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Trader Joes needed in Coconut Creek!!

Anxiety because they will only be building a few stores in each county and keeping fingers crossed for one close by Coconut Creek.

Blue Willie's BBQ

When you are yelled at by a guy at Blue Willies for where you park, for no reason, it kind of is a customer service no no. Counter service should be friendly and the guy probably felt bad for yelling at us, but never apologized and was just cold. The guys that worked the food truck downtown were awesome and service was crazy good and friendly....probably the owners. Food is still good though.

Sorry to say, service is as important as the food.

Has anyone been to Rhino Doughnuts & Coffee yet?

Has anyone had a chance to try the new Rhino Doughnuts & Coffee places yet? I think there are two locations open now. We hit the one in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea and LOVED the Maple Bacon doughnut and the cronut. Thoughs??

fun lunch in Hollywood / Ft. Lauderdale?

If he likes craft beer you might want to hit the Royal Pig Pub or American Social on Las Olas. Royal Pig Pub has the coolest look of any bar around and American Social has some great food and beers too. Tap42 is also a great choice.

And you can stop at Funky Buddah Brewery in Oakland Park for a $5 tour and you get free samples and a free glass! Plus is the coolest brewery tap tasting room we've ever seen.

Trader Joes needed in Coconut Creek!!

I'm getting anxiety reading of all the new Trader Joe's locations! We need one in Coconut's near everyone and they have plenty of space to build it off of Lyons and Wiles Rd.

I need me some cookie butter!!

Shake Shack opening

Am I missing something? I've been here twice now and don't see what the big deal is. :( The lines have gone down and they've actually changed their fries and now have fresh cut fries. Think it's a bit over priced as well.

Breakfast spots in Broward

OB House in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale is great. Then there is Denise's Kitchen in Pompano that we really liked (not a great location though). We also like Dyans Country Kitchen in Coral Springs on Wiles and University and D'Apple Café a little further west on Wiles.

Nelson's Diner in Ft. Lauderdale/Pompano was also good.

We didn't care for Cypress Nook...the service was a bit off and they messed up our order. Food was a little underwhelming too. :(

Blue Willie's BBQ

They moved from the 'food truck' downtown to Pompano on US1. The location is really nice inside but the parking is horrible. The sign on the front just says BARBAQUE. I think they only have 4 spaces and they fill up FAST. The service isn't the same as when they ran the truck (a little more to the point) but the bbq was good.

Dim sum.

Has anyone tried Kenny Tangs (I think that's the name) in Coral Springs? We haven't made it out there yet but hear they have some good dim sum.

Taylor Ham / Taylor’s Pork Roll

I've bought it at Publix many times around Broward. Not all locations have it and when I did see it I stocked up and had 4 packages at one point. The stuff lasts for months. It's usually by the bacon and ham and in a bright orange box but you can't get it in the same big quantities as up in NJ.

We've actually found a few restaurants that serve it and they are among our favorites - Denise's Kitchen in Pompano.

Homemade pierogis.

There is a Polish Deli in Margate, but they had Chicago pierogi. Their sausage was not good either. Will have to try the spot in Deerfield. Love to find a great kielbasa spot too...miss the Detroit versions and Detroit city chicken!

Where do the locals eat in the Ft. Lauderdale area?

Tucker Dukes in Deerfield Beach.

Ft. Lauderdale Dining Options?

S3 is a great suggestion, awesome view at the bar. Plaza Bistro is also good, unique all outdoor seating with some great flatbreads. I think they serve dinner.

If you want to venture out and drive, Tucker Dukes in Deerfield Beach has some awesome burgers and the owner is a champ on Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen.

Breakfast spots in Broward

Who has some favorite Breakfast spots in Broward County? We have a few from Central to Northern Broward, but want to hear yours.

Top Craft Beer bars in Fort Lauderdale

Yes, love that place as well.

Bacon Bacon BACON!!!

When's the next Baconfest or bacon event in South Florida

Coral Springs Lunch

Definitely try Wings & Ale or Anthony's Cole Fired Pizza. Both have great food that won't break your budget.

Local Seafood

Definitely try Fish Shack. It's small, hidden local favorite.

breakfast/dinner in fort lauderdale

Breakfast is definitely Jet Runway Café or Old Fort Lauderdale Breakfast House.

Best restaurants in Ft. Lauderdale or Boca?

Have you been to 15th Street Fisheries?

in between boca and aventura, cypress creek exit breakfast??

Jet Runway and Moonlite Diner are our favorites (in that order).

Fish Shack in Pompano Beach

We agreed with you 100%. Hands down this place has the BEST seafood around. The conch salad was our favorite.

Las Olas Blvd. Anywhere worth trying?

I know you're asking for dinner places, but you still have to eat breakfast. If you're in the Las Olas area in the morning, definitely check out Old Florida Breakfast House. The portions are huge.

Sheila’s Famous Conch and BBQ in Lake Worth

Sorry to say but we visited Sheila's yesterday and left not impressed. We expected food that was unique and fresh - but received something that seemed very "store bought".

Good lunch near/on way to FLL?

Just a little bit north in Deerfield Beach is Tucker Duke's. It's run by winner of Cut Throat Kitchen (actually a two time winner) they have great burgers and craft beer.

Where do the locals eat in the Ft. Lauderdale area?

Tap 42 and 15th Street Fisheries are definitely two of our favorites. You can't beat the beer selection at Tap 42 and there's nothing better than sitting on the dock at 15th Street Fisheries and watching the yachts go by.

Enjoy your visit :)

Will be in So. Beach week of St. Patrick's day....

Sorry we missed posting before you trip. On your next visit, make sure to check out Funky Buddha Brewery in Oakland Park. They have ton's of craft beer, plus a brewery tour ($5) with lots of free samples and a souvenir glass.

Dirt cheap (yet quality) lunch/dinner in Fort Lauderdale?

Sorry we missed posting before your visit. Next trip make sure to eat at La Bamba Mexican and Spanish Restaurant. They have several locations around town and their lunch specials are a great deal for eating on a budget. Plus, the free soup, chips and salsa is a plus.

New Restaurant Openings???

Does anyone know of new restaurant openings in our area? I'd love to visit them for a review.

Top Craft Beer bars in Fort Lauderdale

Here's our list of the favorite craft beer bars in Fort Lauderdale:

1. Tap House in Coral Springs
2. Funky Buddha in Oakland Park
3. Coral Springs Tap House
4. Tap 42 in Fort Lauderdale
5. Laser Wolf in Fort Lauderdale

Any suggestions for others that belong on our list?