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Where to buy pomegranate jelly?

For several consecutive years running I have purchased beautiful jars of home made pomagranate jelly from a nice lady from Sacramento who sells it on EBay under the seller name: Nonna's Goodies.

The prices are good and the jelly is amazing....just like the home made jelly my mother used to bottle for our family.

Help with Gift Basket Contents! (For an elderly person)

I think small portioned or individually wrapped products are very helpful for older folks.

I would suggest some BabyBell/Bonbel small cheeses.....they look fun, taste good and are easy to eat.

You might consider nostalgic old fashioned candy....some are available sugarfree.

A few jars or cans of quality soup with small crackers.
Microwave single chili cups, soup or pasta cups
Individual cheese and cracker, peanut butter cracker packets.
Sugarfree gum

Also consider non-food things such as magazines, notepads and crossword books with EZ grip pencils and pens.

I was really sick several years ago and these were the things that I reaaly found helpful as I recuperated.

Jul 27, 2008
NickyPicky in General Topics

Favorite fast-food or fast-casual salad?

I have been lucky with the Asian Chicken Salads from Jack in the Box.

They give you the option of grilled chicken strips, Crispy fried Chicken strips or spicy chicken nuggets that are served in a separate container from the chilled greens. are given a small parcel containing Asian salad dressing, little crispy fried won ton strips and a small envelope of sliced almonds. Since you assemble it yourself you have control over the fat/calories consumed.

I also enjoy their Chicken Fajita Pita sandwich.....I usually request extra lettuce and tomato. For fast food it is reasonably tasty and healthy.

May 27, 2008
NickyPicky in Chains

A New Healthy Chip Concept

I purchased a case of popchips (in a flavor assortment) from because my local stores only stocked a few flavors. I don't find the potato versions very appealing, but the corn flavors are pretty tasty.

My favorites are Wasabi Rice Popchips, Sea salt Corn Popchips and Butter flavor Corn Popchips. They are easy on the teeth with a light crunch and they taste like popcorn.

I wasn'r too keen on the BBQ and Cheese flavors....maybe just a personal preference thing though.

May 06, 2008
NickyPicky in Features

Good shelf-stable salsas ... Pace tequila-lime?

Herdez.... makes a line of bottles salsas that really taste fresh. There product looks very much like the chilled fresh grocery store/Deli salsas. Somehow the tomatoes remain firm and the onions stay crisp.

Apr 17, 2008
NickyPicky in General Topics

Latest addiction

Sugar Snap Peas - raw - everyday for last 3 weeks.
Shrimp cocktail - 2-3X week
Popcorn, salted or kettle
British Candy bars- my most recent obsession
Chinese Foil wrapped chicken

Apr 17, 2008
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Costco's frozen CP Shrimp Won Ton - not bad, not bad!

The CP Shrimp Wonton Soup is currently available at Safeway for $2.99 each.

I keep buying them (at Costco whenever possible) regardless of price because they taste so darn good and heat up in the Microwave in 4 minutes.
A hint to previous posters who complained of the broth being bland and clear:

I have experimented with heating times and found that adding a bit more time (when broth seems watery) will create a better outcome. Wontons will lusciously unfurl a bit and release a lovely shrimpy garlicky flavor ,,,,,broth will also be somewhat opaque instead of clear..

Food you buy online [Moved from Home Cooking board]

My current obsession is British candy.....especially the Cadbury chocolate bars and chocolate biscuits. The dollar is so weak against the Euro that the online orders are killer expensive. Fiona's here in San Francisco has a great selection.

Anyone have recommendations of US British food online businesses? I can't wait to explore some other sites. If you have had a good experience with any place please post the name here for me. Thanks......
(As I nibble my Cadbury Crunchie bar.)

Apr 14, 2008
NickyPicky in General Topics

Costco's frozen CP Shrimp Won Ton - not bad, not bad!

I just found these soup bowls at my neighborhood safeway two weeks ago when they were on sale for $2.00 each.

I didn't expect much, but was I ever surprised by the delicious taste. Stranger even than the fact that they taste good is the decent nutrient profile and scant 90 calories per bowl! I went back to the store and filled my freezer.......I've been eating one everyday since I first sampled these!

New York Style thick egg roll anyone?

