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Coconut Creek/Margate/Parkland 'local' great restaurants??

There are actually some very good restaurant options in the area -- particularly Coral Springs -- that you should check out.

Big Bear Brewing Company in Coral Springs has been brewing its own beer for almost 16 years now -- the beers recently took home some huge national awards, and the only place to get them is on site, since it's a brew pub. Fantastic classic American cooking as well, with some whole-grain crust pizzas, burgers, steaks, etc.
1800 North University Drive Coral Springs, FL 33071
(954) 341-5545

Manny's Bakery in Coral Springs is a must visit if you like sandwiches and/or Latin food. They bake their own bread fresh daily, using it to create some monster sandwiches stuffed with house-made pork, ham, sausage, roast beef, and more. The empanadas, at less than $2 a pop, are outstanding.
9711 West Sample Road Coral Springs, FL 33065
(954) 346-8666

Saigon Cuisine on 441 in Margate is among the best Vietnamese restaurants in the area. Very fresh ingredients and bold flavors are key in all dishes. The pho and banh mi are without equal in the area.
1392 North State Road 7 Margate, FL 33063
(954) 975-2426

Korean BIbimbop in Miami?

For those willing to venture to West Broward, there are now two new Korean restaurants just across the street from Gabose. They are literally a few doors away from each other, which is surprising.

Manna - 4966 N University Dr
Lauderhill, FL 33319

R.O.K. - 4954 N University Dr
Lauderhill, FL 33319

I have not been to either, yet. Both have around 30 reviews on yelp and the feedback seems positive.

HotDog-Opolis Boca Raton

The dogs at BurgerFI are pretty good - if you're interested in trying, this beer pairing is a pretty good time to do so since you'll get 5 menu items and beers for $15. Plus I'll be there!

Palm Beach County closings 2012

I think it's called Player's Sports Bar now.

Awesome ribs?? Anywhere near the Miami-ish area

Actually I received a call from the owner about 6 months ago... he was looking at locations in Boca Raton (in fact, the old Rib Biz, which was vacant at the time). I thought he was scouting a second location, not somewhere to move to. Guess he settled on Southern and Dixie...unincorporated West Palm Beach?

Delray Affair Weekend - BBQ, Conch, Traffic Abundant!

I just drove by there last week and saw Donald sitting inside, so I'd imagine they're still alive and kickin'.

Which reminds me: time to go back.

Awesome ribs?? Anywhere near the Miami-ish area

I find the ribs pretty decent at Sheila's Famous BBQ, Conch, and More. But the cracked conch is the star. Get them both together with some conch salad and conch fritters, and you'll be a happy camper. Oh, and ask for the ribs SOS (sauce on the side).

Sheila's Famous
1132 S. J St.
Lake Worth, FL 33460

You'll find a full review here:

NYC Foodie visiting Miami for hole in the walls ??

Downtown is largely avoidable, but I'd head there for Sparky's Roadside BBQ and Filling Station for stick-to-your-ribs food and really good beer. Filling Station is well regarded for their wings, and keeps a rotating list of craft beer on tap and about 50 more in bottle. Sparky's does pretty solid 'cue with some creative twists, like 8 different sauces, each very unique. Both are cool places to hang out and talk to locals.

Desperately Seeking Indian Food In PBC

New Indian restaurant on Sample Road in Coral Springs - Chutney & Pickle Fine Indian Cuisine.

Looks fairly contemporary as far as Indian restaurants go. The menu is mid-priced with a large selection of meat dishes, some fish and seafood, Southern Indian, and vegetarian options, plus a vindaloo/phall section. Planning on checking it out soon.

Hogfish in Broward County?

Unsure, that would be interesting to find out.

Hogfish in Broward County?

This is why you are finding less and less local fish on Florida menus (two part series):

To corroborate, a local restaurateur recently told me inspectors visit his restaurant up to 3 times per month trying to catch him with "illegal" local fish. The fine? $5000 minimum for your first offense.

The law purports safety, but there's big business and lobbyists behind this, to be sure. It's a shame you can't find fish that swim off the coast on menus in our own state.

That said *some* local eateries are still doing hogfish from time to time. Seafood World is one place in Broward that occasionally has it, but that may be the only place these days. If you're willing to drive to Palm Beach, Hog Snappers in Jupiter has it often. I used to find hogfish at Sushi Simon in Boyton, Jimmie's Bistro in Delray Beach, and you'll occasionally see it at Sushi Bon in Lantana.

