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Guide To Ice Cream Shops In Austin Texas

5thing this. Salt and caramel makes my kids eyeballs roll back in their heads.

After 20 years in Austin, finally some good ice cream.

Aug 02, 2012
franknbeans in Austin

one Tex-Mex meal in Austin

Apr 02, 2008
franknbeans in Austin

California Mexican vs. Tex Mex?

This is a bit of a thread jack, but what is the difference between Tex-Mex and California Mexican food?
I have got into several arguments with people over the years trying to say that I thought California was the better of the two but I have a hard time defining it.
To me California Mexican tends to be a little healthier, with an emphasis on fish, avocados and generally with more vegetables. Beans are sometimes whole and not refried. Tacos tend to be crispy. Garlic is use more liberally than in Tex-Mex.
The cheese enchilada with a meat sauce seems to be the quintessential Tex-Mex dish. Tex-Mex in general has an emphasis on cheese and beef in all their forms.
Tex-Mex rellenos use Hatch peppers while California uses Anaheim. California chips are usually not thin while Tex-Mex often are.
Which of these points am I wrong about and what am I missing?

Jan 26, 2008
franknbeans in General Topics