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Need delicious green smoothie recipe

I've been living on this one for breakfast lately...

a cup of spinach
a cup of kale
1 banana
1 pear
as much orange juice as you need for it to blend.

I'll usually add a bit of greek yogurt for protein and some ground flax. It makes enough for 2.

Apr 04, 2012
Bananna85 in Home Cooking

What are you baking these days? April 2012 [old]

My SO is obsessed with sticky buns, but I've never made them. I'm whipping up a batch (and by "whipping up" I am referring to what will likely be a 3 day process) of Bon Appetite's Ultimate Sticky Buns for Easter brunch on Friday. Has anyone tried this recipe or do you know of a better one?

Apr 04, 2012
Bananna85 in Home Cooking

Bison Short Ribs YYC

Does anyone know where I could find bison short ribs in the city? Does Valta still have their Farmer's Market location?

Mar 18, 2012
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces

Best Burger in Calgary?

I wondered if their burgers would be the same. I love Blue Star for breakfast, but haven't been for dinner yet. That's good to know. Their burgers are amazing- a little messy, but amazing.

Mar 12, 2012
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces

Best Burger in Calgary?

Have you tried the burgers at Dairy Lane?

Mar 09, 2012
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces

Charpop - Calgary

I think it's a great idea. It's something new and different and more of an experience than just dining out. The mystery of it all is half the fun.
I love Charcut and I love Aviv's stuff so I have no doubt that whatever menu they come up with will be stellar.

Jan 06, 2012
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces

Best in Calgary when you are under the weather / freezing

Ugh. I've had a cold all week and all I want is Satay Beef Soup with Egg Noodle from Song Viet. Clears the sinuses right up!

Oct 07, 2011
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces

Rookie Mistake


My mom never used parchment when she baked so when I moved out and something said to use parchment paper, I assumed it was the same as wax paper. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why my oven was smoking. Not my brightest moment, but I've had a handful of friends do the same thing!

Sep 30, 2011
Bananna85 in General Topics

Rookie Mistake

Parchment paper and wax paper...not the same thing.

Sep 29, 2011
Bananna85 in General Topics

The, Um, Breast Milk in the Fridge

I'm all for breastfeeding and the benefits that come along with it, but that doesn't mean I want to see your breast pump and milk when I reach for my sandwich.
How about instead of leaving the pump parts in the drying rack, you dry them off when you're finished using them and store them at your desk. And why not put your breast milk in a lunch bag in the fridge. This way, you can pump and store at work without offending anyone.


Aug 09, 2011
Bananna85 in Features

Venues around Bankers Hall - afterwork social

I think the new Sunterra on Macleod does cooking classes on their second floor. They might be a bit cheaper than Cookbook Co.

Jul 19, 2011
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces

Peppercorn Pate - Calgary

I'm pretty sure Janice Beaton used to sell Valbella peppercorn pate, but I don't recall seeing it there lately. Maybe try Sunterra. I believe they carry Valbella as well.

Feb 25, 2011
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces

Valta Bison

Does anyone know if the Valta Bison store in Ramsay is still open? I see it on Yelp, but there's no mention of it on their website.

Jan 20, 2011
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces

Looking for Restaurant Recommendation for Family Dinner in Calgary

Brava Bistro?

Brava Bistro
723 17th Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0B6, CA

Jan 18, 2011
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces

Baking Tins-Calgary

Does anyone know where to get large tins to put Christmas baking in? I've tried a couple of dollar stores, but the ones they have are too small.

Dec 06, 2010
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces

"Harvest" tables in Calgary?

Boxwood has one

Dec 06, 2010
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces

Big Rock Grill

Does anyone one know if there is still a restaurant at Big Rock Brewery?

Dec 06, 2010
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces

Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant-Calgary

Does anyone know of any restaurants doing a Thanksgiving menu this year?

I did see that River Cafe is offering it and was wondering if there are others.

Oct 08, 2010
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces

Noble in Calgary?

Oh it's only the greatest drink ever created!

It's gin, lemon juice, sugar (or Cointreau) and champagne.

