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My wife and I are visiting Las Vegas for the first time. Are there any good old fashion steakhouses. The dark wood, red leather, quiet, dim lighting, kind of establishment with great steaks and drinks?

Feb 28, 2012
robs911 in Las Vegas

First time visit ot Boston

What are the "must go to" seafood restaurants in Boston? Ambiance is important.

Mar 30, 2011
robs911 in Greater Boston Area

We want great Los Angeles restaurant

We are from Ontario and visit Toronto often, a cosmopolitan city with wonderful restaurants. We also love waterfront.

Oct 10, 2008
robs911 in Los Angeles Area

We want great Los Angeles restaurant

We have no cuisine preferences, we do love sea food but not important. We will have a car available to us. We want quiet romantic OR (big or) something spectacular for the memory bank. We have been to Spago We even met Wolfgang himself. One of our nights we will eat at the Bel-Air.
Thanks for taking the time to help

Oct 10, 2008
robs911 in Los Angeles Area

We want great Los Angeles restaurant

Canadians visiting Los Angeles. We want atmosphere, romantic setting, good food, good service. Cost is not important. We are staying in Beverly Hills. This is for dinner.

Oct 08, 2008
robs911 in Los Angeles Area

Want a "GREAT" restaurant in San Francisco

We are visiting SF later this month and would like to have a wonderful meal. We like ambiance, romance, good service, and of course good food. We are not concerned about cost. We enjoy Sea Food but that is not a must. We are staying in the Fisherman's Wharf area.

Ruth's Chris in Mississauga

What can we expect at Ruth's Chris steakhouse in Mississauga this Friday evening?

Eigensinn Farm

Is it thumbs up or down for this restaurant?

Let's talk store-bought yogurt -- what do you like?

You have to watch the sugar content on many of the store bought brands.

Jan 25, 2008
robs911 in General Topics


Is it me or are our upscale restaurants getting carried away with “presentation”? I like a nice looking plate but is it necessary to build an art deco sculpture on my plate. Last Friday we went to an upscale seafood restaurant in downtown Toronto (I am new so not sure if it is polite to give the name). My plate came with the white asparagus atop the serving of mashed potatoes. Half balanced on this was the fish. The entire plate had an assortment of greens sticking up and looking quite artistic. But (big but) I did not want my asparagus covered in mashed potatoes. Thankfully the skin on the fish saved it from the same plight. I believe a plate can be presented professionally with out partnering our main course with side dishes. There was a famous seafood restaurant in Detroit (yes Detroit) called “Joe Muer’s” it won many national awards. Their fish came on a very hot plate all by it’s self. All side dishes were just that in their own dish on the side.

Jan 24, 2008
robs911 in General Topics