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Hing Lung on Broadway (Finally) Reopening Tomorrow [San Francisco]

With new ownership, are you confident that it will still be a jook joint? I hope they'll still have that wonderful open kitchen in the front.

about 12 hours ago
dordogne in San Francisco Bay Area

Chow Mein on Clement St [San Francisco]

The sticky rice is excellent and they do make it daily, but they often run out as early as 11 a.m. I often get a carton to take home; it heats up wonderfully in the microwave with a bit of water. I haven't found any other deli that has sticky rice, much less a version as generous with good quality add-ins. Any suggestions?

Saturday breakfast spot in East Bay: Good food, Not too crowded

Pizzaiolo on Telegraph/N. Oakland: Wonderful place to linger, great coffee and both sweet and savory pastries, usually one quiche-type dish, excellent toast. But no traditional cooked breakfast fare.

900 Grayson in West Berkeley: Excellent ingredients, classic breakfast fare well-prepared, comfortable room but best to get there before 10 a.m.

Oakland Restaurant Week coming soon: Jan 15-25, 2015

Eggnog Ice Cream

Three Twins has a seasonal eggnog flavor, subtle not cloying.

SF Chinatown Pork Bun (Char Siu Bao) crawl - suggestions?

Golden Gate was closed yesterday (12/18) and, as usual, no sign or other indication noting when they'll be back.

Gluten-free crackers for cheese course?

Baguette toasts for the rest of us, but there will be one gluten-free guest. Cheese board will include strong (epoisse), buttery (fromager d'Affinois or Delice Bourguignon) and semi-firm (goat or sheep). Any suggestions for gluten-free crackers that aren't heavily seasoned/seeded and won't compete with the tastes of the cheeses?

Dec 04, 2014
dordogne in Special Diets

Holiday Baking supplies

And for East Bayesians:

Spun Sugar
1611 University Avenue


Grocery Outlet--November 2014

At the Oakland store today:
Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper (semi-firm sheep), vacuum-packed, $9.99/lb.
Izze Pear Juice, 4-pack, $2.99
Lots of cracker varieties

Another Whole Foods coming to Berkeley

Like many other posters, I don't generally patronize Whole Foods and didn't want to like the Gilman store, but I couldn't resist the hype. I went during a lull on Sunday, so aisles were navigable, but I found most of the departments underwhelming *except* the fish counter--beautiful to behold (but $$)--and the café, serving (and roasting in the back) their own Allegro coffee. The espresso was excellent, beautifully pulled, a double ristretto for $3; they offered a sparkling water back, which is rare around here, and a roomy but uninviting area to sit and sip.

Grocery Outlet Wine sale Nov 5 - 9, at 20 percent off

Which GO, please?

oliveto -- recs? [Oakland]

One more vote for their pastas, and their Truffle Dinners are coming soon(Nov 18-22)


Quick question: A place for a drink and a snack in Oakland this afternoon

Does anyone know what happened to a shop (that made chocolates and flourless cakes w/ incredible butter cream), which was called "Cocolat," or something similar to that?

As long as we reminisce about the early days of the Gourmet Ghetto, don't forget Lenny's Meats next door (or nearly) to Cocolat--prime grade cuts and expert butchery.

Okonomiyaki: SFBA Dish of the Month August 2014

The version at Iyasare (4th St., Berkeley) is sublime. As Robert Lauriston noted,
their rendition has black tiger shrimp / squid / scallop / shiitake / bonito flakes / mentaiko aioli / chili ponzu. It's a refined version of this comfort food, each of the component of high quality and the tastes remained distinctive; elegant presentation on a shallow, oblong cast iron pan. The bonito flakes added some wonderful theater--flakes were ethereally thin and light, shaved on top just as the dish is served so they dance on the surface of the pancake for the first 10-15 minutes of the meal. At $18, probably at the high end for this Dish of the Month, but with the beautifully updated dining room, excellent service and sake options, completely worth it.

Visiting Restaurant Recommendations

Blue Bottle, Boulettes Larder and Acme all have morning pastries and all are better than La Boulange. Boulettes has a charming seating area, or you can sit on a bench outside with a view of the Bay and the ferry landing.

ethnic markets in EB (esp Afghan/Indian)

Oasis market on Telegraph at 30th, Oakland: Middle Eastern groceries (bins, tins, bulk spices, produce), butcher (small section in the back), deli/take-out/dine-in (good prices on olives, lebneh, hummus and lamb dishes), pastries.

House of Banquet - still our go-to for dim sum in SFBA

Are you certain you got the right picture? The wrapper looks like your basic rice flour roll, not deep fried bean curd (but the bean curd/minced fish dish sounds great).

Perdition Smokehouse (downtown Berkeley)

Perdition's ribs are extremely good. Portions (I ordered a full slab) are generous and prices great ($22 per slab, not per lb.) The ribs were St. Louis style, dry rub, very savory, medium-smoky (even more smoky flavor might be nice). Meat very high quality as advertised. At the top end of local BBQ the most relevant competition would be with Fat Daddy’s BBQ (Kensington Farmers Market Sunday mornings; also reportedly at Kensington Chevron on Arlington on Saturdays—haven’t verified this). Fat Daddy’s ribs are smokier, which I like. But they’re more expensive. And they’re not available every day as Perdition’s are.

authentic chinese restaurant with good ambience for a first date? [San Francisco]

Those pictures of House of Pancakes must have been Photoshopped. Ambiance is definitely of the hole-in-the-wall variety.

Best halva?

I think it's the same guy at the SF Civic Center Farmers Market on Wednesdays. Plain and chocolate marbled halvah.

Swedish Food? Where?

Plaj near SF Civic Center is more generally Scandinavian, a bit pricey for small plates but the menu looks wonderful:


World Cup 2014 Viewing and Eats

Here is a list of Berkeley viewing venues:


SF Chinatown Bargains - Fruit!

Yesterday many of the stores on Stockton had fresh lychees for $1.99/lb. They looked good--firm, good color, not bruised--, but my fruit bin is already overflowing, so I passed.

East Bay BBQ

Fat Daddy's BBQ at the Sunday Kensington Farmers Market (but not every Sunday, so check their Facebook page) has my favorite ribs. Excellent dry rub, intensely deep, smoky flavor and quality meat ($28 for whole rack); I don't bother with the sauce they provide on the side. No storefront, although they do cater and are thinking about finding a place this summer.

You can link to their online menu and Facebook page from here:

Specific wine itinerary questions - I've done research!

Ridge makes some of finest zinfandels around; I recommend their Lytton Springs tasting room in Sonoma:


I have to say I find barrel tasting more of a gimmick than a way to appreciate any particular varietal or any particular winery.

Hip, casual place for a small celebration in Oakland?

Mua (but noisy):


Benu reports? [San Francisco]

Here's a link to Reichl's swooning review:

Best Asian preserved plums/fruits and best Taiwanese/Singapore/Malay shaved ice

Yee May Wah on Clement and any of the Ranch 99s have a good selection of preserved plums/olives/etc., but can't vouch for their metal content safety.

Any recs for Chinese specialty food shops in bay area?

They're usually available near the registers at Nijiya Market in Japantown and I have even seen them at the Walgreen's on Market and 8th.