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Proud Torontoians! Where to bring serious foodies from NYC?

Roasted Marshmallow Ice Cream???? This is why I love this site! I'm going to Greg's today to get me some :)

Harbord Room - Questions....

Going for dinner at The Harbord Room for the first time. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions regarding what to order. Are there any 'must haves'?

Also, usually wear pretty casual attire...i.e. jeans, would this be appropriate for this restaurant?


Homeway - horrendous

I agree with 'OnDaGo'. When I arrive at a restaurant during prime brunch time, I expect to wait...

I find breakfast/brunch in the city is all about the waiting.

Delux - What to order?

I did, thank you.

Delux is amazing....had the rabbit, oysters, and cubano :)


Delux - What to order?

You have been very helpful! I now know that I a- don't have to rush home after work to change b- Telling my bf not to have a Cuban sandwich at Petit Four was a good call c- may try rabbit for the first time...

oh...and the bread! I'll have to be careful not to fill up on it :)

Thanks again!

Delux - What to order?

Thank you Child of the Storm...The Cubano is a given! Proabably for sharing. As for jeans I figured we were good! We live in the area and live in jeans so thanks for confirming :)

Any starters that you would recommend?

Delux - What to order?

Anyone have any 'must haves' suggestions for Delux?

As well if someone could advise what type of attire is acceptable...i.e. jeans...that would be fantastic.


Delux....Patio, Menu???

Thank you :)

Delux....Patio, Menu???

Does anyone have info on Delux's menu or where to find their web-site?

Delux....Patio, Menu???

I'm thinking Delux will fit the bill for my upcoming dinner. Have searched posts for some info, but can't seem to find a web-site for them to check out the menu.

Can anyone give some food reco's as well as advise if they have a patio.

Thx :)

Looking for Patio in TO for great Fri. Dinner

The SO and I are planning a Friday night end of week dinner. Really quite casual...but since our trip to San Fran where we had some of our best meals ever (thanks to San Fran hounds') he's insisting I pick the place.

He loves The Roxton, so I'm looking for something along those lines. Great food and hip/chilled ambiance...a little on the romantic side never hurts either. Would like to try somewhere new (we haven't been), and ideally with a patio.

Appreciate all suggestions :) Thx.

Tenderloin District/Dinner with a view/Best Mission Style Burrito - 'One Stop Shopping Post'

Thanks for all the recommondations! Korean food we do have in Toronto, and it's quite good. Mexican food is where we're sorely lacking.

The reason that I ask about the 'Mission Style Burrito', is because I assume that it's a San Francisco specialty :)

Hip in the Tenderloin

Valencia looks right up our alley, we will definatly make it a 'mission' to go there ;-) Will also try to hit up Canteen for brunch. Wish us luck in getting a seating!

Again thank you all. This site and the people who take their time to share their opinions and suggestions is going to make our time in San Francisco all the much better (and tastier!).


Hip in the Tenderloin

Thank you all! Great suggestions. Canteen keeps popping up, I'd love to check it out but our trip is pretty organic with little to no schedule so I'm hesitant in make a reservation. Although I have a feeling a little structure to the day may be worth it!

As for the area I appreciate the info, as many tourists will get caught up in being away and forget to use common sense. Good thing is SO and I live downtown TO which I wouldn't compare to anywhere in San Fran, as this is my first time there, but we do have our 'street smarts' and will keep them on our trip!

Thanks :)

Hip in the Tenderloin

I read in someone's post that the Tenderloin area is an up and coming area. My BF and I will be staying in this area for a couple of days and I'm looking for any suggestions as to dining/nightlife.

We're in our early 30's and love going out, live music, dancing (more 'indie' or Soul/Funk than 'Madonna/Timberlake' type of grooves). We're both from Toronto so are very comfortable in an urban setting and love tasty eats in casual or bohemian settings.

Any and all recommendations would be appreciated. As well we're big on transit and an hour walk we consider a if you have any suggestions in other areas, bring them on.

Thx :)

Tenderloin District/Dinner with a view/Best Mission Style Burrito - 'One Stop Shopping Post'

In advance I'll say thank you, to any and all suggestions as right now I'm t-minus 3 days away from arriving in San Fran from Toronto and my head is spinning!!! The reason being is I'll only be in the city for 3 days and I really want to make the best of it.

The suggestions I'm looking for are places to eat/have drinks around the Tenderloin district. My SO and I are staying at the Carlton Hotel in 'Lower Nob Hill' on Sutter St. which I believe to be near the 'Tenderloin'. SO and I are not really into high end places, we prefer more relaxed places that serve good food and maybe offer a 'funky' environment. That being said, we are up for just about anything.

I also want to surprise my SO with 'dinner with a view'. I was thinking that we could take the ferry to Sausalito and then dine somewhere with a view of the Bay and Bridge. Any suggestions?

Last but not least, being from Toronto we have amazing food from all around the world in our city...but the one area that Toronto cuisine is lacking in is Mexican food :( I'd love some suggestions, as well after reading a posting that was 46 posts long (head spinning even more) I want to know where to get 'the best' Mission Style Burrito.

Thank you all :)

Red Room for first date??

