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Kouing Aman?

Did try La Belle Terre back in june - no bueno. Recently had Bouchon's and was sorely disappointed. I actually knew I'd be right when I walked in and spotted them - they now look exactly like the flat ones at Bouchon in LV. :*(

With bay area shops (i.e. Ike's, Philz, Craftsman&Wolve) making their way down here, I'm totally rooting (and praying) that B Patisserie does soon. Belinda's kouign amanns are my #1 now that Bouchon's is no longer the same.

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GCM is Getting The Best Ice Cream Parlour

Finally got to try it @ the fried chicken festival this past wknd - great all-American parlor-type ice cream...just simple goodness. Carmela is still my fave in the area but I prefer McConnells to Sweet Rose.

Wheat & Sons at the Anaheim Packing House

I may be in the minority but the wheat & sons porchetta was just ok for me. It was pretty good (not great) at first but after a third of the sandwich it started tasting (and smelling) like b.o. I don't care for the food at the packing house (what I've tried) but the space is definitely nice, particularly for the area.

Help!! N/Naka or Zo

n/naka. and yes, over shunji as well.


like at sidecar or glazedla?

Kouing Aman?

The best one in LA really is still Bouchon's. I tried the one in LV a couple of yrs ago and it was visibly flat to the point where I interrogated the poor employee behind the counter. Twas nothing like LA's to say the least.

Places like Bread Lounge and Sycamore Kitchen all have their rendition but Bouchon's (LA) still blows them out of the water. Not in LA but in the bay area, B Patisserie's is pretty amazingly awesome, with seasonal flavors, to boot.

Ah, kouign amann, how I love thee with all my own.

Sonny's Hideaway or Warren's Blackboard

how was the patio seating (from what you could tell)?

Sonny's Hideaway or Warren's Blackboard

Yes, thought of Maximiliano but unfortunately they don't have a full bar...at least not according to their website.

Changes at Flores

Went to the other location when it first opened. It's definitely different w/all those layers. Hard to explain as it's juicy yet a different type of juicy since it's coming more from the layers than the meat itself. The meat is on the drier side but in a way that works as it's from being pounded thin, and with so many added layers and a light airy batter it's pretty delicious. Definitely worth trying once, and I'd go back a second or third time but in the end I still prefer a traditional 1-layer tonkatsu.

Sonny's Hideaway or Warren's Blackboard

Thank you! How about the patio?

Sonny's Hideaway or Warren's Blackboard

Has anyone been to both or either? Trying to find a good place close enough to Glendale for a group of 10 - requirements: full bar and good food. Atmosphere is a plus as most of the group cares more about that and alcohol than anything else but since I'm planning I say food is #1 priority. I haven't been able to find much about the 2 places...

Roy Choi's POT

Lest they've changed it since last Tuesday, you can order individual-sized pots at the tables.

Roy Choi's POT

I wouldn't mind a return visit but I didn't care for any of the dishes we tried. Had the sea beans, somen noodle special, fisherman's wharf and shorty. The pickled sea beans with ground sesame and seaweed were pretty good, albeit a tad salty. The somen noodle was not as good as your typical bibimgooksoo at your typical korean joint, and the noodles were slightly overcooked. The shorty is like a galbi jjim only with more broth and less meat - I advise against ordering this as you can get a much MUCH better one at most places that have galbi jjim. The fisherman's wharf fared better...I liked that the fish roe made it reminiscent of al jjigae or al tang (fish egg stew)...but the one big hunk of sardine and broken up bits of rock cod didn't make it very appealing otherwise.

I'm sure the trendy place will do well, particularly with those uninitiated into the korean stew world, but as for myself, it'll be just another addition to the growing list of Roy Choi restaurants, none of which I enjoy.

"Chicken and Rice" -- What NYC can do, LA certainly cannot do better

and the hot sauce! i slosh a buttload of hot sauce on my lamb&rice...*drool*

"Chicken and Rice" -- What NYC can do, LA certainly cannot do better

Truly, to each his own. I happen to love the lamb & rice (always disliked the chicken however). Yes, the sauces make it absolutely delicious and crave-worthy, however, even without the sauces I'd say it's at least fairly good...most def a far cry from being "virtually inedible."

Herringbone at The Mondrian

Had a new scallop (with guanciale and peas) dish which was too salty so they re-did it. They first explained that it was because of the guanciale that it was salty but I told them I've had guanciale before and it shouldn't make the scallops that incredibly salty. When the server brought it out the second time he informed me that the manager comped it and wanted to know my thoughts on it as it was a new dish. It was much better the second time around but the components of the dish just didn't meld well together. I also tried duck pasta (good), mussels (decent), shrimp & grits (skip this one), carne asada fries (standard but w/o the greasy creamy overloaded bomb you'd get at a mexican place = pass), the margherita and prosciutto flatbreads (decent but wouldn't order again). It's a beautiful space, both inside and outside, but all in all the food did not warrant any interest in a return visit.

Is Guisados really that great?

different peppers taste different. like i love the taste of habaneros more than serranos. then again, i am just into peppers so maybe i'm the odd girl in.

Is Guisados really that great?

i think the chili toreados is pretty delicious. yes, it's hot, but the mix of sauteed peppers, all cooked to a great consistency, works well. it's definitely my go to taco there.

Long Beach next week

been a while since I tried all of those (still haven't tried mother dough) but I liked Michael's better than mozza, sotto, olio, and bestia, while on par with what I remember of settebello and milo & olive.

Best Steak In Los Angeles....

jar is decent. salt's cure, i'd imagine, should be good.

What is your favorite donut in LA right now and where ?

yes, pretty good. but keep in mind that these are either filled or topped off, gourmet-style. they have both savory and sweet donuts. given the location and hours i'm sure they'll do well but i still think the prices are a tad too high.

Aussie Food in L.A.

In addition to Bronzed Aussie is Pie-Not in Costa Mesa. One can then hit up Sidecar Donuts afterwards. Personally I'm not much of an Aussie-style meat pie/sausage roll myself so both places were just okay. I think I liked Bronzed more (crust+filling).

What is your favorite donut in LA right now and where ?

checked out the new Glazed LA last night. bourbon pecan, apple crumble, tres leches, cremesicle, carrot pineapple, chicken beignets and miss piggy (pulled pork sliders). all in all tasty...particularly loved the warm honey maple sauce that came w/the beignets. they were out of the monte cristo. i think w/the location (weho) and hours, it'll stick around for good.

Korean query

Very comparable...it's in my top 4. Parks is still my #1 (despite my last visit not being up to par). Genwa's meat quality is great, banchans are more about variety than anything but still generally great. If you haven't tried Genwa you should give it a shot. Perhaps try the new BH location as it takes reservations.

Bos LA in Honda Plza

worth trying for the sake of trying...not good enough to warrant a return visit.

Park's vs. Kang Hodong Baekjeong?

simply put: parks is the best for beef, khd is best for pork.

i always determine which meat i'm in the mood for and go accordingly.

Los Angeles Dish of the Month (February 2014) - Nominations


Dessert or Light Snack after the Saban Theater

perfectly and nearly next door: red medicine!! their desserts are fully endorsed by yours truly~

What's your LEAST favorite restaurant in LA ? (excepting of course for chains).

which desserts have u tried there?? i've had all but the milk choco cream and thought they were superb.


cinnamon brulee & chocolate decadence @ deluscious.