I have eaten the type of egg rolls you describe at JADE DRAGON in Daly City. They are an old school chinese restaurant with a bar.

My advice: Eat in the regular dining room and order dishes off the menu. AVOID the all-you-can- eat buffet in the room off to the left when entering.


Guerra Meats located in the inner Sunset on Taraval / 17th ave is a favorite of mine when I want nice cuts of meat. They are run by an Italian family and feature some great Italian pantry items as well.

Gillian McKeith - BBC's You are What You Eat

Ms. McKeith can be seen daily on BBC America in her full sadistic glory in YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.

She spews much misinformation to her shamed and demeaned 'patients.' I am particularly appalled by her demand for a "Poo sample" which is paraded and disparaged (on camera) in the presence of her humiliated subject. Telling people their feces smells bad isn't exactly therapeutic.

McKeith doesn't look physically healthy or even well nourished. She reminds me of a dried-out brittle corn husk.

Feb 13, 2008
NickyPicky in Food Media & News

Microwave popcorn

I gave up trying to make decent popcorn using the "plain paperbag in microwave" method long ago. It is very dangerous! Depending on wattage of oven it is a recipe for a fire.
I bought a Whirly Pop type pan years ago and was very surprised by the excellent popcorn it makes with very very little oil.
I guess if a person is lazy and hates having to wash a pan they might take a chance with the paper bag method.

Feb 12, 2008
NickyPicky in Home Cooking

Starving for BBQ

I have long been a fan of MEMPHIS MINNIES (San Francisco) but it is always very crowded . My favorite is their beef briskit. I find their sides to be annoyingly smokey real contrast to the smokiness of the meats. MM has desserts that rock....I love the Banana Pudding and the surprisingly light tasting Deep Fried Peach Pies.

I defected to the newer ROADSIDE BBQ ( San Francisco in the avenues) about a year ago since it is more convenient and economical. I like the variety of traditional bbq offerings alongside lighter healthy menu choices of maincourse salads and fresh vegetables. The side dishes taste clean and fresh.....they hand cut fresh fries (sweet potato, traditional and garlic fries) and serve up both meat and sides in very generous portions.....sauce served on the side with several choices available.

Memphis Minnie's has really cute and funky and friendly ambiance, but prepare to wait in line and parking is a nightmare in the Haight neighborhood.

Roadhouse has a larger seating capacity, larger menu and relatively easy parking/ transit access on Geary Blvd in the inner Richmond district.

Your choice for Trader Joe's BEST item

I finally tried the cheese filled frozen pastry bites and wished I'd bought them earlier. They are divine.
Hard for me to choose one favorite......I always purchase Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice from the dairy case. It is always delicious and less expensive than supermarket Tropicana.

Jan 26, 2008
NickyPicky in Chains

raley's supermarkets

I love Raley's, unfortunately there aren't any in my neighborhood. I like their hot deli food as it surpasses Safeway and Albertsons/Lucky/Save-Mart. They have in store baked goods that actually taste decent.

Jan 26, 2008
NickyPicky in Chains

McDonald's Confession

I grew up in the 70's and back then McDonald's was a special treat for us. I still love McDonald's am I'm middle aged now. I rarely have the opportunity to eat there these days, but I'm not ashamed to indulge my fast food urges with a Big Mac. They have addictive french fries when they are fresh from the deep fryer.

Weird trivia: I've noticed that some McDonald's locations are consistently tasty while others sell dried out woody fries or perverse excesses of Mayo/ special sauce on various sandwiches. The best tating Mc Donald's I have ever had in San Francisco is the Ocean Avenue restaurant near SF City College......I swear they add garlic powder to the meat patties.
Worst McDonald's is in Daly City across from Serramonte Mall.....they often forget to salt the fries. serve burgers that are somehow dried out while simultaneously greasy and hire thuggish hostile teens who don't hesitate to scowl at special requests.

