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Paella Mixta (Paella with Seafood and Meat)

Excellent. Made this for dinner tonight. Only changes: calrose rice because I couldn't find bomba, and I didn't have all of the clams etc. - only jumbo shrimp in the seafood department. And I don't have a proper paella pan, so I used a Le Creuset braiser.

It was delish! And easy too - not very fussy at all. I started prep early in the afternoon, abandoned it all when our dinner guests arrived, and then got back to it about 45 minutes before serving.

Will definitely make again!

Nov 23, 2014
smartygirl in Recipes

Patachou closes May 3... go now or else

the st clair one is already closed! was there under two weeks ago and they said 3 may would be the last day, but i guess that changed...

i wanted to gorge on palet nougatines today! what's a good alternate source, for future reference?

Grandma's Carrot Pudding [split from S.F.]

my grandmother always made that pudding too!

Nov 19, 2013
smartygirl in Home Cooking

Xanthan gum

the bulk food store "tutti frutti" on kensington ave. has it. you'll probably have to ask for it though, as things are often hard to find. cheap though.

Where to buy GOOD eggs in Toronto or GTA?

i've been getting "vita-egg" free run eggs at the health food store in our neighbourhood (formerly called etherea, now called "eazy health"). yolks are big & orange, and i think yummier although i haven't done any blind taste-testing! they are $6.25/dozen i think

Diverson by Ferraro on Dupont--number is out of service

whoa, i had no idea! i work in the area & would go there once in a while. shame that it's gone.

roast pig?

i'm wondering if anyone's had pig from barraida recently? i am craving some pig but not enough to get a whole one.

lieber's butterscotch chips

man, thornhill. is far. but my sister is visiting this weekend, so i guess i'll make the trek.

lieber's butterscotch chips

wondering if any stores carry lieber's butterscotch chips? they're a guilty pleasure of mine, and the lieber's ones are vegan. also kohser pareve, so maybe one of the jewish stores? can anyone recommend?

Where to buy Lazzaroni Amaretti Cookies in Toronto.

the best thing to do with these is to roll the paper into a little tube, stand it up on a saucer, light the top afire, and watch it float in the air like a tiny flaming balloon.

Candied cherries - my sister's fruitcake recipe

eight years too late, but if anyone else is interested, there's a recipe for glace cherries here: warning: the whole recipe takes 5 days or so!

Nov 04, 2012
smartygirl in Home Cooking

roka cheese crispies aka che-cri dutch gouda crackers

where can i find these in toronto? you'd think dutch dreams would have them, but they didn't last time i checked. i even found the corporate website, but it didn't have any useful info that i could find about where to buy them.

they are seriously the best crackers ever.


if it's not too late, i'll recommend the big ragu very old school & cozy. i'm not italian, but i know italian foodies who love it there.

Burger's Priest now only serves overcooked burgers!

i wouldn't *recommend* any of them, but i'm certain they're out there... pretty sure my ancient copy of mme benoit's encyclopedia of canadian cuisine has a recipe for tartare that was basically "make a hamburger and don't cook it" (i'm paraphrasing, obvs)

Windsor Arms High Tea review - great tea, lovely food but seriously lacking in quality of serviceā€

we went there for lunch yesterday, and i too was shocked at the poor service.

i called a week prior to make a reservation, and no one called me back. on friday i called again, and actually got a person to answer the phone. i asked which room had the vegan options, since one of our party was vegan, and made the reservation. when we arrived, they couldn't find it. there were three people milling about the host area, and one of them finally said "uh, let me just get that set up for you." then another overheard us mention something about the vegan options, and said "oh, wait, i know where you're supposed to be..."

they took us to a table in "prime" which was near a service door, so we were treated to a fellow going back and forth carrying dirty tablecloths and whatnot. and the room was mostly empty!

even though i told them there was only one vegan among us, they gave everyone the vegan menus without letting them know there were other options.

i had a cobb salad which was fine. one of our party ordered a club sandwich which appeared to be made with wonderbread and come with mccain's superfries. our server was far too familiar for my tastes. for those prices, i was expecting much better treatment on all levels.

will not be back!

