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I Am Inviting Banana Cream Pie

I agree with ChefJune that the color looks exceedingly strange, and the amount of coconut in this recipe seems to point more towards Coconut Cream Pie rather than Banana. I'm not really sure that the three bananas would bring enough flavor to the pie, but even if they did, I think eating a homogeneous pudding as a pie filling sounds kind of gross. Most cream pies have solids in with the custard, and there's no reason the bananas could not be sliced added to the filling like that.

Dec 11, 2008
biga in Recipes

gator in pdx?

so my boyfriend has been craving some gator for a while, and i've been having a hard time finding some for him around town. anybody know of a place in portland that fixes up some mean alligator?

Oct 15, 2006
biga in Pacific Northwest

Portland Breakfest Spots

i really enjoy the Cricket Cafe, on SE Belmont. they have a large selection of dishes (egg and otherwise) with tasty, fresh ingredients. and their potatoes are always cooked perfectly...

Cricket Cafe
3159 SE Belmont
(503) 235-9348

Jul 20, 2006
biga in Pacific Northwest