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Three saute pan alternatives to All Clad, which one do I choose?

I have this whole set and it is amazing.

Mar 13, 2015
thursby in Cookware

best crab/shrimp and brewery in Galveston?

Shrimp and Stuff, Gaidos (now much better than recent history), and this:

Of those, make sure to swing by the Old Quarter at least for a few.

Feb 05, 2015
thursby in Houston

Houston-area cookoffs

There are generally tons of these, as well as (more expensive) special pop-up dinners. The easiest source for all of these is the Houston Press website, but they have an annoying habit of often covering these AFTER the event rather than prior. Still, look for their "Best things to eat and drink in Houston this week" blog updates and there will usually be something brewing that's interesting. To get you warmed up, this weekend at Midtown Little Woodrows is this:

Also, great value around town are various steak nights at bars, often run in conjunction with guest chefs that like to drink there.

Nov 04, 2014
thursby in Houston

Need Three Suggestions First Time Visit

I'm not sure that I'd consider JoAnn Clevenger, a "young horse" just putting out fried green tomatoes for the tourist crowd, but they've been doing them at Upperline (quite well) for about 25 years.

Oct 21, 2014
thursby in New Orleans

Math Teachers need Bar in Houston!

Quite honestly, the perfect place is right next door: Neils Bahr.

Sep 16, 2014
thursby in Houston

Any New Brick Oven Pizza Places in town to try?

There are really a LOT of (relatively) new places...Coltivare, Pizaros (opening a new location in Montrose in the fall), the mentioned Piola, Coppa and Coppa Osteria, Provisions, and in the been around but not usually mentioned category, Luigi's for BYOB and cheap(er) pizzas (not wood fired) and Capones (wood fired, but not as good as the new places).

May 20, 2014
thursby in Houston

Where to get Japanese omakase?

Most of the really good sushi places will have no problem with omakase at all, they generally prefer serving it. MF and Kata Robata are the most well known, but there's also (for a pile of money) Uchi and Kubos in Rice Village

Apr 07, 2014
thursby in Houston

Food trucks in Museum District

Also former food truck now landlocked Eatsie Boys is right around the corner...

Mar 25, 2014
thursby in Houston

Dallas Hound needs some recs

You're just looking in the wrong Ortega place. From the menu at Caracol:

Cañita de Puerco con Mole Costeño Amarillo

But the starters there are generally even better...especially the pulpo.

Mar 17, 2014
thursby in Houston


Brennan's is a great choice...or just pick from here:

Osteria Mazzantini has been getting great reviews, and it's also right in the Galleria area...other than that, I'd likely give Rainbow Lodge or maybe Sorrel for the variety. But call ahead wherever you go!

Nov 26, 2013
thursby in Houston

Missing California but visiting Houston

Also, if you're still looking for food tonight, I'd just ride down Westheimer and go to Hugos. Not going to find better Mexican than that.

Nov 07, 2013
thursby in Houston

Missing California but visiting Houston

Fiesta is fine, but they vary significantly in size and quality...the best Mexican market by far (other than the backyard at Caninos but that's mostly during the weekend) is Mi Tienda:

You should also drive up Airline just before you get to 610 on your way out of town and stop in a few places...El Bolillo for instance:

and Flores Spices:

Flores has some amazing mole (usually) for sale at the register...

Nov 07, 2013
thursby in Houston

Vegetarian options?

That's definitely true. Barnaby's has a really good (actually several really good) vegetarian "burgers" including a falafel one.

Nov 01, 2013
thursby in Houston

Vegetarian options?

Way more vegetarian options here than Austin...not in Montrose, but there are huge swaths of vegetarian indian and middle eastern places out by Hillcroft. As noted before, just near Montrose you have Aladdin, Radical Eats, Indika (cheap for lunch), Field of Greens, Hobbit Cafe, Bowl, Green Seed, Cafe TH (vegetarian and vegan vietnamese...say that three times fast), Doshi House, Baba Yega, House of Te, Jus Mac (build your own), Mission Burrito, well...that's just off the top of my head. But it should get you started...