Jan 26, 2008
NickyPicky in Chains

americanized chinese food in bay area

The best tasting old school Americanized Chinese I know about is JADE DRAGON in Daly City. It is at the end of a small block stripmall on Junipero Serra Blvd. It is near the City Hall area on a street that parallels the 280 freeway. Westmoor exit is probably closest. This place offers pretty decent food when you order from the menu in the dining room. AVOID the temptation to detour into the side room where they have an all you can eat buffet. The buffet food is cheap and poor quality.....unless you just want to pig out on fried chicken, egg rolls and chow mein.
JADE DRAGON has very tasty Won Ton Soup. Hot and Sour soup isn't good there. They have gluttonously yummy fried rice, cashew chicken, mongolian beef too.

Looking for LA style mexican in SF

CELIA'S on Judah Street (46th Avenue cross street) in San Francisco's Outer Sunset district has old school California style Mexican. I also like EL ZOCALO - Mission Street (cross street 30th Street and it's sister location in Daly City .....also called EL ZOCALO located in strip mall at intersection of Hickey and El Camino Real. The place (if it is still in business) had really tasy food and very low prices. Dual menu ao Salvadorean and Mexican options.
EL TOREADOR on West Portal Avenue near the muni tunnel station is another traditional gooey cheesey plate Mexican restaurant. It is fairly small and busy at mealtimes, pricier than than Celia's or El Zocalo too.

Texas Queso Dip

In California where I live Nachos in Mexican restaurants and Tacquerias are very often made very simply ....... Tortilla chips topped with a generous mound of shredded Monterey Jack (or the Mexican queso equivalent) then popped into a hot oven to melt the cheese. Immediately serving nachos with preferred condiments such as: Salsa/ Pico de Gallo, Guacamole, Sour Cream, pickled Jalapeno slices. Chorizo or chopped meats are sometimes added for a heartier appetizer.

Jan 25, 2008
NickyPicky in Recipes

Texas Queso Dip

Recently I was poring over various threads on the London CHOW board when I discovered a lengthy exchange by foodies in the UK lamenting the unavailability of both Velveeta and American cheese as they were craving American "orange color cheese nacho cheese sauce." Lots of helpful advice was forthcoming by others who had found work around substitutes using peculiar sounding British processed cheese products. We can all afford to be snobby about common junk food items until we happen to crave them and they can't be found.

Jan 25, 2008
NickyPicky in Recipes

Mum's the Velveeta

My issue with Helena comes from the ethical problem of slipping something unwanted into her guests meal. It is understandable to make a last minute rescue of the dish, however she had the option of a): removing a portion of fish for the dieting friend BEFORE continuing the sauce -or- b): Confessing the additional ingedient to her guest in order to allow him to determine whether to eat the dish.

To then juxtapose this scenario with her personal affront over being gifted with fudge containing Velveeta makes her seem shallow and self absorbed. She said her husband was eating the fudge and admitted she liked the taste. What is the problem? If she is too precious to deign to eat Velveeta, then what is her intent when she slyly palms the Velveets fudge off on others? Why not just permit her husband enjoy the "sweetmeat" gift ?

Jan 25, 2008
NickyPicky in Features

Texas Queso Dip

There are lots of us closet nacho eaters, scorned for admitting the urge to occasionally indulge in the molten fluorescent orange cheese sauce. Velveeta will create a passable substitute for those of us who like to slum in the food world. Who cares if a guest or two spurns the recipe? Food snobs probably wouldn't crave nacho cheese sauce anyway.

Jan 22, 2008
NickyPicky in Recipes

Will Salsa Conquer Processed Cheese?

Taco Bell was was once an amazingly yummy fast food franchise (until the late 1980's) when Pepsi-co bought the company and introduced shortcuts, pre-fabricated ingredients and invented horrendous new menu items.
Fresco menu HAS been available for years, but why bother? Either eat the cheesy gooey tasty stuff or just go to a real tacqueria and eat real fresh food instead. These days one needs the cheese and sour cream to make their food at all palatable.

Jan 22, 2008
NickyPicky in Features

Mum's the Velveeta

Helena the hypocrite. Lets's perfectly fine to betray the trust of a friend who has expressly stated food restrictions AND offered to withdraw from the meal in order to stick to dietary preferences? Then you have a hissy-fit when you discover Velveeta is an ingredient in the gift fudge? Wow. Your husband was enjoying the odd fudge..... It isn't as if Velveeta is toxic, just weird and very processed. I'm glad I don't have invitations to eat at your table or exchange holiday food gifts.

Jan 22, 2008
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