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Classy Downtown places with happy hour + good snacks?

Are there such places?
Looking for good "date places" that have both great bar food and 2-for-1 drinks... Village? Soho? Chelsea?

Mar 04, 2013
rdunn in Manhattan

Lunch spots in near vicinity to 50th & Lexington

Couple of us get together for lunch every Friday and have been going to the same darn couple of places for lunch...

Non fast-food / deli, but still on the less-expensive side ($15pp?)

Mar 04, 2013
rdunn in Manhattan

Paris: Best very inexpensive (cheap?) Bistros & Brasseries

Thanks, Steve.
I've not many to share...
We had an overpriced and underwhelming meal at the well-know Brasserie Lipp on St. Germain, about which I'd not been optimistic about going in.
And have very much enjoyed a place called Chez Fernand, which was mostly pretty terrific except I'd love to see if there are comparable places for less money!
Domaine de Lintilllac appears to be a good recco.


Feb 17, 2013
rdunn in France

Paris: Best very inexpensive (cheap?) Bistros & Brasseries

Here for another few days and have discovered a few places on my own by trial and error, but the better known places are rapidly eating into my budget.

Have two dinners left and would like to discover above-average places with main courses in the 15-20E range.

Feb 16, 2013
rdunn in France

Need North Chinatown Eats

Would love recommendations for great places in close proximity to Grand and Elizabeth Streets...

Jan 23, 2008
rdunn in Manhattan