Nov 01, 2013
thursby in Houston

Veggie near Montrose

These are pretty much spot on...Hobbit in particular is a great recommendation. Also Barnaby's on Fairview does a bunch of decent vegetarian options, as does Baba Yega and (of course) Bowl Cafe. Too bad you'll miss the re-opening of Radical Eats Montrose...grand opening is August 22nd; that would have been the perfect place!

For higher end, you can't beat Hugo's vegetarian menu, IMHO...but Canopy is also a great suggestion.

For a pick me up, this hard to find but good spot might suit the bill as well:

You will however, want to steer (!) clear of Underbelly however. And as mentioned, La Mex.

Aug 14, 2013
thursby in Houston


All true...just as a note, despite the name, Oxheart is pretty far from nose-to-tail dining. It's much more highly refined and vegetable based (the Oxheart is a particular carrot variety). For nose-to-tail dining in Houston, the best venture is to the various ethnic places, my current favorite is Mala Sichuan:

but there's a staggering variety of all types of ethnicities and parts on offer all over the place. For traditional (i.e. European butchery) there isn't as much as you'd think...Underbelly rotates a few dishes, you can get a whole lobe of foie gras at Provisions and usually other parts, but things like brains and feet are going to be tough to find. For traditional English food, Red Lion gets good reviews, and lots of chefs hang out at London Sizzler, which is British in the empire sense...

Aug 05, 2013
thursby in Houston

"La Mex"

Just down the street, El Paraiso: asado de puerco, charro beans, and a margarita. Half the price, 10 times better. I only go to La Mex if El Paraiso is closed, and half the time I walk the extra distance to El Real (right past La Mex) if I'm really craving TexMex. You are exactly right...the salsa there is like eating tomato juice mixed with dishwater, and that's a metaphor for most of the food. The breakfast there is pretty good though, albeit bland and you can't put the salsa on anything...usually El Yucateco green saves the day.

May 28, 2013
thursby in Houston

Must Eat Restaurants-Downtown Houston

Feb 05, 2013
thursby in Houston

Subs, Hoagies, Grinders, Po'boys

Oddly enough, Jersey Mike's makes an amazingly good Italian and has the cherry pepper relish and capicola. Another place that you wouldn't usually check that has an excellent italian sub is have to get them to fiddle with it a bit (you can add extra meat, get it on the bigger bread, add mustard if you want, but the basic meats and cheeses are really excellent. Really interested if anyone can come up with any others...I've looked at sooo many spots in town, and even though they might do great sandwiches with exotic ingredients, they don't do the basics really very well at all, imho.

Jan 30, 2013
thursby in Houston

French Food in Houston?

You're missing a fair few of the decent in-the-loop places:

Cafe Rabelais
Au Petit Paris
Bistro Des Amis
and soon to open near the Galleria Etoile

are just a few of the ones that come immediately to mind without thinking too hard. I'd think that Philippe, Artisans and Au Petit Paris are slightly better than all of the ones that were originally mentioned, but that's just my personal opinion. L'Olivier is very good, and it really depends whether you're looking for traditional, bistro, or "updated" versions of French.

Sep 12, 2012
thursby in Houston

best Chinese restaurant in Houston?

Mala Sichuan Bistro. Head and shoulders above the rest, I actually think it contends for a best of Houston even unconditionally.

Mar 14, 2012
thursby in Houston

This weekend's reservations, need happy hours and bars with music

Just a heads may want to re-think your Sunday reservations, because I'm not altogether sure how you will get to Cafe Atchafalaya (on Louisiana) unless your brunch time is well before 11am, since most of the streets providing access will be shut down by about 10am, and whatever cab driver you get will be very unhappy. Herbsaint for dinner in the middle of the Bacchus parade may not be the most tranquil setting for a great meal either. I'm not trying to be snarky, but you should be aware that even though you can easily walk to Herbsaint distance-wise, covering that distance during a megaparade can be daunting at best. You might want to leave an extra hour or so to travel... I find that most folks who visit New Orleans during this weekend vastly underestimate the extent of road closures and travel difficulties they will have, and this often leads to stressful situations. For instance, dinner at Commanders on Friday will also be a challenge, since Commanders is "in the box" and there is only a few ways into or out of the Garden District on Friday night. To make it easy, you should plan on heading uptown around 3pm, and spend time sightseeing around Magazine street prior to your dinner reservation, and then catch the parade after!