I can't speak to Dade, but in the Keys, you will most definitely find hogfish at Keys Fisheries on Marathon. That place alone is worth the 2 hour drive, to say nothing of the rest of the Marathon.

Good luck!

Buffalo wing's 4 2012!!!

The Sport's Grill in South Miami is the best one, if not for the quality and cleanliness then for the beer selection. They have a ton of craft bottles and about 5-6 rotating craft drafts at any given time. And if you order 16 of their "Dale's" wings (simply awesome), then you get a FREE Dale's Pale Ale. You can't get better than that.

Where to Buy Sushi Grade Fish

I know this departs from your original inquiry, but I'd consider crafting a sushi dinner that isn't based around tuna. For example, you can acquire many local fish that can be turned into a unique sushi feast. Yellowtail, hog snapper, mutton snapper, and even pompano can make for outstanding usuzukuri, served with some homemade ponzu and a little seven spice. This sort of meal is a delicious departure from the traditional tuna sushi platter, not to mention it's a wiser ecological decision since tuna is dangerously over-fished.

As far as acquiring this stuff, you'll actually have an easier time and it will be far cheaper as well. Pop's Fish Market on Hillsboro in Deerfield would be my top destination, but you also have Delaware Chicken Farm in Hollywood, Fish Peddler in Pompano, and All Sea's in Coral Springs. At each of these places you can buy whole if you are crafty enough to butcher yourself, or have them filet it for you. I like to buy whole and use the odd bits (cheeks, fin meat, etc) to make a Japanese-inspired ceviche.

Good luck!

Please comment on the list of restaurants for first week of April

Since you're already driving into Miami on a few occasions, I'd consider Joe's Stone Crab instead of Rustic Inn. I find the crabs at Rustic Inn to be just OK in quality and drenched in oil. For a few bucks more per person you can eat stone crab at the source, which is really the only crab you should go out of your way to eat in SoFla. And you'll actually taste the crab at Joe's, where it's basically steamed straight off the boat, then chilled and served with mustard sauce.

Special Dinner in Ft. Lauderdale?

No view at da Campo, and the food is obscenely priced. You'd leave with a mortgage if you brought a party.

3030 Ocean would be a good option; though pricey, the food delivers. Steak 954 does some small plates now that are more budget minded. Both have nice views. Aruba Beach cafe has OK food, and is a little of a madhouse, but it's right on the beach. Serafina in Victoria Park is on the new river and the food is good with a nice view. Best of luck!

The Federal Food Drink & Provisions

The Federal Miami is now open; has anyone been and have some thoughts? The menu definitely looked enticing -- like a mix of "snout to tail" ethos and retro Southern dining with a dash of Reader's Digest cookbook thrown in. Excited to check out it, but I'd love to hear some details from any early adopters.


Actually, I asked the same question -- Troy (the owner) cooks the burgers medium to medium-well, so there's little to no pink inside. Ordinarily, I'd be skeptical of this method, especially since the patty is about 1/2 inch thick. But believe me: the burger stays plenty juicy, owing to that bacon fat.

@net: Separating wheat from the chaff is right. The market's been flooded with poor trucks doing sub par or pre-made food from the likes of Sysco. I don't usually go to the meet ups and longer unless I have a particular craving for Stove, Dim Ssam, or La Cam and I know one of them will be there.

Khana Kh'Zana is a truly GREAT Indian Restaurant in Coral Springs

I can definitely appreciate that, Pamela. I love a good hole in the wall. And a warm, personal experience goes a long way in helping you enjoy any meal.

To be honest, I don't think I'd call any of the Indian restaurants in the area exceptional. There are plenty of "good" experiences, and I'd put Woodlands in that category, but definitely no must visits. If you're into northern dishes and meat-based curries, it probably wouldn't light your fire either.

The main problem I've seen is inconsistency, lack of atmosphere, and service. I used to really like Saffron in West Palm Beach, but have had bad experiences there as well.

Where are the best burger joints in Miami (possibly South Beach)?

"For a burger purist Shake Shack is the place."

Very much agreed.

Jupiter to WPB - the hit list

If you haven't taken your trip yet, you should also stop by Corner Cafe/Tequesta Brewery in Tequesta (just barely 5 minutes north of Food Shack) for some outstanding food and craft beer brewed on premises.


