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Pican's - Oakland

Does anybody know anything about Pecan's bourbon and bites place located in the Broadway/Grand Building? It looked like it was about ready to open. Anyone know.....

Son of Soizic

Mua will be open for dinner beginning TUESDAY OCTOBER 14 and will soon be open for lunches too. Check the website

Vo's in Oakland has re-opened

Had a nice lunch there yesterday - the place was packed. They have done a nice just updating it. Good to have them back in the neighborhood. They will be open for lunch, then happy hour (beer and wine) from 4 to 6 and dinner from 6 to 9. Afterward we walked around the corner to Franklin Square where a great afro-cuban quartet was playing. Seems that every Wednesday in July there will be some sort of live performance there. Very nice.

BAD night at Flora

I hope it was an anomaly too and am glad to hear that others have had better experiences. By the way, the desserts were fabulous.

BAD night at Flora

Had dinner Saturday night at Flora and experienced some of the most terrible service I have had anywhere in a long time. We had reservations at six and were promptly seated and then promptly forgotten. After having waited for far too long I finally told the hostess that we seemed to have been "overlooked". After some apologies we were told that no one had been assigned our table but that had been remedied and we could now look forward to our evening....NOT!!! I have never felt so invisible anywhere - we had to keep reminding them that we were there. We had an 8 o'clock show to make at the Paramount and nearly didn't get our desserts in time to make it. We were comped the desserts but still....I will not go back there for a few months hoping we can expect some improvement on the service side. The food was good but would have been much more appreciated had it arrived in a timely fashion. I don't understand how this restaurant made the "Top 100" - this was our third time there and only one has been somewhat acceptable.

3/23/08 Sea Salt ,Berkeley Report- Still Wonderful Unusual Seafood Dishes

I'm from the East (New England) and I find the Chowder at Sea Salt very good. It is different from what I ate in New England but still exceptional on its own. Lots of Clam flavor and texture - and bacon. The difference I notice is mainly in the thinness of the broth which I don't mind at all.

Bakesale Betty's in N downtown Oakland?

There's a sign in the corner window of Broadway Grand Condos for liquor license for Ozumo so I guess that one is still happening. Don't know about the Cathedral Building though.

best place to buy dungeness crab

I have always gotten my NYE Crab at the Market Hall Fish Market on College Avenue in Oakland and it's always been great.

Franklin Square Wine Bar - Oakland

Went back again this evening. Pleased with the wine and the food. Went with three other folks and we tried a variety of small plates and the lamb chopper cheese. Everything was good. The place was medium busy but certainly not packed. The music was horrid and though we asked for a change it was not granted. I really want this place to make it....wish they might have been a bit more accommodating about the music. Heard others, including our waiter, say it was extremely annoying. But, the food and the wine will probably bring me back - just don't expect lots of food, but its really tasty stuff.

Flora Report (Downtown Oakland)

They do have their liquor license and the bar was very lively. We didn't have cocktails - just wine. The wine list seemed fine - not outstanding but fine. I heard that the cocktails were very good.

Flora Report (Downtown Oakland)

Well, I finally did get there tonight. As you say it is a very attractive room. But it is cold!!! The windows near the ceiling are nearly all open and I was told that they are stuck that way and can't be closed so if you go on a cool night bundle up. They needed heat lamps or something.
As for the food, it has a way to go to pass muster. Too much salt is my biggest criticism. One of our party sent back their duck breast because the salt made it inedible. I had the steak which was also too salty but not at all overcooked. All of us agreed that the sides were very good but the salads not so much. I think they are struggling a bit but I still say it's too soon to give up on them. I can see the potential and they were also very open to our critiques and did comp what we didn't eat. We were there pretty early and the place was pretty full and getting more so. I certainly hope they can pull it together. I will go back again in a few weeks.

Pre-Cooked Thanksgiving Turkey

The Pasta Shop at Market Hall had pre-cooked Turkey parts when I was there the other day. It looked good but I didn't try it.

Franklin Square Wine Bar - Oakland

Stopped by for a quick lunch the other day. It seems to be a great addition to the neighborhood.
Across the street from Luka's and run by the same folks. Salads, sandwiches and small plates. Nice wine selection. Friendly folks. And the house made truffles are great.

Flora Report (Downtown Oakland)

Give them a break - they've only been open a few days - they are from a class act.

Happy hour or dinner suggestion near ACT theater?

Grand Cafe one block up is not a bad place for an early dinner - they also have pretty good bar food.