Aug 20, 2010
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces

Noble in Calgary?

We also went to Notable last night and I'm pretty sure I watched the bartender make your sangria and your husband's bourbon and Coke :)

We got there around 7:30 and there were no tables available so we decided to go have a drink at the bar and wait until something came up. After snacking on the roasted almonds they set out on the tables we decided just to order and eat at the bar. We started with the flatbread, I ordered the half chicken and my SO ordered the pulled chicken sandwich.

The good...

I asked if the bartender could make me a French 75 and he said "I don't know how, but I can certainly find out" and he pulled his iPhone out and searched for the recipe and whipped one up no problem.

The flatbread was great and my chicken was delicious. It was smoky, juicy and perfectly cooked.

I thought the prices were great considering the quantity and quality of the food.

A couple of gripes...

The menu said the half chicken comes with fries and I asked if I could substitute a salad. The bartender then told me that the chicken actually come with vegetables and the daily potato. I figured that was even better but, when the dish came it was, in fact, served with fries. Not a huge deal since the fries were delicious!

The SO didn't love his chicken sandwich. When I asked how it was he shrugged and said "It's ok. It tastes like a chicken sandwich I guess." I tried it and his description was pretty spot on. Nothing too special, just a chicken sandwich.

Our appetizer came out quite quickly after we ordered, but 2 minutes after they put it down, our meals came out. The man who brought it (I assume he was the manager) apologized saying it had been 'one of those nights.'

It seemed like there were A LOT of wait staff just kind of hovering around not sure what to do with themselves.

Overall, I enjoyed it and would go back again.

Aug 20, 2010
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces

Just Desserts...and wine-Calgary

We're having a late evening visit with some friends from out of town and we're hoping to head out for a couple glasses of wine and some dessert. We'd like to stick around 17th. Any suggestions?

I thought maybe Vin Room or Jaro Blue, but I've never had dessert at either.

Vin Room
2310-4th St SW, Calgary, AB T2S 1X2, CA

Aug 11, 2010
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces

Gazpacho in Calgary

I'll probably just end up making it at home, but does anyone know of any good gazpacho in Calgary?

My craving for it is beginning to take over my life.

Jul 26, 2010
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces

Sangria in Calgary?

Now this is my kind of thread!

I love the sangria (and the food) at the Coup/Meet. I vaguely remember enjoying it at El Sombrero as well, but their food is a bit disappointing.

Jul 08, 2010
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces

Kensington gossip - Calgary

Has anyone tried Evolution Pizza yet?

May 05, 2010
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces

Butchers with package deals in Calgary?

Hirsche Fraser out of Okotoks

Apr 15, 2010
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces

Romance in Banff?

Bison Mountain Bistro is beautiful. The food is great as is the atmosphere.

Fondue at the Grizzly House is fun, but you and you clothes will stink after...which could work to your advantage. No one wants to wear stinky clothes ;)

We always head to the Maple Leaf for a nice meal, but I've never had a good dessert there. I don't know if you're a dessert person, but you might want to take that into account.

The Grizzly House
207 Banff Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1B4, CA

Apr 09, 2010
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces

Provence in Okotoks

I haven't been to Provence, but there's a new (ish) cafe called Heartland (I don't think there's any association to the one that used to be in Kensington) and they have great food. The building used to be a church and was a home furnishing store for a while and they've converted it into a great little restaurant that does awesome breakfast and lunch.

Feb 24, 2010
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces

YYC - Dinner around the Chinook Centre Area

Il Centro has amazing pizza. There has been a few comments on here regarding their service, but we had great service when we went. The only issue is that I think they close at 6pm on weeknights so you'll have to get there early.

Feb 03, 2010
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces

Small Plates tour cut short by Milk Tiger

As if I didn't miss A Bar Named Sue enough...

Jan 15, 2010
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces

Private or semi-private room for 30 in Calgary..

Bonterra has a great private room. I'm not too sure how many people it fit, but it might be worth looking into.

Dec 22, 2009
Bananna85 in Prairie Provinces