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Best Cooking Lessons - Manhattan

yumyumchefs based out of Dumbo. They're a growing company with talented, classically trained chefs (all FCI grads) and yummy food. Classes change with the season and are a lot of fun. Prices are nice too. I took their Thanksgiving series classes with a couple of friends this past month and had a blast! is their website. I don't think they mention the classes on the website but you could call and see what they offer. ICE is expensive but I'm sure cool.

Dec 04, 2008
swtnsaltysouthern in Manhattan

where to find king cake???

does anyone know where to find king cake??

Feb 01, 2008
swtnsaltysouthern in Manhattan

below 14th casual live music sat dinner for 10

I'm hosting a 25th bday dinner celebration a couple Saturdays from now and am looking for a low key, downtown spot for about 10 people. Traditional American, Southern, or Latin hopeful. Live music or atleast an awesome juke box would be nice. Help! the guests are foodies!

Jan 24, 2008
swtnsaltysouthern in Manhattan