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First trip to Michigan

I am meeting a friend in Jackson and we will be traveling to Traverse City. Our route is to go north on 127. We figure we will be a little north of Mt. Pleasant around lunch time. Any recomendations for lunch in that area would be greatly apprecitated.We are open to any kind of cuisine.
Thank you

So What are people making tonight for Dinner?

ossobuco with pasta.

Nov 22, 2006
vickie in Home Cooking

cranberry muffins

I would like to make cranberry muffins tomorrow morning. I have
a hectic morning and was wondering how the muffins would turn out if I made the batter in advance, covered the bowl and put it in the fridge.Tomorrow morning I plan on taking the batter out,bringing it to room temp and baking them.
Will this work?
Thank you in advance

Nov 22, 2006
vickie in Home Cooking

Need rec for delivery for shut-in & his son in oakland

try Project Open Hand @596-8200, they deliver meals to homebound/critically ill

Nov 21, 2006
vickie in San Francisco Bay Area

What's That One Thing You Can't Go A Week Without????


Nov 03, 2006
vickie in General Topics


Does anyone have a good recipe for a Caprioska? We had Strawberry Caprioska's in Sicily last year and cannot seem to duplicate them.
Thank you

Jul 03, 2006
vickie in Spirits