ViPei Bistro - Has anyone been?

went here tonight on the recommendation of this thread - looking for something kid-friendly, not too pricey in the bluffs area. was good! our server - the one and only server - seemed a bit overwhelmed, but the food was all pretty good - we had the grilled calamari (a bit on the chewy side), wild mushroom salad (excellent), spaghettini with scallops and bacon and stuff, and the "blushing lobster."

i was tempted to order the "orange you nuts for this pasta ?!" but chickened out!

Fish and Chips in TO that have Fries with Dressing (Newfie Fries)!

an update: hellen's is under new, non-newf management. but there is a new place in fenelon falls called sharney's, and they have fries with dressing and gravy! they were still, er, working out the kinks, service-wise, when i went. but the newfie fries were a popular order. i can't vouch for authenticity or anything, but they sure were tasty!

Margherita Pizza: Toronto/Ontario Dish of the Month August 2012

it is tasty but we always need seconds! the servings are small, even my 5-year-old can eat two.

Ivy's Kitchen/Picea - what happened?

i'm curious about their "breakfast pies."

Chinese Roast Piglet - best?

update - we ordered from churrasco's in the end, and they were late delivering, but boy was that some tasty pig!

Anyone know of any bakers in GTA that do ... kouign-aman

you just reminded me, i've meant to try my hand at one since i got my braces off, but haven't got around to it!

and it appears no restaurants around here have tried their hand in a while either. drat.


oh, i admit i haven't been in a while, but i used to love batifole. hope they come back.

Amarone by the glass?

i think i've had it at the westerly, but my memory is poor, so you'd want to call and check.

Chinese Roast Piglet - best?

just a word of warning for y'all... i tried the "order online" option at, didn't get any kind of response, so i called to confirm and was told, "oh, we can't do that, the owner's away."

why do restaurants have websites with fake info? sigh...

Momofuku Milk Bar: Looking for several specialty products, please advise!!

it's not so much "i'm an awesome gardener" as "this is an old school italian portugese neighbourhood." i'm sure every house on the block had a grape arbour made from old plumbing supplies at some point. we've actually got i think 3 different types of grapes - concord, and two more red varieties that don't look quite the same.

ylsf, i actually thought about not far from the tree a couple of years ago, but they were only in the east end at the time - thanks for the reminder! i'd love to have some help with the grapes, and maybe trade for some cherries or something.

iso eats around yonge and davisville...

ok, we went last night, your recommendations were spot on, including to avoid the noodle dishes.

my husband got the cantonese seafood chow mein which had lots of seafood which made him happy, but the sauce was all corn starch and nothing else, the the noodles were gummed up with it - we got the shrimps, almonds, & veg for the kiddo, which had lots of shrimp, nice fresh crisp veg, and the same bland gluey sauce - but that was ok for him since he's 5.

i got the mu shu pork which was good and the dry cooked green beans with ground chicken which were excellent - nice and gingery. yum. never would have thought to order that without your recommendation, thanks!

Momofuku Milk Bar: Looking for several specialty products, please advise!!

you can have the concord grapes from the arbour in my backyard if you want to pick them yourself. i harvested and made various things (pie, juice, jam, ice cream) one year, but the fact i'm too lazy to harvest them - my arms get tired reaching up like that - and there are always a ton of wasps.

not ready till mid-late september, though.

iso eats around yonge and davisville...

actually not too late; our plans got messed with, so we'll go this friday instead. will definitely report back!

Chinese Roast Piglet - best?

just looked at them again, pigroastcatering says its piglet is "up to 50 lbs" which would serve close to 50 people, i.e. their pig could be as much as twice the size as roasted piglet, which explains some of the price difference.

dmartins123, what's your definition of too big to be a piglet? or are you thinking suckling pig?

iso eats around yonge and davisville...

we're going here tonight, glad to see these recommendations! any other must-haves (or must-not-haves)?