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Sorry, but another inquiry about Korean BBQ

Parks has good lighting and takes reservations, and better meat to boot.

Short and Sweet in SF -- need help with two meals for next Friday.

Disney Museum ftw! Although I'm not sure how much an 11-year old would enjoy it...I love the place.

L.A. Dish of the Month, June 2015 -- PIZZA's nearly cracker thin, pretty good stuffs, just a different style. When you do go, make sure you get some meringue...I went back a couple times just to pick that up, and I'm not even crazy about meringue.

Help w/ Pot

Also glad there are others! I'm never going to give up on Roy Choi = still hoping someday there will be a restaurant of his that I like, but thus far it's 0-0. And I don't think that it's because I'm Korean-American.

Thumbs down on brunch at Taco Maria

Completely, wholeheartedly agreed! Absolutely adored and thoroughly impressed with the bread and oatmeal...i don't even like oatmeal and now i have daydreams about it that leave me drooling. The grilled bread with the huitlacoche butter was so darn good that I ordered a bonus serving. All of the other courses were just fine, not as awe-inspiring, save for the chilaquiles. I didn't care for that, similar to the OP.

What's the most unique and upscale Iranian/Persian food in LA?

Adana is great. Menu is a mix, not straight Iranian, and is not as extensive as some other places but it's definitely more than worth checking out. The decor is rather bland in a rather simple squarish room, so definitely not what you're looking for in terms of upscale.

Anniversary dinner: Osteria Mozza or A.O.C.?

ktown may be too far for you but if not, saint martha. if you consider one of the mozza restaurants then how about trois mec instead as it is kitty corner.

Need rec for lunch near USC

Adding to LAX-area options:
-Coni Seafood
-Love and Salt

What does New York have that LA doesn't?

top places in manhattan or top places in manhattan that LA doesn't have? (re: wolfgang's)

What does New York have that LA doesn't?

fyi, they're opening up a flood of shops across the states, many in this area. I personally adore it (lamb and rice only) so I'm glad they're finally gracing us...every time I go (or a close friend), I have a couple plates brought back.

Delicious Italian, American, Farm-To-Table Recommendations? Help

get the terrine, don't get the fish&chips.

2014 - Best Sushi Omakase

Re: Terrine, went in their 1st week so it may have very well improved since then. The octopus w/burrata was pretty good, as was the the squid ink campanelle. The agnolotti w/truffled rice was too one dimensional in both taste and texture, and the supposedly famous "city's best" fish & chips were not good at all, even the chips. The terrine platter was excellent, thankfully as it is their namesake.

Great service.

Oh Ma Ni (Koreatown)

which chicken soup do you like?

If you had to pick 3 of the 5 which would you choose?

bestia and chi spacca. no 3rd.

TERRINE on Beverly

charcuterie plate with the namesake terrines was great, the octopus burrata starter also pretty good (after the first few bites where the flavor seems a tad muted). squid ink pasta was fine, albeit basic, the truffled rice agnolotti was a fail with its undercooked pasta and the filling being more cheesey than nything else, the hyped "best fish & chips in town" proving to be neither. pretty space, esp the patio, but dishes are a hit or miss.

Butchers & Barbers-- Anybody been?

second the cauliflower. everything I had was good to great, just don't get the cote de boeufe as it was a sore wreck, esp at 120$.

Sushi Tsujita, Nozawa Bar, or Q?

I don't care in the least bit about the atmosphere, which is why I was fine with Go's Mart seeral yrs ago (can't think of a crappier setting haha). I've most definitely read through all your posts on the omakase thread- mighty impressive year for you on the sushi front!! :) Now if I could only make up my mind...

Sushi Tsujita, Nozawa Bar, or Q?

Ciao Bob, do you agree with the others that the nigiri is better at Q?

Sushi Tsujita, Nozawa Bar, or Q?

So the actual sushi at Q is better than that at Tsujita, but the variety and creativity of the latter trumps that fact? To which place would you liken Tsujita's nigiri?

Sushi Tsujita, Nozawa Bar, or Q?

Yes, I've been to Mori and Shunji- love both though I've only been to Shunji once, and a couple yrs ago at that. I haven't been to Kiriko in years but it was never at the top of my list anyway. I'm torn between Tsujita and Q. Nigiri is my focus but Tsujita has been getting a lot of positive reviews...

Sushi Tsujita, Nozawa Bar, or Q?

Still haven't made my way to any of these...what is your rec, especially if you've been to all 3?

Kolache Factory

Tried it last year when they opened...had stopped by numerous times to see when they'd finally open, in eager anticipation as I love kolaches. Did not care for the savory or the sweet, and I tried most all of their offerings. It's a chain from Houston and as LA does not offer much competition in the kolache business, I think they'll do well enough. I'm still hoping a good kolache-making bakery starts up somewhere though.

Santa Monica Openings

Haven't been to the new storefront yet but the cookies i've tried from restaurants were not good at all, granted I've only tried 3-4 of them and this was a couple years back. Just another one of those promisingly creative flavors that aren't executed in final form.

Barrel & Ashes, meat porn folder:

no worries, you didn't miss out on the baby backs. of all 3 ribs I've tried the only ones likeable were the st. louis. I do hope he adds beef ribs at some point.

Park's BBQ vs Genwa vs Soowon vs ??? - Korean Food

KHD is great but solely for the pork bbq, and that mainly being pork jowl. Beef is not their forte.

For soup, it really depends on what type of soup you're looking for. Some examples:

-Han Bat for suhllungtang
-Parks for galbi tang (also Han Yang but that's in Buena Park)
-Olympic Noodle or Ma Dang Gook Soo for knife cut noodle soup
-Buil for sahmgyetang

Park's BBQ vs Genwa vs Soowon vs ??? - Korean Food

Yes, Park's is #1 in terms of the meat (beef). Soowon was good back in the day when they first opened but when I went for the first time in years, a couple of months ago, it was to my disappointment that I learned just how vast a decline it's suffered in terms of both quality and taste. Genwa is fine but if you really do care about the meat itself, why bother? Just stick to Park's.

Barrel & Ashes, meat porn folder:

they give you plenty of bbq sauce if you ask for it. did you try the st. louis? i liked those much better than the short rib and the spare ribs.

Barrel & Ashes, meat porn folder:

First time I went prior to the opening they said that both lunch service and take-out would come after they had settled into the groove of things so let's all be patient!

A not very extensive report on Barrel and Ashes.

What time were you seated?

Weirdest Ice Cream I've ever had...

Indeed, that's what I always end up doing- try all the weird flavors then go for what shouldn't be able to be messed up (almond brittle w/salted ganache, ooey gooey brownie, tomato/avocado sherbet). I do have to say, however, the apple pie flavor I had a short while back was pretty wretched, resulting in being tossed less than halfway through. I just wish they'd bring their pear&blue chz flavor down from portland. As far as unusual flavors go I think Quenelle tends to do a better job although they're generally lean toward the less bizarre side.