Feb 15, 2012
thursby in New Orleans

Call for Suggestions: Dive Food and Drink Tour of New Orleans

Alibi on Iberville between 4am and 7am is the best dive bar experience in Nola...hilarious. Other must stop on true dive New Orleans tours is the Brothers Three on Magazine, but that's not near the quarter. I suggest taking a cab to Le Bon Temps Roule, then walking down to Brothers Three after they close around 4ish. Then grab a cab from the "new" Ms Mae's on the corner of Mag and Napoleon around 10am...the $1.50 gin and pineapple is a highly recommended morning eye-opener. Bring credit at the Brother's Three. Also limited plumbing.

Dec 30, 2010
thursby in New Orleans

Recs for places walking distance from Tulane

I wouldn't really call Dante's and Mat & Naddies walking distance from Tulane in August...but's that's mainly just because I'm lazy. They're each about one and half miles from Tulane, at least. That shouldn't discourage's a nice walk but you should make sure you allow at least 20 minutes or more each way, it'll be hot out. There are a LOT of restaurants if you let yourself have a 2 mile walk from Tulane though...Patois and Martinique Bistro come immediately to mind. And Brightsen's IS delicious. LOTS closer to Tulane, you should look at Maple Street Cafe or Jamilas for a quick lunch or dinner. For breakfast I really would skip Camelia Grill and head to Panola Street Cafe for Crab Cakes Benedict instead. You can get a Plum Street Snoball on the way back to complete the experience....

Aug 05, 2010
thursby in New Orleans

Camelia Grill?

Y'all should really check the dates on these threads...Camelia Grill now owned by the Byblos people, which really doesn't change much of anything. Very average food, very average experience. Anyone who's visiting New Orleans and contemplating the (usually) long ride out to Camelia should save the trouble and just head to Clover Grill for much better food and a certainly more memorable experience...

Clover Grill
900 Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA 70116

Aug 01, 2010
thursby in New Orleans

Wondering about Delachaise. And Green Goddess.

Pains me to say it, but the Delachaise has gone way downhill recently. Last time I was there, they substituted out 3 of 4 cheeses (they were out of the one's I picked) and the fries which are usually dependable were soggy. The bartender told me that the cheeses were "out of season" which was sad, if it wasn't the funniest thing I'd heard in awhile. The best thing on the old menu, the grilled cheese is no longer available...I was told that the porter cheese was no longer available. Of course you can still buy it at lots of places in town... Just lazy. The twice cooked pork is very good though, if you wind up there. Not much of it, but very tasty.

Jan 30, 2010
thursby in New Orleans

Chipotle, Beef, and Bean Chili

Chili doesn't have beans or tomatoes. Or ground beef. Can you please call this beefy tomato bean soup?

Jan 30, 2010
thursby in Recipes

Quintessential New Orleans

Tujagues. Order at the bar and drink beer...

823 Decatur Street, New Orleans, LA 70116

Oct 28, 2009
thursby in New Orleans

"Hatch" Chiles -- Brand name or real meaning? [split from Texas]

"Farmers from other parts of New Mexico and other states including Arizona ship green chiles to Hatch to be resold. Some Hatch chile producers are reportedly shipping seeds to Mexico and having the chiles grown south of the border, where water and labor are cheaper." Is Arizona better or worse than Anaheim?

"There is no such thing as a Hatch chile, despite all the hype about them," according to Dave DeWitt, one of the nation's foremost authorities on chile peppers and the author of scads of books on the subject." I'm going with Dave, here.

Sep 14, 2009
thursby in General Topics

"Hatch" Chiles -- Brand name or real meaning? [split from Texas]

(Note: This thread was split from the Texas board at: -- The Chowhound Team)

Funny all of this love for what's just a brand name now, like "Angus" for beef...

Sep 13, 2009
thursby in General Topics