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MWM Seeking Burger (Manchester, NH)

Married White Male - was trying to be funny.

Lunch on Rte 3

Anyone know about the Egg Roll Cafe??? Its in Lowell - looks interesting.

Lunch on Rte 3

Anyone got any great places - I work in Burlington and meet up with a buddy who works in Nashua (and yes I know Five Guys is coming to Nashua and yes I are very excited).

We are looking for cool places between Burlington and Nashua - what you recommend?

We pretty much eat anything but would lean towards less $$, quicker lunches - gotta get back to work, etc.


Dessert in East Boston Tonight

The cookies at Dough Pizza are fantastic - I just read your review of Angela's - you have to try it again - we love it - its great food. I am also a huge fan of Dough's - great sandwiches and pizza.

Dec 17, 2008
bergzilla in Greater Boston Area


Okay - I have to check out Santarpio's this week - I am a big Dough but just because our office is around the corner - I will do a pizza bake off between them and post the results.

Nov 11, 2008
bergzilla in Greater Boston Area


They are a really small shop - but it is so worth it - the Cajun Chicken Cheesesteak is out of this world - filled with shredded cajun marinated chicken and roasted red peppers and then toasted with a cheesy topping - its a ridiculously good sandwhich.

You have to cut them some slack for being two guys running the joint and try this place - you won't regret it at all.

Plus they bake their own cookies - its insanely good.

Nov 05, 2008
bergzilla in Greater Boston Area

Authentic Mexican food Southern NH

Okay so I have done the spectrum and here it is.

Margaritas <--> La Caretta <--> El Mexicano

Margaritas is great family fun, good drinking, downtown on Elm St. and its Mexican is probably the most mainstream.

La Caretta was great - definitely still family oriented, little less mainstream (Tamales were very traditional).

El Mexicano is not that family oriented (fewer tables, cafe style) but very authentic and very good.

All three have the place in the Spectrum of Mexican food, I think La Caretta is very good mix of both ends of the spectrum.

Great steak and cheese in NH?

We did Pizza Express - it was very good, we didn't do Shaved Steak - we did Steak Tips - they were a little well done but overall pretty good, we will be going back to check out the traditional Steak and Cheese next week.

Mac'n pocket

I would validate it a bit - if there made a hot pocket recommendation - are they saying any hot pocket? Is there a specific hot pocket that would work?

I did some fun stuff with the cheese packet from a Mac and Cheese box when I overcooked the noodles, I made some nice ravoli (barillia bag) and because it was a larger amount of pasta 11 oz compared to the 6 oz that comes with it, I added some peas and pan seared hot dogs, the mac n cheese sauce was really good with the other stuff - not saying this resume sucks and I agree that Chow should so something but hey Chow is a huge company focused on selling advertising not worrying about content.

Feb 23, 2008
bergzilla in Recipes

dinner in dover, nh

Thanks - we loved Alberto's and have not tried Ristorante Massimo's maybe we will head up to Dover for some casual dining goodness.

dinner in dover, nh

I never knew this place existed - I will have to check it out - anyone know if this is related to the old Anthony Alberto's (Now Ristorante Massimo) that was in Portsmouth, NH?

MWM Seeking Burger (Manchester, NH)

Best Burger - 3rd Place
2006 Nashua Telegraph Reader's Choice Award

Wonder who got 1st or 2nd?

MWM Seeking Burger (Manchester, NH)

We need someone who speaks german to translate the original site:

MWM Seeking Burger (Manchester, NH)

Looking for a burger, not just a regular burger, but something that can give back to me, I want juicy, cheesy, maybe different cheesy (gorgonzola or gruyere, is that too different?). Can be classy burger or more street-level but hopefully of good value (big believer if I get what I pay for).

I have heard about Z's Kobe Chopped Steak (a burger by another name?) but am looking for the Gilly's (Portsmouth) of Manchester. Red Arrow do you have my burger? Is it found in a sit-down restaurant? Buttery buns I need you! I may require/need bacon as a possible topping.

Fries/Onion rings optional but if available will pay extra.

casual rehearsal dinner in York-Portsmouth area

With 60 people, you would almost need a banquet hall or something large - like Cliff House or Harborside (Formerly the Stage Neck).

If you want fun - sports bar, pizza, pub style - then definitely call Fazio's in York - also the Inn the Blue's might be able to host - you would basically rent them out.

Lastly, the Dockside is in York.

Now if you come south - then you have places like Redhook can handle 60 people, Gasligth might be able to do it - especially if you did it upstairs and then could have the dancefloor, etc.

I would call the Chamber Of Commerce for Portsmouth and York - they have a meeting planner guide which might give you a bunch of good leads.

Dinner Suggestions for Portsmouth NH

Brewery for lunch is good.

Friendly Toast for Breakfast - very fun.

Dinner - Green Monkey (call for a table), Library is a great place for a steak, Jumping Jays if you want some fish, Blue Mermaid - excellent fare - pub style downstairs and dining room upstairs. The Rosa for casual Italian (great pizza and nice bar).

It's new but upscale - Ristorante Massimo - its a nice small spot, pretty $$ but worth it.

Also new is Rudi's which used to be the Metro.

Best Seafood in Portsmouth, NH

I second the Blue Mermaid - good food, good beer.

If you want the New England fish experience - then I am thinking maybe something like Petey's or Capn Simeon's - neither of the in Portsmouth - Petey's is in Rye and Capn's is in Kittery but both are on the water and will do the fried fish, lobster, etc. They may be seasonal though so call before going.

Jumping Jay's is gret, Pesce is great too.

Manchester - Baldwin's and El Mexicano (long)

Just an update - I had El Mexicano's for lunch - carnita's gordita and a carne asada gordita - both fantastic, very very good - chips and salsa was great to. It's definitely going into the lunch rotation and next week I am going to go by and try and catch breakfast.

Looking for Hotel or Inn with Great Wine Tasting & Spa

Winter Wine Festival at Wentworth, In Newcastle NH

Wentworth - great spa, great hotel, great wine.

Mondavi event on 1/30 is looking like a great evening.

Brunch in Portsmouth?

Abercrombie and Finch in North Hampton (Rte 1) has a fantastic brunch but it's not right in Portsmouth.

The Friendly Toast is not brunch per se but alot of fun and its a great breakfast and tremendous local color.