Really, you can't go wrong with the Stove Burger. The owner uses the same meat they use at Charm City Burgers but with the addition of ground bacon in the patty. He cooks it to a crisp on a super hot skillet, so it forms a great crust, and serves it on a bun toasted on the inside with fried onions and Wisconsin cheese sauce. Definitely a winning burger.

Also check out his Cap'N Crunch chicken tenders.

One truck rarely spoken about is La Camonera, but it's hands down my favorite. The minuta should be the official sandwich of Miami. Fresh snapper, fried perfectly; slight hint of cumin and garlic in the batter; fresh, sweet, pliant roll; simply dressed with chopped onions and ketchup. Sometimes, the simple things are the best.

Khana Kh'Zana is a truly GREAT Indian Restaurant in Coral Springs

I realize my first post was rather blunt, I apologize. I've tried Khana on several occasions and just found it similar to very cheap take out -- greasy, warmed over, not so fresh,etc. For better Indian in the North Broward area, I recommend you check out Woodlands Vegetarian Indian Cuisine in Lauderhill and Udipi Cafe in Sunrise. Both serve Southern style, so dosai, sambal, rasam, pathura, etc., but they have some great traditional veg curries and pilafs as well. I find Woodlands has better mild dishes (esp with cheese) such as palak paneer, mutter paneer, etc. -- their channa bhatura is legendary. Udipi does some outstanding Indochinese such as Manchurian cauliflower and they have a very deft hand with spices. You do, however, have to put up with some very ineffectual service at Upidi, but the authenticity of the food is worth it.

Also in Sunrise is India House, which is quite good too if you're looking for meat-based dishes. They have great chicken dishes and spicy vindaloos, etc, plus some really excellent naan and tandoor dishes.

Freaker, I've seen a lot of people recommend Indus to me, but on my sole visit I was really disappointed. I had some tandoor-style chicken that I couldn't even finish, and some vegetarian curry with a butter sauce that had flecks of burnt spices in it (overhot wok, I imagine). Should I give it another try? Is it worth the trip up?

I've found Curries 'n' More's balti curry -- a style similar to vindaloo -- to be very good. Tangy, spicy, rich. They do not have a proper tandoor, though, so the naan is definitely not authentic.

Khana Kh'Zana is a truly GREAT Indian Restaurant in Coral Springs

You gotta be kidding me... this place is the worst. Overwarmed food, bland, dull, and dingy beyond even my dive-crawling desires. There are probably half a dozen Indian restaurants in the immediate area I'd recommend over it, sorry.

Palm Beach County - New or Coming Soon

Now that's good eats.

Moby Rick's Rock 'N' Roll BBQ

The (former?) general manager of Rock 'N' Roll Ribs has opened his own restaurant on University Dr. in Tamarac, in the former JB Locals. If you liked the food at RnRR, I'm sure what's served here will be essentially identical.

Unsure if this is a split from Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden or if the two are still working together. Anyone been to RnRR lately?

Vietnamese food newbies - what to try?

They have people that speak English there, yes. I will warn you fish sauce is pretty liberally applied in most dishes there.

Sheila’s Famous Conch and BBQ in Lake Worth

I have it on good authority that Sheila's is looking to expand to Boca Raton. More info soon.

Creolina's: New Name/New Location

Hey, some of us live in the middle of nowhere! ;-D

Vietnamese food newbies - what to try?

Second bun noodles, pho, and add to that banh mi, which is a French-style deli sandwich made typically with lightly pickled carrot, daikon, and cucumber, plus cilantro, fresh jalapenos, and Viet deli meats (sweet ham, chicken liver pate, cold meatballs, et al).

Saigon Cuisine also gets my vote, but I also like Pho Hoa on 441 near Prospect Rd. They make the best sweet taro smoothies with chewy tapioca balls, aka "Bubble" or "boba." Very refreshing on a hot day.

Pho Hoa Restaurant
5435 N State Road 7, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33319

Saigon Cuisine
1392 N State Road 7, Margate, FL 33063

Creolina's: New Name/New Location

It's too bad about Creolina's. I really liked some things about Mark's Dixie Takeout incarnation, but found others very lacking. In particular, some of the food tasted like it was prepped and either frozen in quantity or just lasted too long due to lack of business.

I still highly recommend Rosie Baby for a Cajun/Creole fix. Although it's no longer crawfish season, the po' boys -- particularly the fried oyster and fried catfish -- are out of this world good, comparable to some places I've tried in NOLA. The gator is also quite tasty and they make probably the best remoulade I've ever had.

209 SW 2nd St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301