Just noticed the pic on the web-site of the outside, is not a good impression of the inside. If you don't chose this as a first date spot, it should definately be the place to go for your second. Pre or post drinks at Communist's Daughter would also be a good tie-in to this resto :)

Good luck and enjoy!

Red Room for first date??

Julie's at 202 Dovercourt, right at the corner of Dovercourt and Foxley. Go here, and I guarantee many more dates. It worked on me :) The atmosphere is amazing and so is the food!

ISO - Restaurant w/Patio close to Scotia Bank (Paramount) Theatre

Thank you Rabbit, COTS and Dimbulb. All great suggestions :) So here's my plan...definately going to Queen Mother but in May when their patio opens. It looks like a great place and I'm not sure how I've managed to not have been before? It's a puzzler. WG's is a good idea. I've been there once b4 to watch my beloved Leafs play. I was surprised by the lack of places to sit for game viewing so I thought I wouldn't be back. What I completely forgot about was that they have a ROOFTOP PATIO!!!! I think it's called Oasis?

Fox and Fiddle, love it go all the time, but I know that it's a teensy patio and the chances of lucking out on a table is small...but it could happen and your right...the patio across the street does make for entertaining viewing.

Alice Fazooli's, I walked by at lunch and their patio is open, but the appy selections are limited.

So I think we're going to check out WG's rooftop. At least we won't have to watch the Leafs lose :)

ISO - Restaurant w/Patio close to Scotia Bank (Paramount) Theatre

Patio looks amazing, but looks more like the place for dinner?

ISO - Restaurant w/Patio close to Scotia Bank (Paramount) Theatre

Thanks so much. The Black Bull is an awesome patio...waiting for a table is not so awesome :( I was just there Tuesday after work and I waited for half an hour which I'm sure will be double the wait time tonight. I do LOVE the people watching though :) On another note, they don't serve pitchers which is kind of strange?

I'm liking this Cayo Coco option...going to check out their menu now!

ISO - Restaurant w/Patio close to Scotia Bank (Paramount) Theatre

Okie, so I know there are a ton of choices, especially around the King West strip but I'm looking for some suggestions nonetheless :)

The BF and I are going to see 'Shine a Light' at the Imax tonight and are looking for a patio where we can share a couple of apps and a bevy or two. We're not looking for full meals as it's an early show, and we're also not looking to break the bank.

Oh...and the drinks but the food is not so good, and that's being kindly stated.

Any suggestions (other than Hooter's ;-) ) would be greatly appreciated!

Spring chicken

Thanks...I'm pretty sure this is why I don't cook. I have no idea where the chicken breast is attached to the bone!? AHHHH! I'd so love to cook this :)

Apr 18, 2008
FeelinFineSunshine in Recipes

Spring chicken

Stupid question. I love food...but learning how to cook, how do you filet a chicken breast?

Apr 16, 2008
FeelinFineSunshine in Recipes

KOREAN BBQ - Bloor St. W.

Thanks for the's called New Generation Sushi? Just making sure! Thx!

Romantic Restaurants in GTA

I agree with above posters that super fancy/expensive would be a bit much for a first date. Especially if the other person wasn't warned in advance, and felt under dressed (as I know I would if I didn't have advance notice).

I'm a special lady to a very special guy and some of our most romantic dinners have been La Palette, The Roxton on Harbord (shhh...don't tell anyone, I don't want it to get too popular and it's my fave), Julies (reminds us of our time in Cuba), Le Select, and Utopia.

First dates should be as relaxed as humanly possible. My suggestions is a place that's not pretentious with low lighting, a nice bottle of red and good but not intrusive service :)

KOREAN BBQ - Bloor St. W.

Firstly I have to admit I'm new to Korean fare. Could somebody kindly give me an overview of what I will expect as well as any dining tips I should know. I've reviewed the boards and threads and I've heared about some meals containing lettuce, is this used as a wrap? Also I'm curious about the Korean BBQ that you cook at your own table...what is the process?

I used to live just south of Bloor and Christie and always wanted to try one of the restaurants, but never got the chance. There is this one place with what looks like clothes dryer vents coming down from the ceiling to the table?? Not sure what this is for.

Also looking for recommondations of a place to go for this Korean BBQ well as any suggested dishes.

Thx much :)

Mustachio's at St. Lawrence: Disappointing

I love Mustachio's, I love the anticipation of not messing up my order (yes the service is not 'with a smile' so to speak), I love their sauce, and their toppings. I go to San Francesco's more often now as it's down the street from my home...but I think about Mustachio's all the time.

Do they make the best veal sandwich? Everyone will have their own opinion. As for mine, I think they make a pretty darn good one.

Worst in Toronto

I'm sure I'll have people not agree with this one, but The Dip. When I first moved to the city in '99, I loved it. Great patio, not pretentious, and pretty decent food. The last two times I've been the service was poor, and the food cold.

The worse part is as the area has become even more 'trendier', even if one was to be willing to put up with poor service and cold food the wait for a table on the patio is excrutiating.

Jalapeno @ King W. or La Hacienda @ Queen W.

The BF and I are doing Mexican tonight, we planned on going to La Hacienda, but now I'm wondering about Jalapeno.

If anyone has a preference, I'd love to hear it :) As well, I've not been to either restaurant so if someone could compare them i.e. menu/ambiance/price, it would be very helpful in deciding.