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Man I could really go for some steak and shake right now

Why are there no good chains on the east coast? I can hardly find a Taco and the closest Steak and Shake to me (in DC) is in Pennsylvania! Sorry for the rant, but I lived in Chicago for 4 years and was really spoiled. I had Flat Top and steak and shake within 2 miles of each other.

Mar 06, 2008
schweitzbig10 in Chains

Cheap middle eastern in DC

I always see threads about great middle eastern food in places I don't recognize (read suburbs). Does anyone have a good go-to place in DC for falafel, shwarma, shishtauok? And I've been to that Zatinya (sp?) restaurant - that is not true middle eastern food - it is way too fancy and portions are super small.


Buffalo Burgers or Steaks?

The fries are ok by me - I guess I'm too picky - I like thinner crunchier fries that are the norm at other belgian bars. The aioli sauce is pretty amazing though I must say.

Buffalo Burgers or Steaks?

Granville Moore's on H street has a bison burger. Not great though. The beer however, makes everything ok.

Cooking/Baking/Wine Classes?

If you find any relatively inexpensive classes, let me know!

Italian Dive on Hill

I've been once - stay away from the cheesecake and you'll be fin - pizza is good but make it simple - too many topics don't mesh on their pizza

Interesting eats near Bradley Center in Milwaukee.

Buck Bradley's if it is still there (sorry, I haven't been in a while). The King and I is great thai food. There's a benihana close by.

Chicago Style Italian Beef

The new menu at America has amazing Chicago Style Hot Dogs - I felt like I was back in Chicago - they're not cheap though - 2 for $9. Soooo good though. Stay away from Billy Goat Tavern if it is real chicago goodness you are looking for. And the only way to get pizza as good as lou's is to have it shipped. Even after a couple days in dry ice it's better than any so called "deep dish" in DC/Balt. area.

Cafe Berlin on Cap Hill

Any opinions on this place?