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Ammonium Carbonate?

Mom's was also hard as a rock and suitable for soaking in coffee or milk. so it sounds like you made them the right way. :)

Thanks for the tips on finding the product.

Ammonium Carbonate?

Is Ammonium Carbonate available in the metro area? Apparently, in a google search, its also known as Bakers Ammonia. I don't need much, 2+ ounces mailorder seems a waste.

I grew up with a springerle recipe that used it ( a cookie, German, I think), and I'm wondering if it is available so I can revisit my childhood by baking this recipe.

Mom went to the local pharmacy for it ( I didn't grow up in MN)



wine pairing and cooking classes?

Thanks for that tip!!

wine pairing and cooking classes?

And, add Local D'Lish to the offerings of cooking classes.

wine pairing and cooking classes?

Thanks all for the suggestions. Very Helpful.

wine pairing and cooking classes?

Suggestions, please, for wine pairing classes and cooking classes in Mpls and St. Paul area. Thinking about holiday presents and would like to hear experiences.

Thanks much

Pubs/bars with the NFL Sunday Ticket

Give Sarna's a call (University and 41) Decent food and many TV's though I don't know what teams they play/favor. They've been willing to turn on a Lynx play off game in the midst of other 'important' games.

Another TC's sojourn begins.

"the Bulldog. It has made me unusually annoyed for some reason (I think because I was singled out for some reason: I saw no signs on my previous visit of people of mature years being harassed. " seems BB wasn't carded in a previous it was their management 'mistake' in consistency. Point: their loss.

Source for Organic Chicken in Blaine Area?

Where's the beef?

Barley Johns is on County Rd D, west of 35W.

Reasonably priced meats?

If you are interested in buying from the producers, here is the link to finding farmers/producers in Mn.

Unique Mustards....

Looking for buying a variety of unique mustards. Where in Mpls do you buy fun and different mustards?

Thanks in advance for ideas.

Our State Fair 2011: it's the Best State Fair in our State!

Happened on another thread with the connection....

"clepro also wanted to know, and someone replied that the MN State Fair was your best bet:


Where to take a non-Westerner for the most "American" food experiences? Must be baby-friendly.

I had a hot dog and a brat from Nate Dog's food truck and both were great! You mentioned hot dogs eariler...find out where he is going to be.

Smoked Salt in Minneapolis

Try Annona Gourmet in Northeast.

Looking for good food 1/2 btw Minneapolis and Rogers, MN

I had lunch at Maple Tavern the other day. Very good. I had the Nachos Deconstructed. I'm looking foward to trying the other lunch items, when I get up this way.

The Lowry Café

cool. Glad you enjoyed The Lowry Cafe.

I had the AYCE fish fry Friday night. The batter was amazingly light, the fish tasty. Much much better than the fish fry I've had at other places.

Any Good New Restaurant In MPLS?

The Lowry Cafe at the corner of Penn Ave N and Lowry ( south west corner) is new since May 1. Good solid food. Had AYCE fish fry Friday night. Lightly battered. Wonderful. Much better than the battered fish we had across the river a while back.

Had a great Buffalo Chicken Salad tonight.

Cheese-making stuff

I saw cheese making supplies at Midwest Supplies ( home brewer). Check under other products on their web page:

The Lowry Café

The Lowry Café is now open, serving breakfast, lunch and dinners.

2207 Lowry Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 5541
The corner of Penn Ave N and Lowry Ave.

Monday –Tuesday 6 am to 3 pm
Wednesday –Saturday 6 am to 9 pm
Sunday 6 am to 3 pm.

They opened this past weekend to much fanfare within our neighborhoods. It is great to have this café serving really good food.

The pork tenderloin sandwich is lightly breaded in house. The meat was thin and very flavorful. The breading was light and crunchy.
Fries: skinny, appropriately crunchy and lightly salted. Very good.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap: Wonderful. Chicken was flavorful, the buffalo sauce didn’t over power the entire wrap. Served with fries.

Breakfasts I've had, so far:
Biscuits and Gravy. Nicely flavored gravy topping light and fluffy biscuits. You get a choice in the number of biscuits.

Eggs Benedict: Awesome béarnaise sauce, lightly seasoned and delicate. Eggs were perfect, Ham, tasty

Bottle beer and wines are also available.

Others are raving about the omelets and about the dinners. I’m looking forward to trying more of their meals.

In search of a really good chicken

MInnesota Grown has a listing of those you can purchase from.

Local D'Lish also carries organic, locally produced chicken and meats.

Burger and beer near the Mpls Convention Center

article in Strib today. Anyone visited The Inn, yet?
89 S 10th St

Source for sides of pork/ whole hogs, etc in the Twin City area?

Try the MInnesota Grown catalog.

What is minneapolis's signature dish?

so, what is the historical foundation for any area's signature dish? Why did THAT become their signature? And, then, what would our historical piece be?

I think its been said earlier, if you ask outsiders what they would consider MN signature dish, it would be PowderMilk Biscuits and catsup, a la Praire Home Companion.

State Fair 2010 Reviews!

along side the grandstand, pretty much under the walkway that goes to the second level.
I think the awnings are pink striped (I think)

Red Velvet Cake

gravy icing? please enlighten.

State Fair 2010 Reviews!

Had the apple cider float ( Kristian Regal sparkling cider and cinnamon ice cream) at the apple focused booth along side the grandstand. Awesome. Refreshing.

Agree with liking the corn fritters at the Green Fried Tomatoes booth.

Thanks for the tip on Giggles. had the chicken fried bacon and the walley cakes. Very good.

King Arthur Gluten Free Flour

Thanks all for your input.

kosher in mn?

Wouldn't Cecil's in Highland Park, and Brothers in Downtown Mpls be kosher?

Highland Park
St. Paul, MN, St Paul, MN

King Arthur Gluten Free Flour

Has anyone seen this in local stores? Any review of it?