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Where can I buy 0% fat Greek Yoghurt in Toronto?

Also can we just talk about the ridiculous nutritional content of said yogurt?? In 175g (just over half a cup) of Liberté 0% Greek there are only 110 cal, but 20g (!!!) of protein. Wild.

Where can I buy 0% fat Greek Yoghurt in Toronto?

I found the Liberté brand at Essence Of Life in Kensington today, and surprise, surprise, it was even cheaper (how do they consistently have the best prices in town??). $4.49 for 500g.

Petit Suisse (individual yogurt/cheese cups) in Toronto?

Did a search but came up dry - is there any place that sells something like this in Toronto?

It's a fresh cheese in individual servings that I came across in Paris, and locals often mix it with some sugar, honey or a swirl of jam. It's delectable. Made from cow's milk plus cream so the fat content is approx 40%. The French brand is Danone, and I know we have Danone products here but nowhere near the yogurt/cheese selection that they have in Europe, obvs.

Petit Suisse wiki:

Any ideas?

Frankly Eatery opening on Queen

Went here for breakfast last week and was underwhelmed. Food was cold and had that distinct "microwaved" flavour and texture, like it wasn't cooked in an actual kitchen (quite possible - I didn't see a full kitchen). Zzz.

New burger joint opening at Jones and Gerrard

Just spoke to the owner an hour ago - it's opening on/around March 23. :)

New burger joint opening at Jones and Gerrard

Walked by yesterday and it looks ready to open at any moment now. There was a ladder inside but otherwise things seemed rather complete. Still no phone number or restaurant though so I'm not holding my breath.

Voulez Vous Cafe (Queen & Ashdale)

I must agree. I've been stalking this address for a few weeks now and glad to see it's decent.

The only thing that would make me happier would be later hours - Red Rocket as well closes far too early (both 6pm). If you're gonna open a new café in Leslieville, at least help differentiate it by offering something new - late night. Tango Palace is open till 11pm but the coffee is weak and the baked goods appalling.

Worst in Toronto

* Fran's (all of them) - deplorable service and mediocre food. Only positive is the 24/7 part.
* Terroni - rude, terrible service, overpriced and I've just generally had enough of their attitude.
* Mustachio in SLM - dry, flavourless and stale. Completely overhyped and recently has gone downhill to the point of being inedible.

Restaurant Beaches Question

Went to ViVetha tonight on recommendation from the boards. Food was outstanding but the service was awful, and what's worse is that I believe we were served by the owner/manager (saw her milling around/directing other employees). What an awful first impression to leave. She was inattentive and forgetful. Needless to say we did not leave a tip.

A shame, since my "Angry Salmon" was outstanding. I'll go back, but will make sure I'm looked after by a different server.

Vegetarian/Vegan Eats in Amsterdam?

Thanks so much for your detailed response - this is a huge help! I am getting giddy with excitement about living like a dutchgirl for the week, cooking meals and sampling all sorts of fine fare and restaurants! Will let you know how I like the Bolhoed restaurant! :D

Mar 26, 2008
velouria in Europe

Vegetarian/Vegan Eats in Amsterdam?

Well that's good to know - it turns out we WILL be staying in the Jordaan district! I will definitely check out the farmers' market you mentioned.

What I also wonder is, is produce difficult to come by in the Netherlands, in April? I take for granted that where I live (Toronto), I can get pretty much any fruit or vegetable at any time (albeit imported from South America at times). Will it be very expensive in April to buy?

Mar 26, 2008
velouria in Europe

Vegetarian/Vegan Eats in Amsterdam?

Great - thanks in advance for taking a look for me! I did do a board search but I didn't come up with many results for "vegetarian" and "Amsterdam".

Good to know about the Asian/Middle Eastern influence foods though; that will be good.

I do eat cheese, yes!

And not sure about where we're staying yet - we're between selections now for apartments/B&Bs. If you have any recommendations for places to rent, send them my way!


Mar 25, 2008
velouria in Europe

Vegetarian/Vegan Eats in Amsterdam?

I did a quick board search for restaurant recommendations in Amsterdam - I'll for sure take these into account - but I'm going for 8 days in a coupla weeks and need some lunch and dinner recommendations for restaurants that have interesting vegetarian/vegan options.

Could be local Dutch fare or ethnic food (Mexican, Asian, Indian)...either is fine.

Also, I'm renting an apartment for the week and will be cooking some of my meals - are vegetarian ingredients like soy milk, tofu, etc., easy to come by in basic grocery stores?

Mar 24, 2008
velouria in Europe

No Frills vs. Food Basics vs. Loblaws vs. Valu-Mart vs. Sobeys vs. Dominion vs. Other

I'm a No Frills gal. I just can't afford Dominion or Loblaws. I have two No Frills stores within 15 minutes' walking distance of my home (Pacific Avenue/Dundas and Bloor/Runnymede) but I almost always go to the one on Pacific because it has better produce and the layout of the store is MUCH better. I would try Price Chopper or Food Basics if there was one near me but I don't think there is one.

I also like No Frills because I use PC and it's easy and fast to rack up points towards free groceries.

Any time I do go to Loblaws or Dominion it's because I'm on my way home late and No Frills is closed, and I'm in a bind for ingredients. Otherwise I just never go there because the price is sometimes DOUBLE what it is at No Frills - $3.99 for a box of Wheat Thins vs. $1.97 at No Frills.

Asian Pear and Gouda Grilled Cheese

holy crap, this sounds amazing!! i must make it ASAFP!

Feb 18, 2008
velouria in Recipes

best breakfast joint in Toronto?

Leonard's is the SHIT! I used to work at Eglinton/Laird and we would go to Leonard's ALL the time for lunch. I have no doubt that their breakfast/brunch is equal in quality. At lunch I always get the swiss/mozzarella grilled cheese with fries, it's the BEST!

ISO: Heirloom Beans In Toronto?

I just put in an order via my aunt & uncle who live in Phoenix, AZ - they're going to ship it to me as a gift afterwards (I checked with customs and shipping dried beans across the border is copasetic). I CANNOT WAIT!

I'm going to check out eBay & saltspringseeds now...thanks for the recommendations!

Places to buy dried strawberries?

I just saw some at Bulk Barn a few weeks ago - specifically, the location that's attached to a Loblaws on Eastern Road (I think that's the street). The one that is just east of Queen/Broadview. I had never seen such a thing so I took a photo of it!

Toronto's Best Italian?!?

I second Seven Numbers.

Also love Terroni and The Nose Restaurant (owned by the same people as Seven Numbers).

ISO: Heirloom Beans In Toronto?

I'm on the hunt for heirloom beans, either located in Toronto, or online somewhere that ships to Toronto.

In the February issue of Domino magazine there is a recipe for chili that calls for heirloom beans that are available from this emporium called (which looks fabulous!), but unfortunately does not ship to Canada. :(

Any ideas? Really I'll try any kind of bean...looking for new varieties of heirlooms.