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RIP Richtree Brookfield Place (But now where do I grab food after finishing a book at 1AM?)

Looks like the Richtree will not close completely... I was just speaking with some of the the staff and the entire staff had been terminated with one days notice (ick). So I thought that the place was closing down.

RIP Richtree Brookfield Place (But now where do I grab food after finishing a book at 1AM?)

While Richtree is not on any epicures list of go to places, it is conveniently located downstairs, has a wide variety of food that you can take out, is open from 7AM to 2AM and has free wifi.

Any new suggestions for takeout after hours in the financial district?

On strong rotation in our office:
Take Sushi (really gone down hill)
Houston steak
Irish Embassy
Szechuan Szechuan
Pearl delivery

Food Court after hours:
Longos -open till 7pm
Subway, Jugo juice- open till 9 at Union Stn

Your favourite New West delivery

Hi I am new to the city and live in New Westminster at Edmonds Station. Can any CHOW gurus suggest any good restaurants that have a delivery option? I have no preferences I love all typed of food.

A friend recommended Top Sushi close to the Royal Columbian Hospital... it was pretty good value for the amount of food that they give. As a side note, I have got to comment about the size of sashimi in Vancouver VS Toronto. Vancouver sizes are on steroids!!

Can anyone help?

Jan 03, 2009
alibaba in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Delivery to Forest Hill

Do our experts have any favourites for delivery to Forest Hill? I would like to steer clear of the Spring Rolls/Ho-Lee Chow variety (although there's nothing like Canadian-Chinese after a night of drinks).

Asian, Italian, Moroccan etc...any type of food is welcome.

Delivery that I've tried:
Bombay Masala
Thai Satay
Bua Thai

Thank You in advance,

Miracle Fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum)

I purchased my plant in Vancouver.. unfortunately cannot remember the name of the nursery. I noticed that Exotica has the plant in stock as well.

Chemex coffeemaker in Toronto?

Funny- I've been on a search this week too. Here is a list of Canadian retailers that carry Chemex below. I haven't found any in Toronto at all! Please share if you do.

The Artworks
101B Edmonton Center
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T5J 2Y8
FC-100, FP-2, CM-8A, CM-2, CM-1C

The Elysian Room
1778 West 5th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6J 1P2
FSU-100, CM-6A, CM-8A

Mountain View Roasterie
RR1 SITE 15 Box 28
Didsbury ALB T0M OWO CAN
CM-6A, CM-1C, CTKG, FSU-100, FC-100, FP-2

Phil & Sebastian Coffee
2135 21st Ave SW
Calgary Alb CAN T24 OP1
CM-2, CM-4, FSU-100 FS-100, FC-100

Swite Books
477 Richmond St W Unit 103
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5V3E7
FC-100, FP-2, CM-8A, CM-1C, CM-1, CM-3, TKG, CMC

49th Parallel Roasters
3680 Bonneville PL Unit 107
Burnaby BC
Canada V3N 4T5
CM-1C, CM-8A, CM-4, FP-2, FC-100, CMB, CMC

Bakeries that deliver in Hong Kong Island

Howdy Chowhounders, for my friend's birthday I'd like to have a cake delivered. Only problem is that I'm in Vancouver. Does anyone know of a bakery (that sells cake) that delivers to the office?

Many Thanks,