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sour cherries at farmers markets?

Several of the vendors that are in Crystal City Tuesday afternoons had them last week. We just finished off the last of the cobbler I made from them.

Healthway Natural Foods in Fairfax? Other good specialty stores in the area?

The store is pretty small, and it carries more vitamins and supplements than food. That said, I think they do have some things like yogurt, etc. They don't sell produce or fresh meat. I don't know if you found this out, but there's a Trader Joe's in the same center. There's also a large Shopper's another 5 minute walk from there.

Any Filipino places left?

When Little Quiapo first closed, they had a sign in the window saying that they were going to open a new restaurant in S. Arlington later in the year, but I'm not sure where, or if it will really happen. I was hoping another restaurant would move in, since I live nearby, but the guy at Brick's said the landlord doesn't want another restaurant in the center.

Shake Shack

On the mezzanine level in Nationals Park, a large portion of the former concessions are closed (including Five Guys..sigh), with banners advertising new vendors coming, including Shake Shack. If a Five Guys burger went for $9, I shudder to think about what the SS ones will cost.

Liberty Tavern Lately

We had a nice dinner at LT during Restaurant Week, I had the NY Strip, and the wife had Gnocchi. I don't want the thread to degrade into a tech discussion, but if your Mac is opening PDFs in Preview, it saves them to Documents by default. I cull through them from time to time to delete all of the menus, etc that I accumulate.

best subs in area

I prefer the hard roll, but if you go at dinner time, they are often out of them.

Seven Corners Safeway Closing

Grand Opening Friday 9-10. I drove by yesterday, and they're stocking the shelves.

basics in pentagon/crystal city?

NYC quality bagels don't exist close to you; Brooklyn Bagel at Courthouse is probably the best you'll do and it's better than Manhattan or Bruegger's at Ballston. Have you tried Kabob Palace at Eads & 23rd?

Kabob Palace
2315 S Eads St, Arlington, VA 22202

New Trader Joe's in Clarendon?

I've heard rumors of a TJ in Arlington for years, hopefully this one will come true. A Clarendon location would continue their tradition of putting their stores in places with challenging weekend parking.

Kabobs in NOVA

I usually get mine to go, but I call ahead to the new (SW) location to get it because it's easier to park.

Frozen Custard

FDB isn't frozen custard; it was back in the day in the original building, but it's soft serve.

Frozen Custard

Dickie's Frozen Custard, 1700 block of Eye St, NW; it's the real deal. For the calorie averse, they also have frozen yogurt. They also make some great sandwiches.

That Cursed Place on Lee Highway

I think the sign said Japanese and Chinese cuisine, that's a red flag right there. What amazes me is the speed in which they get the place occupied after the previous tenant goes down. I never made it to Tap and Vine; the last time I was there, it was Indian, which I believe was the predecessor to Charley Horse.

Is Bloom Really THAT Good?

Since the initial novelty has worn off, the Annandale store is convenient for me to run in and pick up things when I"m in the area. At least when I go, the parking lot is never crowded unlike HT, which probably confirms takadi's comment.

The 59 Best Breakfast Places In US..........

I was hoping my all time favorite the Dixie Grill in Wilmington, NC was going to be on there. If anyone ever finds themselves in Wilmington, it's a must; best grits I've ever had in a restaurant.

Authentic Thai food in Metro area

Still open, I just got carry out there last night.

Good suggestions for dining (with restrictions) near Crystal City Hyatt?

Gallery Place is a quick Metro ride from CC with no transfers on the Yellow line, and there is a good variety of restaurants there including DC's Chinatown, so I imagine there would be something there that would meet your requirements. The volume of people varies depending on whether there's an event at Verizon Center.

Hopefully, the Hyatt has a shuttle to and from the Metro, it's a fair walk from there.

best sushi in arlington?

We like Bonsai in Shirlington, it's a nice low key place, the sushi's good, and prices aren't outrageous. It's a nice place to go before or after a movie.

DC on Business Next Week..Near Crystal City Marriott at Reagan National

If you're staying at the Marriott, and your expense budget allows it, there's a Morton's in the underground mall that is connected to the hotel.

ice cream in northern virginia

Funny, I shop at Ayers and eat at Lost Dog all the time, and I hadn't noticed the ice cream store had changed its name/ownership. The ice cream at the previous store was just so-so, so I didn't give it much notice. We'll have to give it a try soon.

Any nice sports bars in NOVA?

My office is across the street from the CC Bailey's and people I work with would rather walk down to Mackey's or the CC Sports Pub instead. Just sayin'.

Any nice sports bars in NOVA?

If Arlington is convenient for you, try Thirsty Bernie at N. Glebe and Lee Hwy. The food is much better than average for a sports bar, the service is fine, and it doesn't attract a super rowdy crowd. They have a nice selection of beers, especially if you're partial to German/Belgian styles. It's pretty small, so on football weekends, it can get packed quickly. One caveat if you're going to watch hockey: their video is via Direct TV, so as far as I know, they still don't show games on Versus.

Is Bloom Really THAT Good?

That's a pretty small parking lot, I'm curious what it's going to be like on a typical Saturday afternoon. I like Beanetics; I hope the Bloom brings them customers instead of pushing them out.

Arlington -- Minerva Express Opening!

There was an Indian restaurant in that space several years ago. It didn't last too long but it was quite good; IIRC, the owner said they were closing because they had a dispute with the landlord. Parking is difficult there, and if you park in the spaces designated for Subway, you'll get towed.

Best Reuben in Arlington? or Shrimp Po-Boy?

Cowboy Cafe's po-boy is pretty good, but it's a special; check before you go to see if they have them.

Seven Corners Safeway Closing

They close on the 16th and, per the cashier I asked today, the renovation will take 8-9 months. It's pretty well cleaned out but, strangely, still had milk.

Seven Corners Safeway Closing

I haven't stopped by yet to try to confirm which cashier was correct, but I hope they are remodeling. It would be worth the wait if that's the case; the remodeled Safeways I've been to are pretty nice. I live about equidistant to the one on Wilson at George Mason, but it's kind of shabby, and they run out of things a lot.

Pepsi w/o HFCS in Baltimore

I got a 12 pack of Throwback Pepsi at the Falls Church Target on sale, no less, for $3.

Seven Corners Safeway Closing

I drove by the Safeway in the Wilston Center, and there were signs up saying they were closing, and everything was 20% off. Has anyone heard if something is going in there? I'm hoping it's just closing for remodel (it's kind of tired), but in my dreams, I'm hoping for a Wegman's.

New to Courthouse, Arlington, VA

At the other end of the block from Cafe Asia, Santa Fe Cafe has good Southwestern food. At lunch during the week, it's busy with office workers, but at night, they have table service, and have some good specials with an emphasis on fresh New Mexico chilies. They have a couple good beers on tap, and make a pretty good margarita too.