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Diners, drive-ins and dives

Great topic and I have to agree with Teddy's in Oshawa as certainly a good spot.

One thing that is sad is how many of us Canadians you see lined up at East Side Marios, Boston Pizza, Swiss Chalet, Montanas, shoeless joes, McD's and the other corporate cookie cutter crap restaruants that are out there.

More people (read.. general public not chowhounds..) need take a chance on something that isn't a chain and only then can we really start to have a selection of unique places to eat at.

Good luck.

Shawerma - suggestions for locations in Scarborough, Markham & Pickering

If you don't mind driving a few miles farther try Pita Deli in Whitby which is on Thickson rd. near the 401

Pita Deli
1600 Champlain Avenue, Whitby, ON L1N 9B2, CA

Where can I find Kiwi Berries?

I have seen these at the Ontario food terminal in the fall (I used to run a farm market). Of course that is wholesale only, but I would think that some of the markets in Toronto might carry them at certain times of the year.

Try searching Ontario Kiwi or Hardy Kiwi, of course that will only help you for local ones come the fall.

Buster Rhino's Authentic Southern BBQ - Whitby

From what I understand all the meat is cooked at the Whitby kitchen, vacuum packed and then prepared at the franchise. I tried a sandwich at the new Oshawa North store and it tasted exactly the same as the south Whitby one.

PIta Deli Whitby - Review

It's white meat


I think Velveeta is not cheese or food.

Mar 11, 2009
Sharktail in Recipes

PIta Deli Whitby - Review

While I did find one mention of Pita Deli and some good words I thought they deserved a through Review and thumbs up.

This one of Whitby's treasures and well worth stopping into anytime you drive by on the 401 as it's right off the Thickson Rd. Exit. at NE the corner of Thickson and Champlain beside Don Cherry's.

Family owned and operated by the Zahid family, this small lunch counter Pita shop has VERY FRESH ingredients everyday and is a HUGE value. I eat here often as it is close to work and while often busy at prime times, the atmosphere is friendly, fun and worth a few minutes wait.

Chicken and Beef Shwarma, Falafel, Fatoush, assorted coldcut combo's, chicken and tuna salad all of which are HUGE and range from $5-$7 it's a bargain.

Yes I am giving this place a rave review as everytime I go here I am treated first class, as a person and as a friend, which is not what you get at the fast food dumps our society has sprung up at every major intersection and who are only interested in Corporate profits.

Final thing - If you like Hot sauce try theirs, but be warned it's VERY hot.


A decent meal in Bowmanville Ontario

The Fish and Chips at Hanc's are OK but the so called Philly cheese steak I had was Very very Sad...

Not somewhere I would rush back to. Service however was very good and friendly.

Basic Turkey Stock

Instead of putting ice in the stock and watering it down, simply throw your ice cubes in a ziplock back and toss it in the pot. then put the whole thing in the fridge.

Cools very quickly.

PS- Dont peel your onions as the skins add gold colour to the stock

Nov 26, 2008
Sharktail in Recipes

Do I Need to Replace the Water in My Kettle?

Adding a water filter to remove the chlorine from the tap water would go even farther to giving your tea or coffee a better flavour

Jan 23, 2008
Sharktail in Features