neighbourhood, the restaurant was more than half full at 1pm and seemed to be doing a brisk business. I would certainly recommend this to anyone in Toronto, and encourage a visit in a thank you to the owners for restoring this building to what I am sure is well beyond the glory it has ever realized in any previous incarnation.

Open 6am to 6pm Monday to Friday, unsure of the Saturday hours, closed Sunday